What Does Soil Level Mean on a Washer – Soil Level Meaning

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You can determine the amount of wash time required to thoroughly clean your clothes by using the soil level setting on your washing machine.

With our in-depth guide below, we’ll explain everything you need to know about those subtle washing machine settings, soil washer meaning and explain why soil levels are important.

What Does Soil Level Mean on a Washer - Soil Level Meaning

What Does Soil Level Mean?

How filthy are your clothes? How much time has your child spent outside rolling around in the mud? Do you frequently notice dust in and around your house? With a soil level washer function, these problems are solved. Soil levels allow you to tell your washing machine how much work will be required to produce clean, fresh-smelling clothes for you. Your washing machine interprets which buttons you press and modifies the cycle accordingly. If you’re looking for a washing machine that will wash your clothes quickly, save you some time, and still get the most out of your soil level, we recommend this Frigidaire model. Get the most out of each wash by selecting from five soil levels for your laundry.

What Soil Level Should I Use for Clothes

The best washers are the only ones that offer more soil-level options, though most washers offer at least a few. For your convenience, your washer has a range of settings from extra light soil levels to extra heavy. We’ll explain what each level means and the advantages each one offers.

What Does Soil Level Mean on a Washer - Soil Level Meaning
  • Light (or Extra Light): You usually need your delicate clothing and fabrics for extra light and light. You only need to use the most delicate cleaning settings because the materials are lighter and don’t carry much dust or dirt between the stitches. Additionally, a load is washed faster and typically gets the job done with less tangling and wrinkleing thanks to the extra light and light settings.
  • Normal (or Medium): The normal or medium settings are for your daily wear, such as your t-shirts, socks, or sweatshirts, which don’t get much use. We advise choosing the normal or medium soil level option for your washing if you don’t mind causing tears or stretching your clothes but still want to get rid of those musty smells.
  • Heavy (or Extra Heavy): Setting the soil level to heavy or extra heavy is intended for using with fabrics and materials that are more rigid. Your towels, blankets, or kids’ football uniforms might be examples of this. Everything you need is in this GE 5.- Cu. Ft. front loading washer. Use this innovative appliance to remove those troublesome stains or delicate fluffs from your lighter clothing.

When Should I Use Light Soil Level?

The lowest soil level available is this one. If your clothing is only lightly stained, this setting should be chosen. This would be the best setting to use, for instance, if your clothing has small stains or is dusty.

This is also a great temperature for delicate clothing, which may be more susceptible to damage at higher temperatures. This is so that your clothing is kept less wrinkled and tangled by the washing machine’s slower spin speed.

Light soil level, which uses cold water, is the fastest of all soil level settings and best for daily washes.

When Should I Use Normal Soil Level?

The most typical situation, and the one that works best for clothing that is moderately soiled or dirty. Although it takes longer than the light soil level, this mode uses a series of spin and washing cycles on fast settings.

This setting will work best if your clothes have mud or dirt stains.

10. What Does Soil Level Mean on a Washer2

What Does Heavy Soil Mean on Washing Machine?

The highest soil level available is this, so if your clothing is completely caked in dirt, this is the setting to use. Use this setting frequently if your clothing is covered in mud or dirt.

You should also choose the heavy soil level on washing machine if you’re washing things like blankets, jeans, jackets, and play clothes. If your clothes are so filthy that you can hardly touch them, it is advised to use hot water to wash them. When washing more delicate fabrics, you should exercise caution because a heavy cycle could diminish their quality.

Also, keep in mind that this setting may cause your clothes to look wrinkled, so be prepared with an iron!

What Does Soil Level Mean on a Washer - Soil Level Meaning

What’s the Most Common Soil Level Setting for Doing Laundry?

With a normal amount of soil, everyday clothing can be handled by the Normal soil level setting. It is the soil depth that accommodates your most frequently worn clothing items, such as t-shirts, sweatshirts, and socks, the best.

How Do I Determine the Soil Level of My Laundry?

