Crux Air Fryer Review 2023 – Should You Buy It?

Crux Air Fryer Review
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Making quick snacks like wings, fries, or vegetable snacks without using much oil is a great use for Crux air fryer. But it’s also our preferred method for reheating leftover chicken, fried food, lasagna, and pizza. We also did some math, and it turns out that if you use one of these energy-efficient air fryers in place of a large oven, you’ll save money on your electric bill.

What Is An Air Fryer?

The air fryer is essentially an amped-up countertop convection oven—it doesn’t actually fry your food. (The difference between air frying and baking should be kept in mind, though.) Patented by Philips Electronics Company, the small appliance claims to mimic the results of deep-frying with nothing more than hot air and little or no oil.

An air fryer is a modern countertop convection oven that can be used for both baking and air frying. One of the most sorted-out kitchen appliances by homeowners is this one. For instance, in the United States., almost 40% of homes have an air fryer. You can make a variety of meals with the air fryer, including vegetable fries, chicken, fish, pizza, and more.

How Do Air Fryers Work?

A heating system and fan are located in the top portion of an air fryer. You place the food in a fryer-style basket and when you turn it on, hot air rushes down and around the food. Due to the fast circulation, the food becomes crisp, simulating deep-frying without the use of oil.

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Place your food in the basket

Depending on your air fryer’s size, the basket may hold anywhere from 2 to 10 quarts. For the food to become crisp and delicious, you should typically add 1 or 2 teaspoons of oil. You can use foil in an air fryer to speed up cleanup if you’re in a rush.

Set the time and temperature

Depending on the food you’re cooking, air fryer cooking times and temperatures typically range from 5 to 25 minutes at 350° to 400°F.

Let the food cook

To ensure that the food crisps up evenly, you might need to flip or turn it halfway through cooking. Cleaning your air fryer after cooking is essential.

Interested in learning the trick to air-frying food that is golden-brown and crispy? We have air fryer advice that will make every recipe turn out perfectly, as well as air fryer blunders you should steer clear of.

What Is Crux Air Fryer

The Crux is a New York City-based home kitchen appliance. They produce top-notch home kitchen equipment. As a result, it is the best brand to look for when buying a blender, coffee grinder, toaster, air fryer, cooker, etc.

The CRUX 5.3 Qt Digital Air Convection Fryer is a 1750-watt heating revolution. Use little to no oil to grill, roast, or bake up to 4.4 lbs of your favorite foods, including whole loaves of bread and “fried” chicken. On average, frozen fries using this method have a 65% reduction in calories and an 88% reduction in fat. The fryer’s energy-efficient stainless steel heating element is designed to heat up quickly and maintain heat for crisp, even cooking. Equipped with 8 digital preset options, and an auto-shut-off timer with an audible tone, this 5.3 Qt Digital Air Convection Fryer makes cooking a no-brainer. Place the basket in the dishwasher after air-frying for up to 60 minutes at 400F. Finally supersized, a contemporary take on non-frying.

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Crux Air Fryer Overview

Special Feature: Programmable
Product Dimensions: 15.11″D x 15.11″W x 14.68″H
Color: Stainless Steel
Capacity: 3 Quarts
Material: Stainless Steel
Uses We Recommend For This Product: Roast, Broil, Bake, Dehydrate

Pros & Cons Of Crux Air Fryer


  • Fast and even meal preparation
  • Simple to use
  • Easy to whip up frozen foods
  • Cook healthy meals
  • Easy to clean
  • Powerful


  • Not best for a family of more than seven

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Crux Air Fryer Review

Why Do We Pick The Crux Digital Air Fryer?

What are the justifications for thinking about purchasing the Crux 6 Qt. digital air fryer? In this section, you will learn why to choose this Crux air fryer model.


The energy consumption of this air fryer is 1700 watts. Meals are cooked quickly and evenly thanks to this. Furthermore, the Crux 6 Qt. ‘s heating element is made of stainless steel. Cooking time is reduced while cooking speed is accelerated.

Circular Heat Technology

This air fryer uses circular heat technology to cook food crispily and uniformly. Technology guarantees that heat is applied to food in an even manner. Furthermore, it offers quick cooking.

Large Capacity

How big is your family, exactly? That is one factor to consider before purchasing an air fryer. The five-pound food capacity of the Crux 6 Qt. digital air fryer is available. This is enough for a family of five to seven.

Easy to Control

The control panel for Crux 6 Qt. is easy to use. You can easily control the air fryer because of this. The control panel has both a touchscreen and a dial. to modify the panel’s cooking time and temperature settings. Also, you can view the cooking temperature and time on the LCD on the front part of the air fryer.

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Is It Worthwhile To Purchase An Air Fryer?

This popular appliance’s price has decreased in recent years due to the availability of numerous models; many cost less than $200 and some cost less than $100. If you frequently prepare fried foods—from scratch or from frozen—reheat leftovers frequently, enjoy experimenting with new kitchen gadgets, or all of the above, investing in an air fryer is worthwhile.

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Other Air Fryer Recommendations

Gourmia Air Fryer

You can still purchase a high-quality air fryer oven for a reasonable price if you don’t want to spend a full Ben Franklin on it. Gourmia was one of the more affordable products we tested, but it did well in most of the tests.

We discovered that the power of this 5-quart oven was almost on par with the Ninja and Dash ovens. It cooked chicken wings especially well, with crispy skin and juicy centers. Additionally, it produced toasty mozzarella sticks with a gooey center and very crispy french fries.

This machine’s slightly clumsy construction is one minor flaw. Although it didn’t affect how I used the basket in any way, it didn’t slide into the oven as smoothly as you might have liked, which could ultimately cause issues. Additionally, this air fryer has many presets, which I generally dislike because they don’t take into account how much food you’re cooking or factors like the size of, say, a chicken wing or the thickness of your french fries. When cooking something for the first few times, I find it’s always preferable to use a rough preset recommendation and to check the progress frequently. You can then gain firsthand knowledge of the oven’s capabilities.

All things considered, this 4-quart digital air fryer has a lot of power for the price and is a great size for most kitchens.

Instant Pot Duo Crisp

Let me help you save money and kitchen space if you’re considering an air fryer along with an Instant Pot or another multicooker. The Instant Pot Duo does all the work of the popular multicooker — pressure cooker, slow cooker, steam and saute — but comes with a separate air fryer lid and cooking function as well.

I discovered that the air fryer function performed equally well or better than the majority of the solo air fryers I tested. One factor, which you might see as a disadvantage, is the cooking capacity, which is relatively small. However, this usually results in better air fryer results because the hot circulating air hits the food harder, hotter, and faster. Although the Duo model of the Instant Pot made incredible crispy “fried” chicken, wings, vegetables, and other classics, be aware that if you’re cooking for a crowd, you’ll probably need to cook in batches.

Additionally, it’s a good offer. When looking for the best air fryer that fits a tight budget, the Duo Crisp can frequently be found at an affordable price, which can be a deciding factor.

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