PowerXL Air Fryer Pro Review 2023 – Is It Great to Use?

PowerXL Air Fryer
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We’ve been testing the PowerXL Air Fryer Pro for the past two months. We’ve used it to cook duck, chicken nuggets, and even an entire chicken on the rotisserie.

Today, I’m going to talk about the characteristics of this air fryer, what we liked about it, and whether or not you should buy it for your kitchen.

About the PowerXL Air Fryer Pro

PowerXL Air Fryer

There are two sizes of the PowerXL Air Fryer Pro: 6 quarts and 8 quarts. I’ll be referring to the 8-quart appliance, which has a rotisserie and a dehydrator, for the purposes of this review.

Because it replaces the need for a microwave, toaster oven, deep fryer, and other kitchen appliances, the 8-quart air fryer could essentially be your only appliance in the kitchen.

In the box, you’ll receive everything that you need to get started including:

  • 10 Rotisserie Skewers
  • Drip Tray
  • Rotating Mesh Basket
  • Rotisserie Stand
  • 3 Recipe Books

The maximum temperature that can be reached by this kitchen appliance is 400 degrees. It also has an automatic shutoff and 8 presets to make preparing your first dish incredibly quick and simple.

Additionally, you have to adore the XL viewing screen that enables you to see your culinary creations come to life.

PowerXL Air Fryer Pro Notable Features

  • One-button design. Four pre-programmed settings are available for the PowerXL Maxx: fries, fish, chicken, and steak. Other air fryers have one-touch presets, but the PowerXL Maxx has just one button for all of your options rather than those presets. Fries with a single touch. Fish after two touches. Some people might enjoy the streamlined appearance, but you get the idea.
  • Rapid-heat technology: The PowerXL Maxx can deliver hot air up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit, producing results that are perfectly crispy. Despite the fact that we have seen comparable technology from the competition, our in-home evaluation revealed that the PowerXL Maxx’s heat delivers an exceptionally even crisp on fries, wings, and roasted vegetables—even without flipping.

How Well Does the PowerXL Maxx Air Fryer Work?

The PowerXL Air Fryer is very simple to use and clean. It excels at cooking food to a crisp, beautiful finish in a small fraction of the time it would take in your oven.

The PowerXL Maxx was examined in the lab by our engineers, and we also used it at home. Here’s what we found:

Food cooked in the PowerXL Maxx cooks crispily and beautifully in a fraction of the time it would in your oven. It also performs better at cooking foods that are not in a single layer than the other air fryers we’ve examined. Consequently, you can cook more in a single cycle and save time. With no issues, the rapid-heat technology brought the flavor of roasted broccoli back to life. The french fries had the ideal pillowy texture, and the boneless chicken breasts were tender.

Along with its performance with food, this model excelled in CR’s lab tests. While your food is cooking, you will hear the air fryer’s internal fan, but it is a quiet enough sound that it quickly becomes unnoticeable. It receives a Very Good rating on that test as a result.

We discovered that the majority of debris fell through to the bottom of the basket when we used the grill plate at home, despite the fact that it does have crevices and nooks where food can be easily trapped. Both the basket and the plate are easily cleaned with hot, soapy water after use, but the nonstick surfaces can also be put in the dishwasher.

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PowerXL Air Fryer

It took some getting used to the design of the PowerXL Maxx; at first, it was confusing to know where to touch, and the relatively small icons were challenging to understand. It can be extremely annoying at times to not have a one-touch digital display for the four presets. It’s preferable not to have to play round robin with your air fryer when your puppy is pleading for attention and you are still attempting to respond to late-night work emails.

Additionally, the programmed settings overcompensated for the time required to prepare the food. The temperature inside tends to run hotter than what is displayed, so as with most basket-style air fryers, you’ll need to check it from time to time, according to lab tests.

