Ninja Hot And Cold Brewed System Review 2023 – How Does It Work

Ninja Hot And Cold Brewed System Review
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What if you could choose your caffeine fix based on how you were feeling? Seriously, do you feel like a cappuccino this morning? Done. Maybe you need a caffeine fix in the afternoon, but you’d prefer something a little softer than coffee, like a chai latte. Done.

Without leaving the comfort of your kitchen, the Ninja Hot and Cold Brewed System wants you to enjoy your coffee however you like. We made the decision to investigate whether this device lives up to its promises, and we’re here to share our results with you.

It’s crucial to note that Ninja provided us with both this appliance—which we tested out for free—and their updated Ninja Specialty Coffee Maker, which we actually prefer a little bit more.

As you’ll see, there are many similarities between the two machines, so without further ado, let’s begin the review.

Ninja Hot And Cold Brewed System Review

What is Ninja Hot and Cold Brewed System

In recent years, manufacturers realized that people didn’t want multiple coffee-making appliances cluttering up their kitchens, so they combined features from several machines. Combination or dual coffee makers, a class of modern appliances, are the result.

It’s crucial to know what you want to do with your machine because not all combination systems offer the same features. To decide which features you prefer and, if any, which you can live without, you might want to compare various dual coffee makers.

Consider your intended frequency of use of the machine as well. Many of these systems cost a good deal more than your average coffee maker, so prepare to pay a bit more for the extra features.

If you want a machine that can give you an old-fashioned cup of joe, a frothy espresso drink, or a refreshing iced tea, the Ninja Hot and Cold Brewed System could be a solid choice. While it’s pricey and has a few shortcomings, it is a versatile option that delivers tasty beverages.

The Ninja Hot and Cold Brewed System is a combination coffee maker that might be the most adaptable choice available. There are more options than just hot or cold coffee, which leads to almost limitless beverage options.

This machine boasts six brew sizes, five brew styles, and a fold-away milk frother. You can brew directly into the mug of your choice, but it comes with a 50-ounce double-walled thermal carafe.

A bonus feature of this machine is that it has two permanent filters, one for coffee and one for tea. The Smart Basket recognition identifies which basket to use to avoid cross-contamination. Few respectable tea drinkers, after all, prefer their tea to taste like coffee.

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Pros & Cons of Ninja Hot and Cold Brewed System


  • Makes a range of coffees and teas
  • Cold brew setting
  • Useful smart features
  • Capable of brewing either single cups or full pots of hot coffee
  • Milk frother included


  • Overkill for casual drinkers
  • Filters can be a tad fiddly
  • Some brew controls are limited

Ninja Hot and Cold Brewed System: Price

2018 saw the release of the $229 MSRP Ninja Hot and Cold Brewed System with Thermal Carafe. You can save about $20 by choosing the same Ninja machine with a glass carafe even though it is currently on sale at Amazon for $180(opens in new tab). A thermal carafe may keep drinks warmer, but a glass carafe has a more fashionable appearance. In the end, choosing a carafe comes down to personal preference.

Although #4 paper filters can also be used, a permanent filter is already included, eliminating the need for high recurring costs. Just be sure to thoroughly wash the reusable filter after each use to prevent unpleasant sediment from entering your beverages. (It’s dishwasher-safe.)

Ninja Hot and Cold Brewed System: Features

The Ninja Hot and Cold Brewed System features six brew sizes: standard cup, XL cup, travel mug, XL multi-serve travel mug, half carafe (five cups), and full carafe (10 cups).

Coffee and tea can be brewed in a variety of ways, with different strength options between “classic” and “rich,” as well as ice and cold brews. You will also be able to make stronger, smaller batches of beer for specialty drinks like lattes.

  • Classic: creates a cup of coffee or tea that is well-balanced.
  • Rich: gives off a flavor that is stronger and more intense.
  • Over Ice: brews the appropriate volume of liquid to prevent watering down.
  • Cold Brew: Uses a lower temperature and less water for a smoother brew.
  • Specialty: For lattes and other complex drinks, a highly concentrated brew.

That’s a strong range of brewing options, making this a particularly versatile coffee maker. Although it should be noted that there are no brew strength options for cold coffee drinks, such features are uncommon on a machine with this price tag, much less one that also meets such a broad range of tea and coffee needs.

You can choose the type of tea you’re brewing for the Ninja Hot and Cold Brewed System to appropriately adjust the steeping temperature. Green, black, oolong, white, and herbal teas all have their own settings.

Delay Brew and a Drip Stop button are convenience features you can use if you want to wake up to a fresh pot of coffee or if you can’t wait until you’ve had your first cup to start brewing more.

This machine lacks the pod coffee functionality that is becoming more and more typical on these more expensive models. However, for $20 more you can upgrade to the Cuisinart Coffee Center(opens in new tab) and trade the specialized and cold brew features for K-Cup compatibility.

