How To Put Batteries In Kimfly – 2023 Guide

How To Put Batteries In Kimfly - 2023 Guide
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You just purchased a brand-new Kimfly Key Finder; do you want to know how to recharge it? Congratulations, there is no easier or less expensive way to ensure that you never lose your keys again.

How to charge your Kimfly’s batteries. For iOS 8.0 systems and higher, you can slide the plastic screwdriver under the lid and gently lift it up.

We’ll fill in the blanks and make it incredibly simple to recharge your Kimfly.

Kimfly Key Finder

How To Put Batteries In Kimfly - 2023 Guide

This key tracker makes it simple to find lost keys for people who always keep their keys in a wallet or purse. Approximately the size of a credit card,it can be tucked in a purse pocket or wallet, making sure you’ll always be able to find your keys. You’ll also always be able to locate your wallet or purse if it contains the Kimfly Key Finder.

Features of Kimfly Key Finder

  • Portable Size: Find your wallet, your keys. Finder of bags and umbrellas. You won’t have to stress about leaving without the things you need because it will alert you when you leave the range.
  • Connecting Using: For a brief period of time, press the button. You will hear two beeps before it turns on. Then use the Bluetooth on your phone to find and connect the object; if you lost your phone, double-press the tracker button, and it would sound an alarm. A single phone can gather up to four trackers.
  • Distance and Function: The key finder’s working range is 25 meters, and its features include tracking, camera shutter, and last place seen (last lost location shown on map, not GPS).
  • Disconnecting Attention: When disconnected, the key finders and cellphone would both sound an alarm at the same time. The alarm would last for about 10 seconds, and the function could be turned off in settings.
  • Love traveling: Purchase Key Finder, your ideal traveling companion, for peace of mind. When you recover something you lost, you are happy! If you leave without your belongings, an audio notification will play. It’s not just a Bluetooth tracker, either. It’s the joy of life.

Package Includes

  1. 1 * Key Finder
  2. 1 * Battery
  3. 1 * Lanyard
  4. 1 * User Manual

Compatible Devices

How To Put Batteries In Kimfly - 2023 Guide

For Android

4.4 system or above and the device needs to support Bluetooth 4.0

For Ios

iOS 8.0 or later required.

How to Put Batteries in Kimfly

  • Gently raise the lid up by placing the plastic screwdriver underneath.
  • Now, carefully remove the battery unit with your fingers.
  • Put the new battery.
  • Snap in top after aligning lid, then engage bottom edge.

Safety Instructions

  1. Without first downloading and running the app on your phone, you cannot use the Key Finder.
  2. Keep it dry, away from moisture, and with corrosive materials.
  3. This product must not be disassembled, repaired, or modified in any way.
  4. The item comes with both a battery and a battery-cab. they are all small parts to children. If there is a chance that children will swallow or ingest these small parts, the product shouldn’t be used without adult supervision. If that occurs, speak with your doctor right away.
  5. Please use it freely as all products have undergone a rigorous quality assurance inspection.
  6. To the nearest battery recycling facility, always bring used button batteries.


A Kimfly key finder is a practical tool that shortens the time you spend looking for your keys. A beep from a tag on your key ring can aid you in finding them right away with the touch of a button on your smartphone or key finder remote.

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