Kalorik Air Fryer Review 2023 – Is Kalorik a Good Brand?

Kalorik Air Fryer
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With a history spanning more than 90 years, Kalorik is a well-known brand that millions of people adore. A revised version of this Kalorik air fryer review is necessary because they recently released a ton of new models.

Which one you should buy is a legitimate question because all of their new air fryer models are excellent. It’s not just a question of which air fryer is the best; it’s also a question of what your needs are because Kalorik manufactures air fryers of all shapes and sizes.

That’s exactly what we’ll look into in this article.

The models included in this Kalorik air fryer review:

  • Kalorik MAXX 7QT 7-in-1 – A fantastic basket-style air fryer with 21 presets (!!) and some unique accessories.
  • Kalorik MAXX Air fryer oven – Undoubtedly one of the best-rated air fryer ovens in the US is this 26-quart all-in-one model.
  • Kalorik Air Fryer Lid – An unproven product that you can use on any 8–10 QT pot. A paradigm shift, in my opinion.

Consequently, let’s get started with this Kalorik air fryer review and examine their top models.

Best Basket-type Kalorik Air Fryer: Kalorik MAXX 7QT 7-in-1 Air Fryer Review

Kalorik Air Fryer

The Kalorik MAXX Air Fryer can transform your kitchen. With 21 smart presets & 7 cooking functions, including special options like tofu, it is available in sizes 4QT, 6QT, & 7QT. Features a sleek stainless steel design, a square basket, and a temperature range of up to 450 degrees for more effective cooking. comes with a cake barrel, skewers, an egg tray, and more! ideal for feeding four people.


  • A lot of presets to choose from
  • Cool unique accessories
  • Stainless steel design


  • No shake alert
  • Once you pause it you have to start the program again
  • Fires preset is a bit too long

There are three different sizes available: 4QT, 6QT, and 7QT.

It has 21 intelligent presets and 7 cooking functions, which, in my opinion, is incredibly generous. There are typically 4-6 air fryers in this group. It includes presets I’ve never seen before, like tofu.

The full list of presets is as follows: Air fry, Fries, Chicken, Wings, Nuggets, Pizza, Burger, Bacon, Ribs, Lamb, Steak, Fish, Salmon, Shrimp, Bake, Veggies, Potato, Tofu, Defrost, Reheat, Warm.

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Since most basket-style air fryers only reach temperatures of 400 degrees, this feature is also advantageous. Certain foods—which are more difficult to burn—will cook faster as a result.

Its case is made of very high-quality, sleek stainless steel. The outer layer of the basket on many air fryers is made of low-quality plastic, which is a big advantage in my opinion. Additionally, the shape of the basket—square rather than round—is more practical because it can hold more food in the same number of quarts.

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It is available in black and natural steel.

I prefer the 7 quart version because it can serve 4 people and also it comes with some cool accessories:

  • Egg tray (haven’t seen this one with other brands)
  • Cake barrel
  • Skewer set
  • Silicon pad

There are a few minor issues that could detract from the experience, as there are with all air fryers. The Kalorik program will restart if you pause it and start it again. It’s annoying, but for me it’s not a deal-breaker.

The Kalorik Air Fryer can be regarded as a good air fryer because of the extremely high average rating for all of their models. It is a great size and complements our kitchen beautifully.

Additionally, a few preset timers are a little off, so it might take a little experimenting at first, but most air fryers have this problem as well, so it’s nothing new. None of the customer reviews I read claimed that the preset rendered the food unusable. Since it’s a new model, there aren’t many customer reviews, but they are all 4-5 stars, which is a good sign of the quality of the product.

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Best Air Fryer Oven: Kalorik MAXX 26 Quart Digital Air Fryer Oven Review

Kalorik Air Fryer

Utilize your air fryer to its full potential with the Kalorik MAXX. With 10 cooking options, including air frying, baking, and roasting, this all-in-one oven provides countless culinary possibilities. There will be no more stirring or cold spots thanks to the convection design that circulates hot air. 9 accessories, a recipe book, and a French door design. Despite being expensive and large, it works well, saves time, and is ideal for large families and beginners.


  • 9 cooking methods and 21 presets
  • Sleek design, especially the french door
  • In a lot less time, prepare food. Very efficient.
  • Comes with a lot of accessories


  • More expensive than regular air fryers
  • Doesn’t fit in small kitchens

The Kalorik MAXX is an all-purpose air fryer oven that is one of the best sellers in its class because of the numerous accessories and presets that it includes. It is a multipurpose air fryer oven that offers countless cooking options. And that is exactly what I love about this model:

In addition to making life easier when you’re trying to get dinner on the table after a long day at work or school, it also saves space because there aren’t separate pieces taking up valuable countertop space. It combines many different functions into one machine.

A kitchen tool called the Kalorik Air Fryer allows for quick and delicious food preparation. With its 10 cooking options, which include air frying, baking, and roasting, you can prepare your favorite foods with the ideal combination of heat and pressure to produce the best results for each dish.

As a result, there is no need to stir food every few minutes just because it feels like it hasn’t finished cooking (or, worse yet, risk burning things!) thanks to the convection design of the appliance, which evenly distributes hot air around the food to ensure that it is heated throughout. This prevents cold spots and undercooked areas where bacteria could grow more quickly than usual temperatures would allow them to.).

