Bona Spray Mop Review 2023 – Does It Actually Clean?

Bona Spray Mop Review 2023 - Does It Actually Clean?
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The cleaning efficacy and usability of the Bona spray mop are its greatest benefits. Use it to maintain the floors in between more thorough moppings.

With its built-in refillable cartridge and spray capability, the microfiber mop is intended to take the place of the conventional mop and bucket.

You’ve come to the right place if you’re considering getting one but aren’t sure if it’s worthwhile.

What is Included

Bona Spray Mop Review 2023 - Does It Actually Clean?

Let’s talk about the fundamentals before I get into the advantages and disadvantages.

There are two types of Bona Premium Spray Mops:

  • Bona Premium Spray Mop for Hardwood Floors
  • Bona Premium Spray Mop for Hard Surface Floors

The only distinction between these two products is that the cartridge for the first one already contains Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaner, while the cartridge for the second one contains Bona Hard Surface Cleaner.

The mop itself, a washable microfiber pad, and a 34-ounce cartridge of Bona cleaning solution are included with every mop system you purchase.

When you first open the box, you’ll see that the mop is broken down into three separate parts: the head, handle, and pole/cartridge holder.

The cartridge comes pre-filled, but don’t throw it away when it’s empty. Keep it instead and buy the replacements. The most economical and environmentally friendly option is the 128-ounce refill because it is more affordable per ounce and purchasing in bulk reduces plastic waste.

You can fill the cartridge with Bona Hard Surface Cleaner and use the Bona Premium Spray Mop for Hardwood Floors on tile or other hard surfaces. Never combine cleaning agents, however, and avoid using the Hard Surface Cleaner on wood. The formula is too strong and will damage the wood over time.

The microfiber mop pad is 17.5 inches wide and can be machine washed. The mop head is 16.5 inches wide.

One microfiber pad is included with the mop, but you might want to purchase a few more to have some on hand as backups.

How It Works

Bona Spray Mop Review 2023 - Does It Actually Clean?

Both setting up and using the Bona Premium Spray Mop are simple.

Here’s how to set up the mop:

Place the mop base so that the Bona logo is facing up in step one.

Step 2: Insert the lower portion of the mop into the mop base, making sure the silver release button is facing forward. There ought to be a click.

The third step is to connect the upper and lower halves of the mop handle until you hear a click.

Step 4: Place the mop pad with the Bona logos facing up on the floor.

The mop base should be positioned on top of the mop pad in step 5. The mop pad is attached to the mop base by Velcro on the underside of the mop base.

The cleaning solution cartridge’s cap should be removed and popped back into place in step six. There should be a click.

It can now be used. Here’s how:

Pull the trigger to spray an incredibly fine mist in front of the mop head in step one. Spray the solution on tough stains, then wait two minutes before scrubbing.

Step 2: Move the mop over the dampened area to clean the floors.

Step 3: Continue doing this until the whole floor is clean.

Step 4: Take out the pad and run it through the washing machine. You can wash it in water temperatures up to 140°F (standard washers go up to 130°F) and reuse it up to 300 times.

Step 5: Press the silver release button to refill or replace the cartridge when it is empty.

Pros of the Bona Premium Spray Mop

There’s a lot to love about the Bona Premium Spray Mop. Its cleaning effectiveness, ease of use, robust construction, and low price are its greatest benefits.

Here are some of these advantages in more detail.

Cleaning Performance

If your home has hardwood floors, you’ll be pleased with the cleaning performance of the Bona Premium Spray Mop.

Unlike traditional mops, you won’t need to be concerned about too much water damaging your hardwood floors. A fine mist of Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaner, a cleaner made especially for wood, is sprayed by the mop.

During my tests, the dispenser sprayed the cleaning agent 30 inches wide and two feet in front of the mop head, giving a good amount of coverage.

The Swiffer WetJet, on the other hand, only sprays solution about 14 inches in front of its mop head and straight ahead, providing much less coverage with each spray.

You’ll adore the film- and streak-free clean that leaves your floors shining beautifully.

To avoid damaging your baseboards and furniture, the sides of the mop head are rubber and flexible.

In the event that you need to exert more pressure on stubborn stains or messes, there is also a second grip for support.

You can reach awkward corners and under furniture thanks to the mop base’s pivoting design.

Bona Spray Mop Review 2023 - Does It Actually Clean?

Large Mop Head

The mop head is significantly wider than other brands on the market at 16.5 inches.

The 17.5-inch-wide microfiber mop pad protrudes by about 0.5 inches on each side.

The Swiffer WetJet mop head is only ten inches wide, for comparison.

Bona’s wide mop head and pad enable you to swiftly cover a lot of ground, significantly reducing cleaning time; ideal if you have a big house.

Reusable Mop Pad

According to Bona, the reusable microfiber mop pad can withstand up to 300 machine washes. Not only is this good for your wallet, but it also protects the environment.

