10 Best Dry Shampoos for Colored Hair – Why Should You Use

10 Best Dry Shampoos for Colored Hair - Why Should You Use
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A dry shampoo can also stop your scalp from getting too dry from over-shampooing and prevent greasy hair.

The dry shampoos listed in this article are fantastic items that unquestionably live up to their reputation as some of the best dry shampoos for color-treated hair.

I’ve compiled a list of the top 10 dry shampoos for color-treated hair to help you maintain your gorgeous hues for as long as possible.

Best Dry Shampoos for Colored Hair

Anomaly Dry Shampoo

Choose Anomaly if you want to feel full. It received a 4.5/5 rating from our testers for volumizing power after being used in The Lab, with one noting that it leaves a ridiculous amount of Dolly Parton-level volume. This user-friendly dry shampoo soaks up grease exceptionally well, earning a 4.25/5 rating for absorbency.

Aside from tried-and-true absorbers like kaolin clay and rice starch, the all-star ingredient list also includes charcoal, tapioca, and other thickening agents that can be used to clean the scalp. Additionally, it received a flawless 5/5-5 rating for invisibility. It didn’t leave hair feeling crunchy, according to our testers, who gave it a 4.5 for texture and feel.

Oribe Gold Lust Dry Shampoo

Sophia Nawabi, a hairstylist, loves this Oribe dry shampoo a lot. “It absorbs product buildup, oil, and impurities with translucent powders,” she tells Our testers loved Byrdie’s Gold Lust Dry Shampoo, which received high marks for absorbency, volumizing ability, and invisibility (4.75/5).

While undoubtedly expensive, it might be worthwhile to spend the extra money. “I loved this product,” said one tester. “It has a plush appearance and feel. And most importantly, it did a good job of soaking up oil and boosting volume at my roots.” The brand’s distinctive Côte d’Azur fragrance also received high marks from our testers.

Living Proof Dry Shampoo

The purpose of Living Proof Dry Shampoo is to actually cleanse your scalp in addition to making your hair look clean, giving you a truly refreshed appearance. It is color-safe, good for all hair types, and free of silicones, phthalates, and parabens.

The company’s patented Healthy Hair Molecule helps you quickly and easily remove the powder for a cleaner feel after rice starch absorbs oil from the scalp. A strong fragrance and odor neutralizers are also included in the dry shampoo, giving off a pleasant perfume that lasts all day.

The special ingredients in this dry shampoo are praised by users for revitalizing hair without leaving any residue.

This dry shampoo comes in a 7.3-ounce container and is sold at Sephora and Ulta. Priced at $39, or $5.34 per ounce, it is available. For those who want to feel cleaner while extending the life of their color, this is a good dry shampoo.

Tigi Tigi Bed Head Matte Dry Shampoo

Anyone who wants to revive their hair and remove extra oils should use this product.

The Tigi Bed Head Matte Dry Shampoo contains a superfine powder that helps lift your hair and absorb oils. For colored hair, it also leaves a perfect matte, natural finish.

Your hair gets shine, texture, and a light hold from the Tigi Bed Head Matte Dry Shampoo. This product provides a clear and uniform sheer finish to your hair thanks to its refractive index matching technology. Additionally, it will keep your hair moisturized and healthy-looking.

It is advised to use this dry shampoo on hair of any length and texture. It’s simple to use the Tigi Bed Head Matte Dry Shampoo. Just target the roots of the hair with a spray from 10 to 12 inches away, give it a minute to work, and then brush. After all, beauty shouldn’t be difficult to appreciate.

Briogeo Scalp Revival Dry Shampoo

In order to revive your style, Briogeo Scalp Revival Dry Shampoo nourishes the scalp. Furthermore, it’s made to clean the scalp of bacteria and toxins.

The 98% natural formula of this dry shampoo is free of synthetic dyes, silicones, parabens, phthalates, and sulfates. Its active components include biotin, clay and tapioca, charcoal, witch hazel, and corn and rice starch. Oil is absorbed by the starches, clay, and tapioca while oil production is normalized by the witch hazel.

A delicate but fruity scent is produced by orange peel oil and peach extract, and it is very light. Customers appreciate the small, non-aerosol bottle in which this powder product for travel is packaged.

The price of the 1.7-ounce bottle on Sephora and Amazon.com is $24, or $14.12 per ounce. For those who want to protect color-treated hair and improve their appearance without endangering the environment, this eco-friendly product is a good option.

Not Your Mother’s Beach Babe Texturizing Dry Shampoo

Every hair type, including color-treated hair, responds well to Not Your Mother’s Beach Babe Texturizing Dry Shampoo. It is vegan-friendly but reasonably priced, and it has a pleasant aroma of toasted coconut.

Alcohol denat and aluminum starch octenylsuccinate are the product’s two main active ingredients. It is also sulfate, phthalate, and paraben-free. Customers should be aware that this product was never tested on animals and is cruelty-free.

