Why Is Blonde Vinyl So Expensive – Is Blonde A Rare Vinyl?

Why Is Blonde Vinyl So Expensive - Is Blonde A Rare Vinyl?
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Do you want to purchase Frank Ocean’s second album if you’re a big fan? Are you left flabbergasted at the price and left asking yourself ‘why is Blonde vinyl so expensive?

Blonde Vinyl record production has increased in cost due to labor and material shortages in pressing plants throughout the western world.

This article will discuss why it is so expensive and if it is the most expensive Blonde Vinyl ever. So continue reading and have fun.

What is Vinyl?

Why Is Blonde Vinyl So Expensive - Is Blonde A Rare Vinyl?

Gramophone records that were used for listening to music are known as vinyl. When these records began to be made of polyvinyl chloride in the 1940s, they were given the name vinyl records. In the 1920s, 1930s, 1940s, 1950s, 1960s, and 1970s, listening to music in the comfort of your own home was primarily done on vinyl. The 80s was an era when digital media gained pace, and CDs, walkmen, cassettes, and DVDs were introduced to the market. The market for Blonde Vinyl records fell off sharply after that.

Despite appearing to be dated, vinyl records are very popular with teenagers. Even today, vinyl records are still available in music stores for those who enjoy listening to vintage music. Musicians are bringing back the retro look by using vinyl records for their albums. However, pieces of vinyl do not contribute much to the music sales, being durable and containing more material than the CD, people buy vinyl records. Moreover, it lets the artist illustrate their album art on the vinyl covers more freely.

Why is Blonde Vinyl So Expensive?

Now for all the more abstract reasons listed above, there are a number of reasons that are specific to this release and to its producers, reasons that have made this one of the most expensive vinyl records brand new, even more expensive than the official Channel Orange vinyl!


No matter how if it is now a rare record or any of the other reasons why this might be the case, the album itself was hotly anticipated after the veritable success of his previous album Channel Orange. At the thought of another Frank Ocean release, fans were already frothing at the mouth.

Even streaming platforms like Apple Music were not really prepared for the sheer influx of listeners that this new release would bring, to this streaming platform and others like Spotify.

Limited Edition

Why Is Blonde Vinyl So Expensive - Is Blonde A Rare Vinyl?

The weight of the demand and expectation for this new record almost rivalled that of Ocean’s contemporary Kanye West’s The Life of Pablo, swelling all forms of forum with praise and moist undergarments as though this were a repeat of the kind of mania that propelled Elvis Presley entered a state of catatonia, and pop music ushered in a new era from which the nation has not yet emerged.

Many fans were disappointed that they could not buy a copy of Frank Ocean’s sophomore album because this demand was not satisfied with the desired product.

Whether this was intentional or not remains to be seen. Some contend that issues with the pressing plants at the time prevented the producers and labels from carrying out their usual full-scale vinyl production at the time. However, some believe that this was an intentional marketing strategy on their part to make the record a more sought-after collectible.


The release of the official Blonde vinyl actually satisfied the cravings of the music industry as a whole, in addition to the already roiling anticipation and the record’s limited availability.

It is regarded by many as a fantastic album, if not the best of all time. Personally, I find this to be a little fanciful, especially since we haven’t had enough hindsight to fully understand the extent of its cultural impact.

The significance of this album to his fanbase, however, is undeniable, and many people who could have easily moved on to the next big thing on the market continue to play it in their rotation. This, I suppose, is about as much of an example of their enduring appeal as you are likely to get in today’s market.

24 Hours

So, atop the already brimming anticipation of this record by his fans and the music industry at large, the limited availability of the record, and the fact that the resulting record was actually good, there was the fact that it was only available for 24 hours before disappearing forever.

This was a decision as well because the official vinyl came with a warning that it would only be accessible for 24 hours before disappearing permanently.

People will always go crazy when there is a countdown clock added because they will try to outbid each other and win their own copy of the album by bidding as much as they can.

If the clock weren’t ticking away in the background, beckoning all manner of wrongdoing from behind the scenes, all manner of behavior that might not otherwise fly would be bred by the ticking of the clock.


It is therefore not surprising that resale prices are sky high given the already intense anticipation for this album among his fans and the wider music community, its limited availability, the quality of the final product, and the fact that it was only accessible for 24 hours before being permanently lost.

These resellers can be divided into two groups: those who genuinely enjoy the music and those who are only involved for the sake of making money.

This latter group you will always find on the very outskirts of a music venue attempting to shift ever so slightly overpriced tickets to punters who were not otherwise able to get a ticket.

For control of their own copy of the album, the former will have engaged in fierce competition with other fans.

Online, however, it is obviously impossible to tell who is who, and it is precisely this anonymity that makes the internet the world’s greatest blessing and its greatest curse.

Why Is Blonde Vinyl So Expensive - Is Blonde A Rare Vinyl?

Final Words

So there you have it!

Hopefully, your wish to know more about why the Blond vinyl is so expensive.

Perhaps you have even left here today with a bit more knowledge of some of the intricacies of the record industry and how manufacturers use psychology to fold the will of the people to their bidding like capitalist origami oligarchal satanists with horns beneath their toupees.

FAQs Why is Blonde Vinyl So Expensive

How Many Copies of Blonde Vinyls Were Made?

Although the exact number of albums produced is unknown, many believe that only 1000 vinyl records were released, which explains why the album was only available for 24 hours. No matter the specific number, no one is going to deny that they were produced in a limited supply, whether intentionally or not.

Why is Vinyl So Expensive Right Now?

While some people think vinyl is rather expensive today, many others think the price should be considered in relation to other similar products. The production costs are higher, according to Mark Whelton, even though vinyl seems more expensive than CDs. But in my opinion, vinyl in the UK is now more affordable than ever compared to my other loves, beer, concerts, and football. In the 60’s a LP cost the equivalent of 20–25 pints of beer. A vinyl record cost the same as 15 beers when I first started going to the neighborhood pub when I was underage in the 1970s.

Where to Buy Vinyl Records?

Urban Outfitters sells vinyl records. There are some local websites that sell used vinyl as well. Some of the best websites to buy from are Experience Vinyl, LPNOW, Watson Records, and Vinyl Me, Please. You can even go to nearby music stores and purchase from a sizable selection.

Can I Play Vinyl Records as Much as I Want?

Vinyl records are a long-lasting product that can withstand being played 100 times or even more without significantly degrading the sound. You can play the records to any number of listeners and in any volume. But to listen, you need to take care of and maintain the record as it is fragile.

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