If you need to replace the mop pad, you can purchase an inexpensive set on Amazon.

These are typically a little less expensive than Bona-compatible microfiber pads made by other brands. For example, this highly-rated pack on Amazon from the brand VanDuck is cheaper and will work just as well.

No Batteries Required

One of the most common questions people ask is whether the Bona Premium Spray Mop requires batteries.

The answer is no; the Bona Premium Spray mop does not require batteries. In actuality, it does not require an electrical supply. With a pump and trigger mechanism, the solution dispenser works like a spray bottle.

Just be aware that the Bona Motion Mop, which has a vibrating mop head, does require batteries.

Sturdy Construction

Even though it weighs only about five pounds, it is incredibly durable.

When you pick it up, you’ll immediately feel that the handle, spray trigger, and mop pole are well built and strong. This mop isn’t at all what I’d call flimsy, and cheaper options don’t offer the same quality.

Unlike other spray mops I’ve tested, you can exert pressure on the pole and really dig into tough dirt and stains without worrying about it bending or breaking.

Bona Spray Mop Review 2023 - Does It Actually Clean?

Ease of Use

It’s easy to set up and use this mop. Even if you are accustomed to using a traditional string mop, getting started won’t be a problem.

The mop will be ready to use in just a few minutes if you follow my assembly instructions.

Pulling the trigger to release the solution and mop is all that is required once you are set up.

Unlike some mops, which require disposable pads, you can use the same Bona microfiber pad several times without washing it (as long as it’s not too dirty).

When the time comes, just pull the mop pad off and throw it in the washing machine to remove and wash it.

Although the mop pad is reusable, I suggest purchasing a few extras so you always have a clean one on hand.

Bona is Green Guard Certified

Cleaning products from Bona are GreenGuard Gold Certified, indicating that they adhere to strict standards for chemical emissions.

They’re water-based with low VOC (volatile organic compound) emissions, making them safe for children and pets.

Cons of the Bona Premium Spray Mop

Although not flawless, the Bona Premium Spray Mop is a practical and easy way to keep your floors clean. Let’s take a look at the drawbacks and common complaints.

Mop Head Can Be Too Large

The 16.5-inch wide mop head is useful in most situations because it quickly cleans sizable areas. But, in some instances, it can be too large.

In small spaces, this is especially true. It can be challenging to maneuver the mop head around objects and into tight spaces.


While the Bona Premium Spray Mop is not expensive, it’s more costly than traditional string mops and other microfiber mops that don’t have built-in spray functionality.

The other two factors to consider are refills and extra mop pads. Since Bona is a high-end cleaning product, you’ll pay more if you continue to use it for refills.

Faulty Mop Triggers

Although the mop is simple to use, some customers have complained that the trigger is occasionally inconsistent.

Even when the trigger is fully compressed, different amounts of solution occasionally spray across the floor.

Solution Cartridge Prone to Leaking

The solution cartridges for the Bona Premium Spray Mop are prone to cracking and leaking, which is another common criticism.

Contact the manufacturer if this happens to you. Bona has a 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed return policy. A full refund or replacement will be given by Bona if you experience any problems with your mop within the first five years.


When you apply pressure, I’ve discovered the mop can squeak. Although it won’t have an impact on the performance, it’s important to note because several people complained about it.

Leaves Floors Slippery

According to some clients, the Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaner makes their floors slick.

Although the vast majority of reviews do not report this issue, and I haven’t experienced it in my testing, it’s mentioned frequently enough that it’s worth noting.

You can get a full refund from Bona if you buy the spray mop and the cleaner makes your floors too slippery.

Conclusion: is the Bona Premium Spray Mop Worth It?

It has a big mop head with a tough microfiber pad, is easy to use, doesn’t need batteries, and is easily assembled. Plus, the included Bona solution is one of the best cleaners on the market.

You can rely on the Bona Premium Spray Mop for your floor cleaning needs because it has received praise from many of the top home product review outlets and thousands of verified customers.

A straightforward and dependable tool for maintaining clean floors is the Bona Premium Spray Mop. Despite the fact that there are other products with a similar design on the market, this one has the best reviews and performed the best in my tests.

FAQs About the Bona Premium Spray Mop

The most frequent queries about the Bona Spray Mop are addressed in this section.

What is the Height of the Mop Once Fully Assembled?

It measures about 51 inches from the bottom of the mop to the tip of the handle.

Do You Have to Wash the Mop Pad After Each Use?

It’s advised to clean the mop head after every use because it gathers dirt and debris from your floors while you’re cleaning. However, you could use it for a few more tasks before throwing it in the washing machine if you’ve only cleaned up a small amount of water or a minor mess.

Can You Lock the Swivel on the Mop Base?

The base of the mop doesn’t lock, so no.

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