Shark Steam Mop Reviews 2023 – Can I Put Anything in It?

Shark Steam Mop Reviews 2023 - Can I Put Anything in It?
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Do you want to know how effective steam mops are in practice? Are the affordable ones a dud? To help you learn, this manual is available. We’re wrapping up our review and test of the Shark Steam Pocket mop this week.

The Shark Pocket is a cheap steam mop that does a good job of sweeping and disinfecting floors. This Shark steam mop is a lightweight, simple-to-use steam cleaner that may be a good option for users who need quick fixes, but it might not be the best option for users who need a thorough clean on their floors.

How Big is the Shark Pocket?

The Shark Pocket totals 52.1″ in height, 12″ in width, and 5.9″ in depth. Additionally, this steam mop weighs 4.87 pounds.

What is the Shark Steam Pocket Mop Hard Floor Cleaner?

Shark Steam Mop Reviews 2023 - Can I Put Anything in It?

The Shark steam mop claims to turn ordinary water into superheated steam that removes everyday dirt and grime. It’s also supposed to sanitize 99.9% against germs and bacteria, leaving behind the days of messy mops and heavy buckets thanks to the washable microfiber pads that lift and lock-in dirt.

Shark S3501 Steam Pocket Mop


  • 18-foot quick-release power cord
  • Ready to use in just 30 seconds
  • Sleek, comfortable design


  • Water tank can be a hassle to refill

What We Liked

It is Safe to Use on Many Different Types of Flooring

I used this Shark steam mop on my ceramic kitchen floors, but it is also rated for use on sealed hardwood floors, marble, and stone tile.

It is Easy to Maneuver

The Shark steam mop wasn’t the lightest or heaviest cleaning tool we’ve moved around the house, but it wasn’t the heaviest either. Swivel steering was excellent for turning in small spaces, and the circle handle (ideal for storing it in your cleaning closet) makes it simple to change hand positions while you work. You can also adjust the height of the handle, so there’s no excuse for everyone in the house to wash the floors.

It Has a Long Power Cord

The 18-foot cord is a blessing for when the outlet is across the room, but the “quick release” part was lost on me, as it seemed to just be a simple latch that moves aside to drop the cord (the spot to attach the end of the cord to itself was defective in my unit).

It Heats Up Fast

The Shark heats up within 30 seconds of being plugged in, and you can start using it right away. No one likes to touch a dirty mop pad in the middle of cleaning, so having the option to flip the pad over to a clean side without touching it is a great idea.

What We Didn’t Like

There is No Power Switch

There isn’t an actual on/off switch, so that was confusing at first. I understood this would be the least of my concerns once I started cleaning.

The Water Tank is Hard to Fill

Even though the filling flask made filling simple, the water level window was so frosted that it was difficult to tell how much water was actually in the tank. To get the steam moving, you have to “pump” the Shark.

It took me a while to realize that the instructions meant to begin scrubbing the floor while scrubbing the mop back and forth to release the steam. It didn’t really remove coffee splashes until I had pushed it back and forth five or six times, unless you sat still for a while. Even though the stains are removed, it required more effort than I had hoped.

Distilled Water is Preferred over Tap Water

The business advises using distilled water or the water filtration bottle it sells in addition to its cleaning services to prevent calcium and mineral deposits that can accumulate over time and affect the performance of the mop. I’m not a fan of purchasing something that requires more purchases.

The mop must be completely dry before being stored, so make sure to do this. I had better become zen with having dinged cabinets because I found myself holding the mop horizontally over the kitchen sink to drain it when I was done.

How to Use the Shark S3501 Steam Pocket Mop

The handle, body, and mop swivel head are the three components that go into the simple assembly of the Shark Steam Pocket Mop. With the push of a button, each piece clicks into place and is removed. To adjust the handle, raise the lever; once you’ve found the right height, lower the lever. Use the water cup that is provided to fill the tank by first laying the steam mop flat on the counter or floor. It comes with two microfiber pads that slide on and are secured by Velcro.

Plug the Shark steam mop in and give the water 30 seconds to warm up before using. There isn’t a power switch. Pump the handle approximately ten times, or until you see and hear the steam, to turn on the steam.

Shark Steam Mop Reviews 2023 - Can I Put Anything in It?

Should You Get the Shark S3501 Steam Pocket Mop?

Overall, we think the Shark Steam Pocket Mop is a great entry-level steam mop option that’s appropriate for light surface cleaning. Although it can’t get rid of deeply embedded stains, its portability makes it ideal for routine cleaning. Although the steam mop is simple to use and its accessories are easy to wash, moving it around can be a challenge. In light of our knowledge, we advise those looking for a lightweight steam mop without extraneous features to buy the Shark S3501 Steam Pocket Mop.

What Accessories Come With the Shark Pocket?