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What We Love About PowerXL Air Fryer Pro

Actually, the PowerXL Air Fryer Pro is the first air fryer we’ve used. I stopped eating fried foods a while ago, and I truly believed that an air fryer would merely serve as a tool to make fried foods slightly healthier.

Talk about being in error. This kitchen appliance’s versatility is one of the things I like most about it. It accomplishes so much more than just fry food!

Plus, other things that I love about this PowerXL are:


In the PowerXL Air Fryer Pro, we’ve prepared rotisserie chicken and an entire duck.

For the kids, we’ve even simultaneously made chicken nuggets and fries in this monster.

You might assume there is no way that’s possible just by looking at the picture. But its sleek design is just another thing to adore.

Believe me when I say that this air fryer is much larger than it appears in the pictures, making it simple to feed a family of five without having to prepare multiple batches of food.

Easy to Use

It requires no assembly because the air fryer is delivered in one piece. You won’t be confused about how to use it thanks to the display’s descriptive buttons and the quick start guide, which is incredibly helpful.

Once you’ve put the food in, all you have to do is wait for the beeper to sound before checking to see if the food is ready.

Easy to Clean

The unit is incredibly simple to clean even though it doesn’t have many parts. Most other accessories, including the drip tray, can be cleaned in the dishwasher.

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Complaints About the PowerXL Air Fryer Pro

PowerXL Air Fryer

If you watch the video below, you’ll see that cooking a duck (probably since it doesn’t have a preset for that) did take a few different go’s for it to reach the correct internal temperature.

The PowerXL Air Fryer Pro’s only drawback, then, is that you might need to re-insert it several times when frying non-standard foods to ensure that it’s working properly.

This air fryer doesn’t have any other flaws aside from that, which isn’t a big deal to us.

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Who is the PowerXL Maxx Air Fryer For?

For singles and couples who want to get dinner on the table a little faster, the PowerXL Maxx air fryer is perfect. The measured 2.5-quart capacity of the basket can fit two chicken breasts, a filet of fish, and roughly two servings of vegetables, but it is simply not big enough to efficiently prepare meals for a crowd. Due to its relatively small footprint and light weight, it is also ideal for people with small kitchens. It can be easily moved from cupboard to counter thanks to its light weight. Although it’s important to note that this model’s preheating period was slightly shorter than that of other air fryers we’ve tested, we were unable to find a feature that truly justified the premium price.

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How Consumer Reports Tests Air Fryers

The buttons and/or dials, as well as the size and legibility of the lettering on the device, are the first criteria our engineers use to evaluate a model.

In order to perform the test, the air fryer is set up on a butcher-block counter in the lab. Each air fryer’s noise level is measured several times by a sound-level meter, which also records the noise level at its loudest.

PowerXL Air Fryer

The Verdict: This AirFryer is Worth the Investment

Overall, the PowerXL Air Fryer Pro is a kitchen appliance that is unquestionably worth the money.

Because it serves so many different purposes, it also makes a fantastic housewarming or college gift.

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Can Aluminum Foil Go in Power Xl Air Fryer?

Yes, to answer briefly. We all know that using foil in a microwave is not a good idea (and if you don’t, the flying sparks will remind you), but air fryers operate differently. Because they don’t actually use microwaves to generate heat, using foil in an air fryer doesn’t result in the same terrifying spark show.

Who is Power XL Air Fryer Made By?

Produced by Tristar Products, the PowerXL Air Fryer. Air fryers, pressure cookers, and juicers are just a few of the small kitchen appliances that Tristar manufactures. One of their more well-known products is the Power Air Fryer XL. It is an air fryer that cooks food by circulating hot air over it.

Is the Power XL Air Fryer Noisy?

In order to keep its internal components cool while the appliance is turned on, your Philips Airfryer has a fan inside. This noise can reach 65 dB (decibels), which is comparable to the volume of an ordinary vacuum cleaner. There is nothing wrong with your airfryer in this situation, so relax.

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