Libman Tornado Twist Mop Review 2023 – Is It Effective

Libman Tornado Twist Mop Review 2023 - Is It Effective
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When it comes to surface exposure, the Libman Tornado is a far better option than sponge mops. Even with vigorous scrubbing, you can clean with it effectively.

If you’re in the market for a new twist mop but don’t know which one is the right one for you, this review of the Libman Tornado may be a big help.

This mop will undergo all of our evaluations before we decide whether or not it is worthwhile to buy.

What is Libman Tornado Twist Mop?

The Libman Tornado is not the best mop we’ve tested, but its simplistic look and feel did not take away from the overall cleaning performance. It works well for bigger messes because of the more conventional design, but the absence of a bucket was disappointing.

Pros & Con of Libman Tornado Twist Mop


  • Extremely simple to use, the Tornado.
  • Using this Libman twist mop requires almost no maintenance.


  • The Libman Tornado is unable to clean beneath low-hanging objects in your home, such as furniture.
  • This twist mop needs some sort of bucket to hold water while cleaning.

Libman Tornado Design

The Libman Tornado does not offer a lot of detail when it comes to design. The overall look and feel is extremely minimalist and traditional.

Wand | The cleaning head of the Tornado’s wand is attached to it directly. At the base of the wand, near the cleaning head is piece of plastic that slides up and down. By sliding the plastic piece up the wand and then twisting, users have the ability to wring out the cleaning head.

Cleaning Head | As you move on to the cleaning head, you will notice that it is composed of numerous microfiber strands that are connected to create a single cleaning head. The cleaning head attaches to the bottom of the wand / stick and can be released and removed for replacement or cleaning.

Aesthetic | This Libman twist mop is entirely green with a few white accents.

Libman Tornado Twist Mop Review 2023 - Is It Effective

How Libman Tornado Cleans

The cleaning style of the Libman Tornado is simple; wet the cleaning head, wring it out, and mop up the mess. There is no complicated method to the madness when using this twist mop. This Libman is a twist mop that is made to make mopping simple and quick. The steps are as follows:

  1. Fill up a bucket with water
  2. Drench the cleaning head in the water
  3. Wring out the cleaning head
  4. Begin mopping

There is nothing else you have to do when cleaning with the Tornado besides these four steps.

Mopping Tests

Water Cleaning

The water test was interesting. We discovered that after just one pass through the water, the Tornado was able to absorb almost all of it. However, as we made more passes over the water, the mop found it difficult to absorb more water, which caused the water to spread out across the lane.

This mop would probably be able to handle a small amount of liquid and get the job done, but it might have trouble handling bigger messes.

Mud Cleaning

The mud test was a success for the Libman Tornado. Once more, a single pass was sufficient to remove nearly all of the mud on our test lane. The mop head’s capacity to hold a sizable volume of water helped soak up the mud, making the mess simple to clean up.

Honey Cleaning

The mud test and honey were comparable. I drained less water from the Tornado’s cleaning head so that I could push the mop across the honey with ease. As a result, this Libman twist mop was not much of a match for the honey.

Furthermore, our test lane had no trace of honey remaining. This was a significant advantage of leaving water in the mop’s cleaning head.

Libman Tornado Twist Mop Review 2023 - Is It Effective

Is the Libman Tornado Easy to Use?

It doesn’t get much easier than using the Libman Tornado.

Setup | With this Libman twist mop, very little setup is necessary. The mop is initially wrapped in plastic, but as soon as you take that off, it’s practically ready to use.

Wet Cleaning Head | After removing the mop from its packaging users need to wet the cleaning head. To accomplish this, add water to a bucket (or sink) and submerge the head.

Wring Out Cleaning Head | The cleaning head’s water must then be wrung out. To do this, twist a small plastic piece that has been slid up the wand’s base. The mop head will automatically wrap itself around the wand as you twist, helping to wring out the water.

Changing The Cleaning Head | Most likely, the Tornado’s trickiest feature is separating the head from the wand. There is a small plastic pin that holds the cleaning head in place. Users must pull this pin out and slide the head off of the wand.

That said, it does require a decent tug from the user’s end to remove the plastic tab, but that is the only feature about this mop that can be a hassle to deal with, in my opinion.

Is the Libman Tornado a Good Value?

Overall, the Libman Tornado offers good value. The cleaning performance, low cost, low maintenance, and ease-of-use all contribute to rounding out this mop as a whole.

The Tornado performed almost faultlessly during our cleaning tests. The mop was able to lift and remove all three debris types to an almost spotless amount.

Maneuverability was another plus, with the exception of its inability to slide under furniture. The performance of the mop as a whole is, in my opinion, hampered by this.

Cleaning or replacing the cleaning head is the only maintenance task necessary.

When it comes to warranty and returns, Libman provides a 30-day return policy through Amazon along with a 1-year warranty.

Who Should Buy the Libman Tornado Twist Mop?

For a wide range of users, the Libman Tornado might be a great fit. However, compared to some of the more recent floor cleaners, such as the Hoover Twin Tanks (steam mop), Braava 380t (robot mop), and Bissell Crosswave (vacuum mop), this style of mop is used in a more conventional manner.

I would recommend the Libman Tornado if you’re looking for the following features in a twist mop:

  • Want a twist mop – You must perform all mopping tasks on your own as a twist mop. That indicates that there is no water tank and no steam is generated to aid in cleaning. This mop only uses the water that is stored in the cleaning head after being submerged in water to manually clean up messes. The advantage of a twist mop is that when wringing out the cleaning head, users never have to touch the dirty water.
  • Don’t mind a basic mop – The Tornado is as fundamental as it gets. There are only a wand and the cleaning head on this device; there are no fancy bells and whistles.
  • Want a good performer – Despite being a straightforward unit, it performed cleaning quite well. Undoubtedly an impressive feature of this mop was its capacity to pick up debris.


The twist mop known as the Libman Tornado is made to offer a more conventional mopping experience. Users can quickly clean up messes without making them worse with the help of this mop because it is simple to use, cheap, needs little maintenance, and is easy to use. If you’re in the market for a new mop and truly enjoy mopping in the traditional sense, the Libman Tornado could be a great fit for you and your home.

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