Many customers alleged that they had cooked their food in half the time suggested by recipe books. Steaks can be caramelized and seared in just a few minutes with the Kalorik MAXX, which has a temperature range of up to 500°F.

The style of this item is fantastic. It has a French door that looks really cool and is simple to open and close. Considering the size of the air fryer oven, it is small and lightweight. An instruction manual with simple and clear recipes is also included.

It comes with 9 accessories:

  • Steak Tray
  • Bacon Tray
  • Air Frying Basket
  • Air Rack
  • Rotisserie Spit and Fork
  • Baking Tray
  • Rack Handle
  • Crumb Tray
  • Rotisserie handle

Price and size are the drawbacks of the Kalorik MAXX air fryer oven. The Kalorik MAXX is nearly twice as expensive as a basic air fryer when compared to other air fryers. It will also occupy a lot of space on your countertop. However, we believe the advantages outweigh the additional expenses. It has countless cooking options and a highly effective cooking system that creates delicious foods in a very cozy manner. We also advise this product if you are a beginner because of these cooking possibilities.

A New Type of Air Fryer: Kalorik Universal Air Fryer Lid Review

Kalorik Air Fryer

Use the Kalorik Lid to convert any pot or pan into an air fryer. Fits 8-10 QT pots and pans and 6–10 QT pressure cookers. 4 predefined presets, adjustable temperature & timing. Compact, adaptable, transparent lid, and reasonable cost. Be cautious of hot lid after use & cool for 2 minutes before removing


  • Can be used on pots, pans and multi-cookers
  • It fits on different sized pots, pans
  • Very good price point


  • You have to be careful when you take off the lid after cooking not to burn yourself

As you can see in the image below, a 6-10 QT pressure cooker and an 8-10 QT pot or pan can only be fitted with the air fryer heater and ventilation system.

It has four predefined presets that you can use: Fries, Wings, Steak, and Preheat. You can select the desired setting by pressing the M button. Naturally, you can also choose your own timing and temperature.

Put it on your pot or pan, then pull the safety bar downward until you hear a click. Your pot will become airtight as a result, ensuring a consistent flow of hot air inside.

The Kalorik lid’s obvious advantage is its small size and ease of storage.

Another benefit is that it can be used on a variety of pots, pans, and multicookers, making it extremely versatile.

I also like that the lid is see-through so you can always check the food’s texture.

In my opinion, the price is very reasonable. If you believe you can air fry in a 10 quart pot, it is practically unbeatable. A typical 10 quart air fryer costs twice as much.

The only drawback to this product is the increased level of caution required to avoid self-burning compared to a standard air fryer. When the setting is complete, you must leave the lid on the pot for an additional two minutes so that it can cool.

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Is Kalorik a Good Air Fryer?

Kalorik can be regarded as a good air fryer because of the extremely high average rating for all of their models. You can tell that quality is a top seller in the air fryer market by looking at Amazon, where 90% of the models there are rated 4-5 stars and some have over 8,000 reviews.

In order to produce electric appliances with the highest level of engineering and technological advancement, the brand Kalorik was founded in Belgium in 1930. The brand’s first product was an electric toaster, which did well in the market. The brand’s owner then set out to create even more incredible goods.

Currently, Kalorik air fryers are unquestionably a popular option on the market. They have undoubtedly made a vast array of recipes that can be made without the use of oil possible with their large number of models and high quality products.

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Final Words

Kalorik Air Fryer

Overall, the performance of the Kalorik oven is exceptional, more than justifying its high price. I’ve used the Kalorik air fryer so far, and everything I’ve cooked there has turned out quickly and evenly. The last time I cooked a steak, I neglected to use the diamond grill grate to see how the meat turned out without it. You are aware that I am a huge advocate of the reverse sear technique, and the air fryer could be used to carry out the same task.

You can simply cook your steak at 225 degrees in the oven or air fryer whether it is fresh or frozen until it is seared on the inside. One day, I’ll have a complete article on the reverse sear to refer to. Take it out when you’re 15 degrees or less from your target temperature and sear it until you’re five degrees or less from your target temperature. The first part could be prepared in an air fryer, and the steak could be seared on an outdoor grill. Alternately, use the Kalorik’s grill function and diamond grate to cook the steak throughly.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Kalorik Air Fryers Review

Where Can I Find a Replacement Basket?

All of the air fryer models that the company Kalorik has are supported by spare parts. For information about the basket, you only need to log on to their website.

How Long is the Warranty for Kalorik?

An exchange warranty of one year is offered by Kalorik. The company will gladly replace your defective product if anything goes wrong within a year.

Does Kalorik Air Fryers Come With a Recipe Or Cookbook?

Yes, all air fryer models include the Kalorik recipe books. There are over 25 recipes in the recipe books.

Do Kalorik Air Fryers Need Oil to Cook With?

Foods can be cooked without oil, but we advise doing so to improve the texture of your food. The point is that air fryers use significantly less oil than conventional deep fryers. Additionally, you can use healthier oils like olive or avocado oil, which contain unsaturated fats, because they require significantly less oil.

Are Kalorik Air Fryer Baskets Dishwasher Safe?

There is typically a dishwasher-safe basket included with all Kalorik air fryer models, but make sure to read the manual first.

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