Both the mouthwatering coconut scent and the absence of residue are valued by customers of this dry shampoo. The effectiveness of this dry shampoo in maintaining hair’s fresh appearance and boosting body has also received high praise from users.

This product costs just $4.93 for a 7-ounce spray can at Walmart. It is a reasonably priced choice because it costs only.70 cents per ounce. Ulta is also selling this for $.99 per ounce.

Batiste Color Protecting Dry Shampoo

UV protection is provided by Batiste Color Protecting Dry Shampoo, which reduces color fading risk by 37%. Hair appears clean and flowy after use because of its remarkably light texture and lack of visible residue.

The two main ingredients are rice starch and alcohol denat. Additionally, the UV filter protects colors and the keratin improves shine and texture.

Customers love how well it absorbs oil and how soft their hair feels after using it. They also appreciate the effective color protection it offers for their hair.

For just $9.99 for a 4.23-ounce can, or just $2.36 per ounce, you can purchase it from Ulta Beauty’s website. HarmonFaceValues.com charges $8.99 (plus shipping) for a 6.73 fluid ounce. Its competitive advantage over rivals is the sun protection it provides, which makes it a good choice for people who enjoy the great outdoors.

Nexxus Between Washes Dry Shampoo

Nexxus, one of the innovators in salon-quality hair care products, has created a line of hair products to clean and revitalize hair on days when you don’t wash it.

People who want to refresh their hair without washing it should use the Nexxus Between Washes Smooth & Clean Dry Shampoo Foam.

With its weightless cleansing action, this dry shampoo foam gives hair a clean, fresh feeling. In addition, it’s excellent at preventing fading, which helps your color last longer.

With its excellent ability to remove excess oil from the roots, Nexxus Between Washes Smooth & Clean Dry Shampoo Foam is a fantastic choice for people with oily hair. Your hair will feel revitalized and appear clean after using this light dry shampoo.

Your hair will remain clean and fresh with no obvious residue thanks to this product. It doesn’t leave any visible residue or powdery buildup on the hair or near the hair root. Your hair will look and feel clean and refreshed after using this no-rinse shampoo.

You can increase the lifespan of that black hair with this product because it stops the color from fading. When your hair needs a refresher in between blowouts, just use this dry shampoo.

Elizabeth and James Nirvana

You must try Elizabeth and James Nirvana White Dry Shampoo if you want a dry shampoo that not only revives your hair but also leaves it smelling fantastic.

With its special fusion of two of the most coveted fragrance ingredients, this fine fragrance dry shampoo offers the best of both worlds.

It is subtly scented with Nirvana White’s alluring concoction of ethereal peony, stylish muguet, and soft musk. The Elizabeth and James Nirvana White Dry Shampoo revitalizes, adds texture to the hair, and leaves you feeling clean and fresh.

Additionally, it contains pro-vitamin B to hydrate the hair for strength, shine, and bounce, style-extending proteins, and rose root extract for antioxidant protection.

When sprayed from a distance, the nozzle on this dry shampoo coats a sizable area while dispensing a very fine dry shampoo mist. You have manageable hair for a day or two longer because it gets rid of all the grease and oil from the hair’s roots.

Suave Professionals Color Care Dry Shampoo

The dry shampoo dries quickly and revitalizes hair. For those who want to keep their hair tidy and manageable in between washes, this is a fantastic product.

It keeps your hair smooth and manageable and contains keratin, which keeps your hair looking shiny and healthy.

Additionally, Suave Professionals Keratin Infusion keeps your hair clear of oil and clean. This dry shampoo eliminates grease from your hair for days by absorbing oil from the scalp. Without having to wash your hair with water, it also helps to keep your hair looking young and your color vibrant.

Simply shake the can before and while using it, spray on lifted sections of dry hair from an 8 to 12-inch distance, and then massage the roots to distribute. To give your hair new life and body, finish by brushing it through.

Is Dry Shampoo Safe for Colored Hair?

10 Best Dry Shampoos for Colored Hair - Why Should You Use

Dry shampoos can be used on colored hair without any issues. In actuality, they are superior to standard shampoos. Why? Because every time you wash your hair, regular detergents, especially those containing surfactants like sulfates, progressively lighten your hair color. Therefore, switching between regular shampoo and dry shampoo in between wash cycles helps keep the color vibrant.

On the other hand, we do advise using the best dry shampoo for colored hair. A whitish tint is sometimes left behind by some products, emphasizing any roots that are developing. Therefore, it’s best if you avoid them. You could even try one of the red, blonde, or brunette-colored tinted dry cleaners. They assist in covering the roots and prevent your hair from looking chalky.

How to Choose the Right Dry Shampoo for Your Coloured Hair?

Most of us, I’m sure, are very appreciative of dry shampoos because they truly save us a lot of time when we don’t have time to wash our hair that particular day.

Although dry shampoos are typically safe for all hair types, are all dry shampoos safe for hair that has had color added?

Dry shampoo use can actually lengthen the time between color touch-ups and stop the color from fading.

