O Cedar Mop Reviews 2023 – Does It Really Work?

O Cedar Mop Reviews 2023 - Does It Really Work?
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Are you wondering if a steam mop is really worth the hype? Greetings from the O Cedar Mop.

O Cedar Mop is incredibly shaky and spills way too easily. If you have to pick up the clean water tank, it will stop spinning and be inoperable.

O-Cedar is not a newcomer to the mop business, much less bucket mops. Its newest bucket mop makes wringing out your mop easier than ever, but does the cleaning performance make this mop worthwhile? Time to find out!

If the O-Cedar EasyWring is the right spin mop for you, continue reading below to find out.

Pros & Cons of O Cedar Mop

O Cedar Mop Reviews 2023 - Does It Really Work?


  • Powerful
  • Maneuverable
  • Great scrubbing brush
  • Reasonably priced


  • No hands-free cleaning pad changing
  • Few accesorries

Performance Comparison

Cleaning Performance

During standard cleaning, the PowerFresh Deluxe provides nice, even steam that easily cuts through everyday messes. Its mop head glides nicely across evenly textured tile and doesn’t get caught on deep grout grooves. The head’s zigzag design has the ideal amount of scrubbing power without being too harsh. When you need a little extra oomph to your scrubbing, a step lever easily detaches the mop head from the end, leaving you with a large stiff-bristled scrubbing pad to dig into stubborn messes and caked-on dirt. You can switch from mopping to scrubbing and back again with ease by simply snapping the mop head back into position.

Unlike many other models, with their scrubbing attachments on the end of a hose, the PowerFresh Deluxe is more effective and easier to use at the end of the main body of the mop. In addition to saving you from having to scrub on your hands and knees, this gives you more leverage to really attack those challenging messes. Out of all the mops we tested, this is our favorite model for serious scrubbing on floors. It only loses by a small margin to models with numerous intensive scrubbing accessories — the PowerFresh Deluxe lacks any additional scrubbers. However, it does come with two scent discs that can be placed in a slot on the cleaning head to give the steam a light, fresh scent.

Ease of Use

The PowerFresh Deluxe has two simple buttons to select your desired steam output. You don’t need to do anything else besides that to let the steam out. The water tank has a good-sized 1-inch opening with a flip-top lid on top, making it very easy to fill. It even has a detachable measuring cup with a spout, so you can easily get the right amount of water and don’t have to search around for the cup, and the tank is clear, so you can tell at a glance how much water is left. The 474ml tank capacity is sufficient for the majority of household cleaning tasks; we were able to clean two bathrooms and a moderately messy kitchen with just one tank. Even if you need to refill the tank, you won’t lose much time because the water heats up in less than a minute.

The PowerFresh Deluxe has a very sturdy and dependable feel to it when in use. It can stand up by itself and is maneuverable without feeling flimsy. This is a crucial feature for the water tank filling process, in case you need to leave the cleaning area, and for convenient storage. The mop pads are easily attached with elastic, and like the majority of the mops we tested, they can be easily washed in the washing machine or rinsed by hand in the kitchen sink. Two slightly different mop pads are included with this mop; one is softer for general mopping needs and the other is more textured for tougher cleaning. Both pads are thick and well made, and they are easy to get on and take off — though the process is not hands-free, like a few models we tested.

O Cedar Mop Reviews 2023 - Does It Really Work?


A particularly smooth, thick mop pad along with excellent steam power allows the PowerFresh Deluxe to glide over every surface easily. Able to tackle more than just smooth tile, this steamy contender also cleaned stone and ceramic without any issues. The cleaning head can easily fit into small spaces and under the edges of low kitchen cabinets thanks to its trapezoidal shape, low profile, and all-around pivotability. These difficult-to-reach areas received consistent cleaning because of the even steam distribution. The Deluxe’s 25-foot power cord is one of the longest of all the models we tested.

Edges and 90-degree corners can easily be cleaned thoroughly thanks to pads that completely encircle the mop head on all sides. Simply turn the PowerFresh Deluxe sideways to reach into narrow spots that are otherwise hard to reach. It’s not the narrowest-headed mop we tested, but it’s pretty close, making it easier than most to squeeze into that space between your refrigerator and the wall. This mop’s curved back edge makes it more challenging to clean edges with that side, which is its only minor drawback in an otherwise highly maneuverable design.


The PowerFresh Deluxe is somewhat spartan when it comes to extra features. It doesn’t include any additional mop heads (though it does have a coarser scrubbing pad). Additionally, it is devoid of any hose or its accompanying accessories, such as those used to clean your stovetop or shower. It does have the beloved scrubbing brush, and the steam level can be changed, but that’s about it. This was still enough to earn the PowerFresh Deluxe a slightly above average score in this metric, as most mops have few if any extra features.

The Deluxe allows you to adjust the steam output — lower it for small messes and ramp it when necessary. The ability to switch between commonplace messes and really strong stains is fantastic. In the summer, it is useful to prevent turning a warm house into a steamy sauna.

O Cedar Mop Reviews 2023 - Does It Really Work?


The Deluxe is one of just a few products out there that fit in the Goldilocks zone of price and performance. Despite having a price not much more than some of the least expensive mops we tested, this one outperforms the rest and is our favorite simple yet effective contender throughout several years of testing. The PowerFresh Deluxe is pretty much the pinnacle of high-value products if you love them.

Is It Worth It?

The Bissell PowerFresh Deluxe is both high performing and reasonably priced, making it the best choice for the vast majority of those looking for a steam mop. Only if you need a mop with a wide variety of cleaning attachments or need to clean very large areas and are willing to spend a little more money on those extras should you look elsewhere.

O Cedar Mop Reviews 2023 - Does It Really Work?

Our Verdict

The Bissell PowerFresh Deluxe is both the most effective and easiest to use of all of the models in our review of the best steam mop. It’s impressively maneuverable and excels at cleaning really stubborn stains. It has easy-to-use controls, a tank that is simple to fill, and a cleaning head that is excellent for squeezing into tight spaces. One of our favorite features is the convenient scrub and steam option, which makes it incredibly simple to switch between the two while cleaning your floors. We just wish it had more attachments so we could clean more things. Nevertheless, even as it stands, this is the model we like best out of the bunch, and it’s also a fantastic deal.

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