Mighty Thirsty Mop Reviews 2023 – How Does It Work?

Mighty Thirsty Mop Reviews
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Are you looking for a cleaning mop that is incredibly absorbent? Do you intend to purchase Mighty Thirsty Mop this April 2023 from mightythirsty? Viewers’opinions of this As Seen On TV mop are described in this review. Customers should have realistic expectations when using the mighty thirsty mop because it has many drawbacks, including the fact that it occasionally fails to pick up dirt.

It opens your eyes on our Mighty Thirsty Mop Review. We sincerely hope it reaches you safely and on time.

What is Mighty Thirsty Mop?

Mighty Thirsty Mop Reviews

Mighty Thirsty Mop is a quick-absorbing mop made of polymer. Its thin mop head can fit underneath furniture and into other small spaces around the house. In addition, it has a wringer attached for simple cleaning that also functions as a stand for drying.

The polymer material, which makes it simple to trap and lock in dirt, is one of Mighty Thirsty Mop’s best features. Pet hair may also get caught in it. As a result, it prevents the growth of bacteria, fungus, odor, mildew, or other types of mold.


Dries Odour and Mould Free

The mop can dry safely without developing mold, mildew, or odor thanks to the polymer material used for the mop head. When kept in storage, it will completely dry out and pose no threat to human health from mold or bacteria.

Designed to Trap Dirt

In contrast to conventional mops, this one has tiny channels along the mop head that serve to trap and lock in dirt, dust, and grime rather than spread it out across the floor.

Double Use Wringer

In order to save the most amount of space, the mop wringer is also used as a stand to store the mop and allow it to dry. This stand only requires three inches of floor space when it is stored vertically.

Cleans Tight Spots Easily

Because of its slim design, the Mighty Thirty Mop makes it easier to clean baseboards and other small spaces around the house that a regular mop would find more challenging to access.

Polymer Compound

The mop head is made of a polymer compound with 33 channels for collecting dirt and millions of absorbing pockets to aid in thorough cleaning.

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Mighty Thirsty Mop Reviews 2023 - How Does It Work?

Strong Absorption

The Mighty Thirsty Mop can absorb ten times its weight.

How to Clean Mighty Thirsty Mop

  • Rinse

Remove any large pieces of debris or hair clumps from the mop head and rinse it under warm water in a sink or bathtub until the water starts to run clear.

  • Wring

To drain the extra water and dirt, use the wringer that is attached to the mop by sliding it down the entire length of the mop head.

  • Store

Turn the entire mop up vertically while keeping the wringer at the base of the mop head. The mop head will fit into the bottom of the wringer allowing for simple storage.

Things You Should Consider Before Buying Mighty Thirsty Mop

Doesn’t Fit in a Bucket

This mop’s rectangular shape prevents it from fitting into a bucket, which is one of its drawbacks. The creators of this product ought to have considered producing a matching rectangular bucket. The most effective mop design revolves around the bucket; by keeping clean and dirty water separate, there is no cross-contamination and no odor from used mop water.

Delivery and Shipping Complaints

Customers who purchased the product from mightythirsty.com have complained in YouTube reviews about the lengthy processing and delivery times. Michael Walsh claims that even though it has been almost two months since he ordered the mop, it has still not been sent. See what he has to say below –

As of February 21st, 2022, I have yet to receive the one I ordered on January 8th, 2022. Their customer service number was dialed. To hear about other products, press 9 on the first menu. To hear about the Mighty Thirsty Mop, press 3 on the second menu. After that, you can talk to a live person to find out how your order is doing. Don’t waste your time using any online tools to check the status of your orders. They do not, as far as I can tell, function. Unfortunately, she claimed that my order hasn’t even been handled yet! She stated that it would not be processed until the beginning of March even though it appeared that my card had not been charged.Michael

Mighty Thirsty Mop Review

934 customers who used this Mop have given it three stars on TvStuffReviews.com. As a result, Mighty Thirsty Mop can be considered a typical mop. One user has this to say –

Most awful mop I’ve ever purchased. There is no dirt collection. nothing more than a push. An enormous head that won’t fit in a bucket. Unless you have stronger arms, it is difficult to wring. can’t be used or wrung out until the head has been submerged for some time.Millie

How It’s Different from Competitors

The primary distinction between the Mighty Thirsty Mop and other mops is that this mop has a built-in attachment for wringing, a wringer that also functions as a mop stand. The majority of other mops on the market may come with a matching bucket with a built-in wringer, but having one attached directly to the mop makes the job simpler.

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Is Mighty Thirsty Mop a Scam?

Mighty Thirsty Mop Reviews 2023 - How Does It Work?

Mighty Thirsty Mop is not a scam. Customers should not, however, have high hopes. This mop’s inability to fit into a standard bucket is one of its drawbacks. Therefore, to solve the problem, you’d need a rectangular mop bucket like the Ocello or the Bed, Bath, and Beyond brand. In the interim, it’s possible that in a few months, the wringer will remove the sponge portion of the mop. (Read More: 10 Best Mop For Laminate Floors – Best Ways to Clean)


Cleaning is simple with the Mighty Thirsty Mop offered by mightythirsty.com. The mop, however, does not come with a bucket and cannot be used with one. Furthermore, it takes longer than a month for delivery and shipping. Customers’ reviews indicate that the mop is a reasonably good PVA mop, but there are a few issues that need to be addressed.

Have you purchased Mighty Thirsty Mop? What have you learned so far? Share in the comments section, if you would!

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