Why Is My Hair So Dry – Causes & How to Prevent It?

Why Is My Hair So Dry - Causes & How to Prevent It?
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Ask yourself: Why is my hair so dry? Dry hair is one of the most prevalent hair complaints, regardless of your hair type or length. Maybe despite using leave-in conditioner frequently, the ends of your hair are dry or always feel dry.

Your hair is dry for a variety of reasons, including a dry, hot climate, frequent exposure to the sun, wind, and salty or chlorinated water.

We’ll discuss the most frequent causes of dry hair in this article, along with solutions and fixes.

Why is My Hair So Dry?

The Weather

Why Is My Hair So Dry - Causes & How to Prevent It?

Do you ever wonder why your hair gets so dry and brittle in the winter or autumn? Your natural hair may suffer from the drop in humidity and temperature. Therefore, if you notice that your hair is becoming drier during these transitional months but haven’t changed your routine, it’s likely because of the colder, drier weather, which can rob your hair of moisture and cause it to feel dry, brittle, and dull.

You might also complain of hair that is dry and frizzy. Since frizz frequently results from dryness, this. Dry hair strands will absorb some of the water in the air and swell up when they are exposed to humidity. Frizz is brought on by this.

Our preferred solution for this is to make sure you use the LOC and LCO methods to combat weather-related dryness. The acronym indicates the order by which the products (L = liquid O = oil and C = cream) should be applied to your hair. After washing your hair, you can lock in moisture and repair dry hair by using this technique.

Wrong Ways to Wash Your Hair

Why Is My Hair So Dry - Causes & How to Prevent It?

We are all aware of how drying frequent hair washing can be. Hygral fatigue is the cause of your hair becoming dry and brittle from over-washing it. The repeated expansion and contraction of the hair caused by washing causes it to weaken (the hair shaft expands as it fills with water and then contracts as it dries). In the end, hormonal fatigue may lead to dryness, breakage, brittle hair, and split ends—basically, everything we want to avoid!

One way to avoid hygral fatigue is by pre-treating your hair coconut oil before washing it with a good sulphate-free, natural shampoo, which is gentle enough to use every day. As a result of binding to the proteins in the hair shaft, coconut oil has been shown to protect hair by preventing as many water molecules from attaching to the hair and causing swelling.

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Your Drying Method

Why Is My Hair So Dry - Causes & How to Prevent It?

Quickly drying your hair is another way to take care of it. This is due to the fact that the hair structure is least susceptible to damage when it is wet, minimizing the chance of damage occurring to it. Damaged hair can be hard to style because it is dry and brittle. But that doesn’t mean you need to grab your hairdryer! To prevent heat damage, we advise avoiding heat sources and wearing a microfiber towel turban.

Additionally, you should refrain from wearing wet hair outside because it makes a better culture medium for infections. So, try to dry your hair as much as you can before leaving the house, and avoid wearing a pineapple or bun with wet hair.

Friction from Your Pillows

Cotton is super absorbent, so those fibers basically rob you of all the moisture that you’ve been working on locking into your hair. You may consequently awaken with frizzy, dry hair. In order to combat dry natural hair, upgrade your bedtime routine and swap your cotton pillowcase for a satin or silk one. Alternatively, if you don’t want to ruin your bedroom’s decor, simply wear a bonnet or headscarf made of satin or silk. You’ll be able to retain moisture and lessen friction on your hair as a result. So make sure that you’re sleeping with a protective bonnet/scarf or pillowcase.

Heated Styling

Why Is My Hair So Dry - Causes & How to Prevent It?

Using heated styling tools such as straighteners, curling tongs and blow dryers can zap the moisture out of your hair (and not to mention lead to heat damage). Extreme heat harms the hair cuticle, allowing water to more easily escape from the hair strand and causing chronic hair dryness. When it comes to drying, styling, and stretching your hair, we advise avoiding the use of heat. Alternatively, use a blow dryer set to the cool setting.

Chemical Treatments

Why Is My Hair So Dry - Causes & How to Prevent It?

Chemical processes like relaxing hair or coloring hair can leave your hair very brittle with an increased risk for breakage. Think about ditching or reducing these chemical treatments. A wealth of knowledge about the best products to use for your natural hair can be found here, as well as tips on how to make caring for it easier.

How to Fix Dry Hair?