Ninja Hot and Cold Brewed System: Design

Ninja Hot And Cold Brewed System Review

11.8 x 10 x 15 inches is how big the Ninja Hot and Cold Brewed System is. Although it will work with the majority of medium-sized to large countertops, it is too bulky for tiny kitchens with little room. To store any brew baskets that are not in use, you’ll also need to think about this.

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There is a 50-oz. bottle to the machine’s right. plastic water reservoir with a flip-top and markings indicating minimum fill lines for various brew sizes. The reservoir is mostly invisible because it’s covered by the control panel unless you’re looking at the coffee maker from the side. Additionally, the reservoir is detachable in case you need to transport it to a water source that is tethered.

Meanwhile, the left side houses a fold-away milk frother plus storage for the included Ninja Scoop, which conveniently features the number of recommended scoops for every brew size printed on it.

There is a pull-down platform where you can set your mug for a single-size brew. Along with the 50-oz. cup that comes with the machine, the base can hold travel mugs and tumblers. stainless steel carafe.

There are two brew baskets: an orange one for coffee and a green one for tea. This not only stops coffee grounds from blending with tea leaves, but it also prompts the appliance to use the correct settings automatically. (Both the tea and coffee settings will become darker as soon as the coffee basket is inserted.)

Ninja Hot and Cold Brewed System: Ease of Use

The Ninja Hot and Cold Brewed System’s control panel may appear intimidating at first glance, but turning two knobs is all that’s required to operate it.

The top knob chooses the brew size, and the bottom knob selects the brew style and initiates the brewing process. (That should not be confused with the dedicated power button on the bottom right-hand side.) The tea types, which can also be chosen using the bottom knob, are highlighted when the Tea button is pressed.

Sizes and brew types all have different brew times. A full carafe of coffee on the Classic setting takes approximately 10 minutes. An XL cup of cold brew coffee, in contrast, takes about the same amount of time to prepare and is a welcome change from waiting at least 12 hours for the grounds to steep.

The Ninja Hot and Cold Brewed System’s removable components can all be washed in the top rack of a dishwasher, with the exception of the stainless steel carafe. There is also a sensor that will illuminate the Clean button when the machine requires a thorough descaling of calcium buildup.

Ninja Hot and Cold Brewed System: Performance

My coffee’s quality was generally quite good, despite occasional flaws. It can make a regular cup or carafe of coffee quite well, but specialized brews are often hit-or-miss because of the latter’s lack of customization.

I was especially pleased with how my medium-roast coffee tasted on the Classic setting; it was smooth and balanced, just as it should have been. My family had mixed opinions of the much bolder cup of coffee that the Rich setting produced for my dark roast, but I liked it.

Although it doesn’t make the smoothest cold brew coffee I’ve ever tasted, I was still happy with how my XL cup of cold brew turned out — especially in 10 minutes. I’m here for your convenience.

I valued the ability to select the ideal temperature for my oolong and green tea bags because I use a basic Keurig to brew tea. I made some delicious and cooling cold brew teas that were perfect for a heat wave.

For early morning wake-ups, the Delay Brew was a godsend. When I woke up, I enjoyed the smell of freshly brewed coffee (with very little effort on my part). Additionally, the Ninja Hot and Cold Brewed System is not too noisy. Prior to starting to brew, it does make a few whirring startup noises, but nothing too jarring.

Again, it’s important to emphasize thorough cleaning of the reusable filters to avoid unpleasant-tasting coffee. As anything too fine will clog the permanent filter and produce an unappealing brew, choose coarse to medium-ground coffee instead. (For me, coarser coffee that I had ground myself made the best coffee.)

Ninja Hot And Cold Brewed System Review

Should You Buy This Coffee Maker?

The Ninja Hot and Cold Brewed System costs $229, which is a lot of money. And due to its high water temperatures, and slight tendency to over extract its beans, I can’t recommend it over the cheaper $190 Bonavita Connoisseur. If you want speed and superior brew, even the pricey $299 Technivorm Moccamaster KBT 741 is a better choice.

In addition, you won’t be satisfied if you purchase the Ninja for its cold brew feature. That said, the Ninja System strikes a unique balance between serving solid drip, and tasty latte-style drinks. If that’s what you’re after then this countertop machine makes a lot of sense.


Families who need both single-serve and multi-cup brewers will benefit greatly from the Ninja Hot and Cold Brewed System. It gives you a lot of freedom to make the style and volume of coffee you desire. If you like to switch up your caffeine intake, the ability to make tea is a welcome bonus, especially because it steeps different teas at their ideal temperatures.

Even though the Ninja has a high asking price up front, you’ll save money in the long run when you start making your own pumpkin spice lattes at home instead of going to Starbucks frequently. You can also save money on paper filters and coffee pods since the Hot and Cold Brewed System doesn’t rely on those.

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