The presence of stains makes it simple to gauge the soil level of your laundry. Lightly worn clothing can be thoroughly washed using the Light soil setting; however, clothing with obvious food stains and strong odors may need to be washed using a higher soil level setting.

How Do I Choose the Right Soil Level Based on Fabric Type?

What Does Soil Level Mean on a Washer - Soil Level Meaning

Wash cycles such as “Delicates,” “Normal” and “Heavy Duty” are selected based on fabric type. The soil level can be calculated after a cycle has been selected based on the stains or how dirty the item is. The soil level setting will need to be raised the more heavily soiled an item is.

How Can I Reduce My Laundry’s Soil Level?

In order to help your washing machine clean your clothes more effectively, you can break down soils and stains by shaking out dust, lint rolling, and pretreating your clothing before laundering. Apply a stain treatment to any areas that need extra care to pretreat an item.

Benefits of Soil Level Settings

What benefits do picking a soil level offer? And what does a washer’s soil level mean? Let’s talk about the specifics while you pull up a chair. The advantages of selecting the right soil level for your laundry can be numerous. Nevertheless, we’ve narrowed it down to a few fundamental advantages.


  • Washes your clothing thoroughly
  • Selecting the right soil level ensures a more exact time for washing
  • Save water and energy based on the soil level of clothing

For a quick cycle and appropriate soil level options, this LG front-load washer is perfect. Additionally, it operates quietly in case children are taking naps while the laundry is being done.

What Does Soil Level Mean on a Washer - Soil Level Meaning

Does Soil Level Add More Water?

To function effectively, different soil level settings require different water levels. The lowest setting may use the least amount of water and have shorter washing cycles as compared to Low and high soil settings.

Due to the fact that Low-Soil settings are much softer than the other two, they will have a lower intensity, use less water, and finish the washing cycle much faster. The same is true for Medium settings, which will work slightly harder and run longer washing cycles.

Is Soil Level the Same as the Water Level?

Yes, your washer will use more water if the soil level settings are set higher. Having said that, there are other settings in addition to the soil level settings that determine the ideal water level, so the soil level is not the only factor. Consider the possibility that using a gentle rinse with high soil settings could still use less water.

Final Thoughts

To maximize the washer’s effectiveness, the ideal soil level setting must be chosen. The appropriate soil level settings are determined by the fabric type and degree of soiling that you wish to wash.

It’s always best to refer to instruction manuals to find out the ideal settings, if you don’t have any specific information mentioned, you can use the table above to get a rough idea.

To avoid long-term damage to delicate fabrics, always use a gentle wash and low soil level settings.


Is Soil Level the Same as Water Level

No. The water level of a washing machine is different from the soil level, which describes the quantity of dirt or grime on clothes.

What Soil Level Should I Use

Choose a low, medium or high soil level setting depending on how dirty your clothes are and the type of fabric you’re washing. Use a low soil level setting when washing delicates that haven’t been worn much. Use a medium to high soil level setting for heavier fabrics like jeans, jackets, or bedding.

What is Soil Level Samsung Washer

Soil level refers to the amount of dirt or grime on clothes, while water level refers to the specific amount of water in the washing machine at a given time.

What is Soil Level on Whirlpool Washer

The soil level on a washing machine indicates the level of dirt or soil that is found on garments. On models with bulk dispensers, changing the soil level will alter both the amount of wash time and the amount of detergent used.

What Soil Level Should I Use for Towels

Choose a Heavy soil setting for those hard-to-clean items. The more robust fabrics, like towels, bedding, and washable furniture covers, are the best candidates for this setting. When washing items that are especially dirty, such as sports uniforms and outerwear, use this setting as well.

What Does Heavy Soil Mean on Washing Machine

Heavy soil, heavy duty or deep wash options: These options are for clothes covered in mud, dirt or other debris. Extra filthy items are the topic here. If your washer offers the option, you can also choose to run an additional rinse cycle.

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