Floor Police Mop Reviews 2023 – Is Floor Police Motorized Mop Legit?

Floor Police Mop Reviews 2023 - Is Floor Police Motorized Mop Legit?
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It’s messy work to clean the kitchen. Even worse, scrubbing the floor’s dirty germs can take an eternity because moving the mop hurts your arms and back. Now that you have the Floor Police motorized mop, you can quickly and easily spin away that dirt! The spin mop that does all the work for you is a cordless, lightweight product. For more details on the Floor Police Mop, consult this manual!

Features of Floor Police Mop

Floor Police Mop Reviews 2023 - Is Floor Police Motorized Mop Legit?


Almost anyone can use the Floor Police mop to sanitize their home because it is so lightweight and easy to hold in one hand. As you use this mop, you won’t have to worry about dragging a heavy extension cord behind you thanks to each one’s rechargeable battery.

Spins Quickly

The dual head of this mop spins at a speed of 100 revolutions per minute, whereas mop heads without motors won’t spin at all or won’t spin very quickly. That’s the main reason the mop will help you clean any area (including your entire home) up to 10 times faster than you would while using a manually powered mop.

Long-Lasting Battery

It’s stated that once you fully charge the lithium-ion battery within your Floor Police mop, it’ll last long enough that you’ll be able to clean an average-sized home before you need to charge it again. Additionally, this type of battery typically has a lifespan of two to three years or up to 500 charge cycles, so you probably won’t need to replace your battery anytime soon.

Can Operate Hands-free

You can actually remove both hands from your mop’s handle if you have it in a relatively open space and just need its dual head to spin in one place for a while. While you monitor it to make sure that it is still performing its function, it will continue to operate hands-free. As a result, you might be able to stop mopping briefly to speak to your children or feed your pet.

Machine Washable Pads

It is safe to wash the mop’s included pads in your washing machine when they get dirty, but you should let them air dry first. If you don’t have a machine, you can hand-wash them with soap and water. In either case, as long as they continue to be intact, you can reuse them as often as you like.

How to Use (Step by Step) Floor Police Mop

Select Pads

Six washable and reusable pads—two microfiber, two scrubber, and two polishing—come with each Floor Police mop. The microfiber pads are light green, while the scrubber pads are dark green and the polishing pads are blue. For the majority of mopping jobs, your set of two microfiber pads will work just fine. However, if you need to clean a delicate surface, like a window, you might want to switch them out for the polishing pads. If you have a tough stain that needs to be removed from a non-delicate surface, you can substitute them for the scrubbing pads in a similar manner.

Add Disinfectant

The mop must be tipped so that you can spray the chosen pads with disinfectant after you have made sure they are fastened to the base of the mop. You can use any disinfectant, so if that’s what you prefer to do, you can keep doing so. The bottom of your mop can even be sprayed with just water if you anticipate a simple cleanup task. Whatever liquid you choose, be sure to completely cover the pads for the best results.

Power Up the Mop

The mop must then be powered on by pressing the power button on its handle. If the mop won’t turn on, the rechargeable lithium-ion battery is likely dead, and you’ll need to plug it into the wall to recharge it. Once it has been powered up, which will cause its inner motor to turn on, the pads you’re using will begin to spin as you push your mop along your chosen surface.

Continue Cleaning Room

Push your mop along while continuing to clean the space you’re in while leaving your mop on. You’ll see that the mop’s swiveling head makes it easy to move around and under objects as well as across vertical surfaces. In order to catch any drips, be sure to turn off your mop after cleaning and store it in a dry bucket.

Floor Police Mop Reviews 2023 - Is Floor Police Motorized Mop Legit?

Pros & Cons of Floor Police Mop

Positive Points

  • Suitable for Various Surfaces This mop can be used safely on wood, glass, and other typical household surfaces, unlike some others that can only be used on tile floors. You can even safely clean all of your windows with this mop if you use the blue polishing pads. You won’t need to pull out your mop, a ton of rags, and sponges every time you need to conduct a top-to-bottom cleaning of your home as a result. Instead, using this mop and its three sets of replaceable pads, you’ll be able to sanitize almost any surface.
  • Reduces Fatigue If you tried to clean your entire house with a non-motorized mop, you might become so exhausted that you couldn’t finish. This would be particularly likely for those with mobility problems, such as those who have sustained injuries from sports or jobs or have arthritis as they age. Thankfully, the Floor Police mop does have a motor, which will do most of the scrubbing for you. All you will need to do is gently push your mop. It’s possible that you’ll even have energy left over for other things afterward!

Negative Points

  • Doesn’t Come With Bucket This mop does not come with a bucket, so you will need to provide one in order to collect any drips of water or disinfectant left on its pads after use. You must ensure that the bucket you choose has a shape and size that will accommodate the mop head of your Floor Police mop.


When you’re adding water or disinfectant to the pads that are attached to the bottom of your mop, it’s best to use one or more spray bottles. The mop pads could be submerged in a bowl of water or disinfectant, but doing so might waste too much liquid and possibly make a mess. Pick up one or two spray bottles at the store and transfer the liquid out of its original container if you want to use a liquid that doesn’t come in a spray bottle.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Dunk Floor Police in a Bucket of Water?

The motor may short out if you submerge Floor Police in water. We advise misting water or your cleaning solution onto the microfiber pads or your floor.

Can I Use Floor Police When It’s Plugged In?

Before using Floor Police, always unplug it.

Can I Use Floor Police Outside on My Patio Or Clean My Pool?

Only indoor use is allowed for Floor Police.

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