Herbishh Color Shampoo Reviews 2023 – Does It Cover Grey?

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Herbishh Color Shampoo is free of harsh chemicals like ammonia and parabens, in contrast to other hair dyes that contain a lot of chemicals.

Using this effective hair color shampoo, you can achieve lustrous, strong, black, and lovely hair. For more information on Herbishh Color Shampoo, keep reading!

Herbishh Color Shampoo Overview

  • Color: Black/Burgundy/Chestnut Brown/Dark Brown/Grape Red/Light Brown/Linen/Purple
  • Package Information: Bottle
  • Product Benefits: Hair Coloring
  • Brand: Herbishh
  • Item Form: Cream

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What is Herbishh Color Shampoo?

  • Reverse Hair Graying – With Herbishh hair color shampoo for gray hair, you can restore the youthful appearance of your hair, regain the luster that was lost, and strengthen your weak strands. This hair color shampoo dye, which was created to assist you in achieving vividly colored locks, will treat your hair with a unique combination of active botanicals.
  • Magic Hair Dye Shampoo – Argan Oil, which helps to lock in moisture and prevent drying, Olive Oil, which adds strength and softness, Noni Fruit, which improves flow and tone, Wild Ginseng, which contains bioactive compounds to strengthen follicles, and Mushroom, which helps to restore original color, are some of the ingredients that make up this shampoo dye.
  • 3-in-1 Safer Hair Dye – This magic hair dye shampoo is free of ammonia, parabens, and harsh chemicals, unlike other chemical-filled hair dyes. It also colors, cleanses, and conditions your hair all at once. The shampoo for all-light hair dye will calm your scalp, lessen dandruff, encourage growth, and keep your vitality levels high.
  • Easy To Use – Everyone wants to apply hair color without hassle! Our hair dye shampoo for men and women will completely cover all of your gray hairs in just 5 to 10 minutes and requires neither a bowl nor a brush! The hassle-free application of the 100% vegan shampoo dye for grey hair means no unpleasant odors or fumes, skin stains, or messy mess!
  • Light On Your Pocket – Stop paying thousands of dollars for salon visits! With our shampoo that colors your hair, you can achieve excellent results in the comfort of your own home with color that lasts for up to two to three weeks. This 500 ml shampoo dye is available in 12 different colors and lasts for roughly 10 applications.

Important Information to Use Herbishh Color Shampoo

Safety Information

If you have a rash on your face, sensitive, inflamed, or damaged scalp, or if you’ve ever had an allergic reaction to shampoo or hair color, do not use it. As doing so could result in blindness, avoid using on eyebrows or eyelashes. Keep children at a distance. Before using, speak with your doctor if you’re pregnant. Even if you have previously used this or other hair coloring products, remember to perform the 48-hour skin allergy test (Patch test) prior to each use. Purchase this item two days prior to the intended use in order to avoid disappointment. The same is true of products made from natural ingredients.


Full Grey Coverage, Easy to Use, Long lasting hair color, Instant Hair Color Shampoo


Aqua, Argan Oil,Keratin,Monoethanolamine,Olea Europaea Fruit Extract(Olive), Ganoderma Lucidum Extract(Mushroom), Polygonum Multiflorum Root Extract(Fo-Ti),Panax Ginseng Root Extract(Ginseng) ,Morinda Citrifolia Fruit Extract(Noni), Propylene Glycol, Edta Disodium Salt, Sodium Erythorbate, Sodium Sulfite, Resorcin, P-Phenylenediamine(Ppd Content After Dilution Is Not More Than 1%) Glycol Distearate, Hydroxyethylcellulose.


Wear plastic gloves in step one of the procedure. Step 2: Spray the colored shampoo on the palm and thoroughly combine. Step 3: Use the Magic Hair Shampoo color to color DRY HAIR in the desired amount. Step 4: Wait for 15 to 25 minutes, or until the shampoo has been distributed evenly throughout your hair (consult the instructions on the box for specific color instructions).) 5. Rinse thoroughly with water. It’s necessary to patch test this product. For the first two applications, use twice weekly. Only repeat when the grey roots begin to reappear.

Does This Product Work on Darker Hair Or Just Gray Hair?

My sister has gray hair, and she also reports success using the black one. I have brown hair.

Does This Dye Only the Gray Hair Or Will It Dye All Hair?

The dye is too strong and dyes all hair. A skin test on your wrist is required first. Try it on a small spot on your head even after the skin test. Even three weeks after dyeing it, my hair is still falling out. My scalp felt very sensitive to this hair dye. It’s a good thing I only dye a few spots. Never again will I use this shampoo.

What Does Herbishh Color Shampoo Customers Say?

From Mia M:

I was a little hesitant when I bought this product… Is this actually effective? Does it have a gray cover? Will this be another root coverage dye that fades or provides insufficient coverage?

My bottle and mine were both purchased. The fact that it was 0 below when mine arrived caused damage. The vendor QUICKLY shipped a replacement. My hair was dyed super EASILY! FAST!

I complied with the instructions, shampooed my roots to my natural hair color after 10 minutes, and there were no mixing or messes!!!! 2 weeks post: No fading; hair is still dark. My friends with gray hair should check this out.

From Adela Neria:

It covered all of my sparse gray hair from the first application, and the color is so stunning that people have asked me where I went to have it painted. I give it a hundred percent recommendation.

From Belia:

It lasted three weeks before I gave it a try because I was hesitant to use it for fear of developing an allergy. Even though it slightly discolors the skin, it is easy to clean up. I used to spend four hours each three weeks with henna and indigo for my previous product, so this will save me a ton of time.

From Cynthia G:

Easy application, no additional mess, amazing coverage and color, wonderful scent, and rejuvenated my hair are just a few of the many wonderful features! Absolutely outstanding product; subscribed for more.

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Is There a Shampoo That Colours Grey Hair?

Herbishh color shampoo is formulated to provide up to 100% grey Coverage even for stubborn greys without DAMAGING hair strands & thus it is “100% ammonia-free now & already launching In the upcoming 30 days, PPD color shampoo.

Do Color Protecting Shampoos Really Work?

In addition to protecting your dye job, color-safe shampoos also help cover up any damage by making hair feel softer and smoother.

Is Color Shampoo Better Than Hair Dye?

Identifying the true distinctions between hair dye and hair color: A hair dye is more durable and permanent. The word “dye” suggests that the chemicals are stronger and more numerous. Compared to hair color, a hair dye is more permanent.

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