So here are a few pointers that will help you choose the right one:

Watch out for dry shampoos made specifically for color-treated hair rather than those made for regular hair because regular dry shampoos can cause your color to look faded while those made for color-treated hair will enhance it.

The dry shampoo bottle’s label will include this information, so be sure to read it carefully before purchasing.

It is best to stay away from using dry shampoos that contain harsh chemicals like parabens, sulfates, ammonia, phthalates, etc.

Look out for labels that mention that the product is “safe for colour-treated hair”.

Dry shampoos are offered in a variety of hues to match various hair colors. So, you can either purchase one that perfectly matches the color of your hair or, if not, purchase the option that is closest to it. To lessen brassiness, those with lighter hair colors should look for dry shampoos with purple undertones.

In order to prevent dryness in cloured hair, it is advised to look for dry shampoos with hydrating formulas.

Selecting a tinted dry shampoo will be ideal for those who have undergone significant color change.

How to Use a Dry Shampoo?

When using an aerosol-based dry shampoo, application is incredibly simple. You can quickly have clean, bouncy hair if you just follow these easy steps.

  • Create three or four separate sections in your hair to start. You can then apply the product to problem areas, or places that are prone to greasiness, such as the nape of your neck and the top of your head.
  • Then, while holding the can between 8 and 10 inches from your head, quickly and briefly bursts of product should be applied to the exposed roots. Remember to use the product sparingly because excessive use can result in chalky residues, and spritz it on your hair to cover as much ground as possible.
  • Remember to give the product at least 30 seconds to sit in your hair. Then, using clean fingertips, massage it in. It’s a smart idea to use a brush to distribute the product through the hair evenly.

If you use dry shampoo that is in the form of a powder, don’t worry; the procedure is the same. Only a small suggestion. Before using dry shampoo with a powder base, wrap a towel around your shoulders to prevent spills.

What to Remember before Using a Dry Shampoo?

When used properly, dry shampoo is a product of wonders. In this case, “correctly” is the key word. You’ll end up with white, chalky streaks, flakes that resemble dandruff, dull roots, and excessively dry hair if you do it incorrectly. Here are some tips on using dry shampoos correctly and incorrectly.

Before using an aerosol product, shake the can first. Do not spray anything on your head without shaking the can. The starch in the product usually settles down at the bottom. Giving it a good shake will aid in the formula’s even distribution.

Give it enough time to take effect; don’t rush it. Before massaging the product into your hair or brushing it out, wait a few seconds. This aids in better absorbing the grease and dirt.

Why Does Colored Hair Need Special Care?

While having colored hair enhances your appearance and brings out your personality, maintaining it requires extra work and special care.

Colored hair frequently needs unique treatments and products to look its best, in addition to routine shampooing and conditioning. But why does colored hair need to be treated differently? The short explanation is that hair dye can be rough on the hair, making it dry and brittle.

Hair shaft damage can result from the harsh chemicals in hair dye over time. This may result in brittleness, split ends, dull appearance, and thinning hair. Utilizing UV-protective hair products is essential because colored hair is more vulnerable to sun damage.

The natural oils that keep your hair protected are also removed when you color it. Your hair is more likely to frizz and tangle as a result. Additionally, over time, hair color causes moisture loss.

Your colored hair can be maintained and made to look its best with the aid of mild shampoo, conditioner, and deep-conditioning treatments.

If you have additional funds for such products, you can also include hair oils and masks in your hair care regimen. To remove excess oil and dirt without fading color, it’s advised to alternate between using dry shampoo and your regular shampoo.

In between coloring sessions, using dry shampoo can help keep your hair from drying out and becoming damaged. You can wear and maintain any hair color you choose with a little more care and effort.


For hair that has undergone color treatment, we recommend all of the dry shampoos on our list. You can select the one that best suits your needs and your hair type, whether it be fine or thinning hair, oily or dry hair, because they each have different features and advantages.

Whichever you choose, use it sparingly to prevent over-washing and stripping your hair of its natural oils. And as always, seek advice from a specialist if you have any queries or worries about taking care of your colored hair.

Have you made up your mind yet? If so, head on over to the closest beauty supply store or click the “buy” button and pick up one (or more) of these dry shampoos; you won’t regret it.


Are Dry Shampoos Good for Colored Hair?

Dry shampoo helps minimize odor after a sweat session and is excellent for maintaining the vibrancy of color-treated hair. It functions by aiding in the capturing and subsequent dispersal of extra oil.

Is Dry Shampoo Better Than Washing Your Hair?

Experts advise against using dry shampoo as a regular substitute for washing your hair with water. However, they do think it’s great to use occasionally. Dry shampoo can be viewed as more of a hair freshener than a hair cleaner. Your scalp, which gathers dirt, cannot be cleaned. Many shampoos aid in hair hydration.

Can You Use Dove Dry Shampoo on Colored Hair?

You can have both an oil-free finish and a color, so don’t give up one for the other!

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