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If you’re not a fan of safe beauty products or you’re on a tight budget, Hair Food is an excellent choice for a product that works and is reasonably priced. Both items cost less than $10, which is an excellent deal. Walmart stores nearby sell Hair Food.

Overall, Hair Food is a fantastic, reasonably priced product that strengthens and silkens my hair. My hair felt significantly softer to the touch, especially after air drying it.

Hair Food Overview

Is Hair Food Good For Your Hair - Hair Food Review



Item Form

Hair Type

Age Range (Description)

Material Type

Recipes versus Formulas

Hair Food Avocado

Hair Food





Free Paraben Free, Oil Free, Dye Free

We use basic ingredients in our recipes

Free Smoothing Shampoo gently leaves your hair soft, smooth, hydrated, and vibrant

Coconut Oil For Healthy Hair

Is Hair Food Good For Your Hair - Hair Food Review

The nourishing properties of coconut oil are well known. Utilize our Coconut Sulfate Free Nourishing and Color Safe Hair Mask to provide your hair with the nutrients it craves. This sulfate-free formula, which is infused with the mild essence of fresh coconut, softens and smoothes thirsty locks and leaves your hair looking, feeling, and smelling completely pampered while providing hair with the nourishing moisture it requires.

The Unique Qualities Of Hair Superfoods

Natural foods with vitamins and nutrients, such as fruits and nuts, are some common characteristics of foods for healthy hair. In fact, protein makes up a significant portion of many nutritious foods that support healthy hair. In fact, protein is the main component of hair. Your general well-being is crucial as well, though. Your hair’s health can also be greatly improved by drinking plenty of water and engaging in regular exercise.

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Is Hair Food Good For Your Hair2

The Moisture Collection

The shampoo boasts of imparting moisture while you enjoy the apricot scent and is free of mineral oil, silicone, and parabens. Water, fatty alcohols, conditioning agents, silicones, and fragrance are the first ingredients in the paraben- and mineral oil-free conditioner. As a result, it may not be the best option for those who prefer only natural products, but it’s also not the worst option either because it will give your hair the slip it needs to remove tangles and add softness and shine. To complete this moisture collection, there is a paraben- and mineral oil-free hair mask.

The Volume Collection

The shampoo in this collection is free of silicones, parabens, and mineral oil, just like the shampoos and conditioners in the moisture collection. Giving your hair life with plenty of volume and movement is the theme of this collection. The only product in this trio that thickens hair is one that is free of parabens, mineral oil, and preservatives.

The thickening hair treatment’s instructions captured my attention. “Apply to wet or dry hair every day. For complete scalp coverage from the ear lineup, apply 15 pumps at the roots of your hair. With your fingertips, rub the area.” What is this product’s magic ability? I’m eager to learn more!

Is Hair Food Good For Your Hair - Hair Food Review

Root Clarifying

Only one item falls under this category. a clarifying shampoo that is pretty in pink, and an earthy pink at that. This clarifying shampoo, like all clarifying shampoos, claims to remove all buildup from your hair and is scented with strawberry ginger and is free of parabens, silicones, and mineral oil.

The Do’s & Don’t Of Hair Food


Evenly Distribute The Product

From your hairline to the nape of your neck, move in a clockwise direction. Work it into your scalp with your fingertips in small, circular motions. Your hair should have the product applied evenly. To further distribute the product, you can comb your hair with a wide-toothed comb.

Clean Your Hair

Make sure to wet your hair from root to tip. Use a cleansing shampoo to clean out your hair of all the buildup and residue. TCB Naturals Hair Food absorbs best when your hair and scalp is completely clean.

Let The Product Sit

Let TCB Naturals Hair Food sit in your hair for 15 minutes so that your hair can absorb the protein and vitamin E work well together. After that, rinse your hair and style it as you like.

Is Hair Food Good For Your Hair - Hair Food Review


Quickly Considering The Product Ineffective

It might take some time for your hair to react to the hair food if this is the first time you’ve used it. If you use it once and don’t get the desired results, it doesn’t necessarily mean the product is ineffective. Be patient with it, your hair will eventually accept the product and start showing results


Your hair is porous and can take in whatever it needs. However, using a product too often could damage your hair. Some ingredients in different hair foods may have very oily bases and can make your hair greasy. Your mane may appear dull and mushy from overuse.

Using The Wrong Products

Make sure you select the appropriate hair food for your hair. Choose products carefully and avoid those that promise quick results or contain hazardous chemicals. Choose more natural options if you have the patience to devote yourself to haircare. Make use of lightweight hair food that is suitable for your hair.


If you want hair that is healthy and smooth, I would definitely suggest checking out this brand. Give it a try if you’re looking for reasonably priced, sulfate- and paraben-free hair care products that smell great.

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Is Hair Food a Good Brand for Your Hair?

If you want hair that is healthy and smooth, I would definitely suggest checking out this brand.

What Does Hair Food Do to Your Hair?

Hair food’s deep penetrating qualities enable it to rehydrate your hair strands and increase tensile strength. Aloe vera, shea butter, and menthol are natural moisture-locking agents that can protect hair fibers and improve the health and appearance of your hair.

Does Hair Food Help Grow Hair?

Vitamin E and Vitamin K are two crucial nutrients found in hair food, along with antioxidants that will nourish your scalp. These antioxidants prevent the synthesis of a hormone called DTH, which reduces the number of hair follicles.

How Often Should You Use Hair Food?

As a moisturizing leave-in treatment, use Hair Food once per week.

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