Limit the Hair Washing

Your scalp will work overtime to produce natural oils to compensate for the dryness, adding oily hair to your list of hair problems. For a healthy balance of clean and moisturized hair and scalp, experts advise washing your hair two to three times per week.

It’s also crucial to take a close look at the products you use on days when you wash your hair if you’re having trouble figuring out how to moisturize dry hair. Conditioning the hair is essential to fix dry hair, but you don’t need to lather your whole head with conditioner. Instead, concentrate conditioner where it’s most needed—from your midshaft to your ends. Using shampoo all over your head and hair works, but don’t over-do it. Don’t forget to thoroughly rinse off all products.

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Protect Your Hair from Heat Styling

Why Is My Hair So Dry - Causes & How to Prevent It?

Use hair extensions as an alternative to prevent heat damage to your natural hair, especially if your hair is dry. Not only can you pre-style hair extensions, they also hold styles like waves and curls for longer giving you more length and fuller, thicker, well-styled hair for days. The added benefit is that heat styling tools won’t harm your natural hair. Making preparations for a day or night out is also made simpler by using Luxy Hair, rated as the best clip-in hair extension. Simply pre-style your hair extensions, store them in their carrier or box, and clip them in when you’re ready to go.

Moisturize Your Hair Naturally With Hair Masks and Hair Oils

Especially in the colder seasons, hair masks and hair oils will be your BFFS. Coconut oil and argan oil are especially beneficial for dry hair. Your scalp receives natural hydration from coconut oil, which also aids in preventing oil buildup. Strengthening your scalp, it also helps to moisturize and nourish dry, brittle hair. Another benefit of coconut oil is that it increases the shine of your hair. Leave it in as a hair mask or leave it in before you shampoo for extra protection.

The same applies to dry hair and argan oil. Its abundance of vitamins and antioxidants contributes to your hair’s increased elasticity and moisture retention. It does wonders for dull hair, giving you natural oomph.

Why Is My Hair So Dry - Causes & How to Prevent It?

This frizz-fighting hair bundle goes a long way to condition your hair with clean, natural ingredients without weighing it down.

Read the labels of your products like shampoos and conditioners carefully. Look for products that address the unique requirements of your hair and steer clear of paraben-containing shampoos. Dry shampoos are fantastic for days when you don’t wash your hair, but they also have their limitations. Dry hair won’t be the only issue if dry shampoo is used excessively because buildup will result.

Remember, conditioners are your friend, and picking up leave-in conditioners for the colder months is also a great way to help fix dry hair.

How to Prevent Dry Hair?

Why Is My Hair So Dry - Causes & How to Prevent It?

You should focus on maintaining your hair if you’ve worked so hard to improve it from where it was. Keep the following tips in mind:

  • Consistency is key: Try to stick to the regimen you’ve established for moisturizing your hair. It’s worth extending your self-care routine by a few minutes in the name of silky strands, from shampoo and conditioner to oils and leave-ins.
  • Space out your heat styling: Although you don’t have to completely stop using hot tools for styling, try to do so. This will occur naturally if you cut back on wash days since you can carry over your style to the following day. And finally, always apply heat protection.
  • Consider a silk pillowcase: The tendency to whip out the hot tools may increase because some fabrics can create friction and result in frizzy strands. To avoid this, spend money on a silk or satin pillowcase to guarantee that your look stays current while you sleep.

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Aside from how important it is to apply moisturizing products to your hair, you also need to make sure that the moisture stays in your hair. When you apply products like hair masks, oils, or conditioners, cover it with a shower cap or plastic wrap. In order for the products to penetrate deeper, the cuticle must open up due to the heat created underneath.

We wish you luck in achieving the silky soft hair you’ve always desired with this collection of natural hair treatments for dry hair recipes!


Why is My Hair Extremely Dry?

Excessive hair washing, or using harsh soaps or alcohol. a lot of blow drying. dry air because of the environment.

Why is My Hair So Dry and Frizzy?

High humidity levels can cause frizz even in people with healthy hair because they cause your hair to absorb too much moisture.

Why is My Hair So Dry No Matter What I Do?

Because our skin glands produce less sebum, our hair feels dry all the time. Even when using a conditioner, having low or even high porosity hair and using the wrong products can result in dry hair. Low porosity hair is hard to hydrate while high porosity hair loses moisture easily.

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