How Long Does a Zero Water Filter Last – When to Change

How Long Does a Zero Water Filter Last - When to Change
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Because of its availability and convenience, the water filter pitcher is one of the most widely used filtration methods. Many customers buy water filter pitcher to improve the water quality and lessen obnoxious tastes and odors. Then how long is a Zero water filter good for?

The average Zero Water filter user can expect their filter to last between 2-4 months, but the exact timing will vary.

Let’s examine the ZeroWater pitcher carefully before making the purchase. We will inquire as to how long the ZeroWater filter lasts and the origin of the water’s lemony flavor.

How Long Are ZeroWater Filters Advertised to Last?

How Long Does a Zero Water Filter Last - When to Change

Approximately 40 gallons of water can be filtered through a ZeroWater pitcher, claims ZeroWater. It follows that they can filter water for 40 gallons, or roughly 3–4 months before they need to be replaced.

The most amount of water a ZeroWater filter can actually treat is 40 gallons. In actuality, you might only be able to use this filter for 20, 15, or even 10 gallons of pure water before it wears out.

How Long Do ZeroWater Filters Actually Last?

In order to lower the TDS in our drinking water, we know that Zerowater filters use ion exchange. Sounds great, but obtaining an estimate of future costs is a key factor in determining whether to spend money on a water filter.

Usually, the most important query is: How frequently should I change my filter? Occasionally replacing an old filter with a new one seems manageable, but doing so frequently can really drive up the cost.

The amount of dissolved solids the filter is filtering and how frequently it is used will determine how often and how much water has been filtered overall. Unfortunately, there is no single answer to this question.

Factors That Affect a ZeroWater Filter Lifespan

How Long Does a Zero Water Filter Last - When to Change

Your water usage and the quality of your water are the two main factors that affect how long the ZeroWater filter lasts.

Water Usage

The filter’s life depends on how frequently you use the ZeroWater pitcher.

The amount of water that passes through the filter each day increases in proportion to how often you use the pitcher. The filter is exposed to contaminants more when there is a higher volume of water.

This means that if your water usage is below the average, your ZeroWater filter will probably last longer than if you use more water than the average.

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Water Quality

ZeroWater filters are all about removing total dissolved solids (or TDS), so much so that a ZeroWater pitcher comes with its own TDS meter. The idea is that you can read the TDS meter to determine when the filter needs replacing (more on that later).

The faster the filter clogs and the shorter its lifespan are, the worse the quality of your water is and the more dissolved solids it contains. On the other hand, if your water has a low concentration of dissolved solids, the filter will probably last longer than you had anticipated.

How Long Does a Zero Water Filter Last - When to Change

How to Know When to Change a ZeroWater Filter

There are several ways to know when to change the filter in ZeroWater drinking water pitcher:

Check the TDS Meter

A ZeroWater pitcher’s goal is to get your water’s total dissolved solids level to zero. You can check the effectiveness of the water purification process using the free TDS meter that is included with the water filter pitcher.

The filtration process is effective if the TDS meter shows a reading of 0. But if the TDS meter reads 006 or more, it’s time to replace the filter.

Taste Your Drinking Water

Acidic or lemon-tasting tap water is sign that you need to replace the filter cartridges in your You’ll detect this taste when the ion exchange resin has run out and reached the end of its useful life, according to the ZeroWater pitcher.

A fishy taste in water filtered by the The failure of the ion exchange technology is further evidenced by the ZeroWater pitcher.

Monitor Your Water Flow

The flow rate of gravity filters like the ZeroWater filter is initially quite low. It’s likely time to change your filter if, however, your filtration time increases to two or three times what it was initially.

If the flow rate is slow, the filter is likely clogged with debris that prevents water from passing through the filter media.

Where to Buy Replacement ZeroWater Filters

On the ZeroWater website or on online stores like Amazon, you can purchase replacement ZeroWater filters.

In comparison to purchasing a single filter alone, ZeroWater offers multipacks of filters at a lower cost per filter. This is a good way to save money on your yearly filter changes if you have the cash to purchase a pack of filters up front.

How Long Does a Zero Water Filter Last - When to Change

Summary – ZeroWater Filter Life

The amount of dissolved solids that a Zerowater filter is removing and how frequently you use it will ultimately determine how long it will last. The average Zerowater filter user can expect their filter to last between 2-4 months, but exact timing will vary. Happy filtering!


How Long Should You Use a Zero Water Filter?

The water filters in a ZeroWater pitcher are said to last for approximately 40 gallons. Accordingly, they can filter 40 gallons of water, or about 3 to 4 months, before they need to be replaced.

How Many Gallons Can You Get Out of a Zero Water Filter?

ZeroWater estimates that, assuming that the total dissolved solids (TDS) in their tap water fall within the typical range of 51-200, the majority of consumers in the United States will be able to filter between 25 and 40 gallons of water per filter.

Is Zero Water Better Than Brita?

The ZeroWater’s capacity to remove lead is the only advantage it has over the Brita. The ZeroWater may be a better option if lead is a concern and you don’t mind paying a lot for new filters.

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