The Shark Pocket steam mop is just like the Shark Genius is unique in that it only comes with the required components and add-ons. In contrast to some other mops, there aren’t many extras.

Two microfiber cleaning pads and a flask for filling the water tank are the only accessories included with this Shark steam mop.

Cleaning Pad: With this Shark steam mop, there are two common microfiber cleaning pads included. Both of these can be cleaned and used again. But eventually you’ll have to swap them out. They are thankfully reasonably priced.

Water Flask: The water filling flask is essentially a small cup that can be used to transport water into the tank located on the unit itself. Instead of carrying the entire mop over to a sink to fill the reservoir, use this tool.

As the second least expensive model in the Shark steam mop lineup, the Pocket steam mop lacks the dirt-scrubbing cleaning pads found on some of the line’s higher end models, like the Shark Genius.

Nevertheless, having two washable cleaning pads on hand is useful because you can clean while washing one pad.

Is the Shark Pocket Steam Mop Easy to Use?

The Shark Pocket steam mop is among the easiest mops to use that we have tested to date.


Once you have removed the parts from the box, you’ll have to take them out of their plastic wrap. All that’s left to do now is snap the handle into the unit’s body. You don’t have to worry about adding a cleaning pad before using this Shark steam mop for the first time because one is already on the cleaning head.

Assembling the Shark Pocket is completed by snapping in the handle and cleaning head into the body of the unit

Fill Tank

The water tank needs to be filled before you can use the Shark Pocket. This can be completed by removing the cap on the front of the water tank and using the water flask included with the unit, or by holding the mop directly below the sink and filling it up by using the faucet.

Cleaning Pad

The cleaning pad is added next. A cleaning pad is initially attached to the device. However, there will come a time when you’ll need to swap out the pad, undo the velcro holding the cleaning pad to the plastic cleaning head, and swap it out for a new one.

You are now prepared to plug in the steam mop, allow the water to heat for about 30 seconds, pump the handle to produce steam, and start cleaning.

To change the cleaning pad, undo the velcro and pull the pad off of the cleaning head.

Steam Production

Shark Steam Mop Reviews 2023 - Can I Put Anything in It?

The Shark Pocket requires manual steam production, in contrast to the majority of steam mops we have tested. Users must wait until the water is hot before pumping the handle up and down to create steam. In order to steam clean, you must first create the steam, which is not a difficult task in the slightest.

To start the steam creation process, Shark advises pumping the mop handle 10–12 times. But I discovered that the steam tends to be a bit more potent if you keep pumping while cleaning, which makes the cleaning process simpler.

Is Shark Pocket Steam Mop a Good Value?

Overall, the Shark Pocket steam mop offers a good value. The simplicity of this unit is right in line with the cost, and the performance is above average for the price you’re paying.

Throughout our cleaning tests, this Shark steam mop was able to handle honey and mud / dirt well, in addition to the liquid test for the most part.

For an inexpensive steam mop, it was understandable that the cleaning pad couldn’t absorb all of the liquid at one point.

Maneuverability was good, but could’ve been better. I like that this unit can lie virtually flat on the ground without having the head lift up, but I would have liked to see a better turning radius.

Maintaining this Steam mop is easy and affordable. The only important task left is to change the cleaning pad as needed.

Regarding the warranty and returns, Shark provides a 30-day return window via Amazon along with a 1-year limited warranty with this steam mop.

Who Should Buy the Shark Pocket Steam Mop?

The Shark Pocket steam mop is a budget-friendly but effective steam mop. This steam mop may work well in the home of users who don’t require all the extra bells and whistles.


The Shark Pocket steam mop is a low-cost steam mop made to make steam cleaning your floors a quick and simple process. The performance is above average, which contributes to the overall good value. If you’re looking for a deep cleaning mop, this might not be the best option for you because it’s designed more for sanitizing your floors. The Shark Pocket, on the other hand, might be a good option if you like the thought of a simple-to-use steam mop with a potent cleaning capability.


Is Steaming Floors Better Than Mopping?

Unlike traditional mops, the mop head absorbs the dirt, and the heat of the steam is able to kill most of the bacteria and dust mites on the floor. In addition to being quicker, it is also a more hygienic method of cleaning.

Can I Put Anything in My Shark Steam Mop?

We advise using distilled water in the tank of your steam mop in order to increase its lifespan. Make sure you only add water to the tank – chemicals or cleaning solutions (including vinegar) may damage the steam mop and could be unsafe.

Is a Steam Mop Worth Having?

While not perfect, they probably do remove stains better than a mop and bucket. And while they can be good at removing new stains, don’t expect them to instantly lift years of longstanding dirt.

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The Shark Steam Mop is a cheap steam mop that does a good job of sweeping and disinfecting floors. This Shark steam mop is a lightweight, simple-to-use steam cleaner.

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