How to Use Ninja Hot And Cold Brewed System to Make Iced Coffee?

How to Use Ninja Hot And Cold Brewed System
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If you enjoy coffee, you are aware of the difficulty in making a great cup at home. Additionally, it’s highly likely that you want to make the best cup of coffee possible now that you have a Ninja Hot and Cold Brewed System at your disposal. There is much to learn, but these machines can certainly treat you to a wide range of unique brews!

However, operating a new coffee maker is rarely simple. There are probably going to be some things you need to Google or buttons whose purposes you can’t even guess. The Ninja Hot And Cold Brewed System isn’t as difficult to use as it might seem, even though the manuals are incredibly dense with information and there are undoubtedly a lot of different modes to learn. And fortunately, we’re available to respond to all of your pressing inquiries.

So, here’s everything you need to know about how to use your Ninja Hot And Cold Brewed System.

How to Use Ninja Hot And Cold Brewed System

Key Features of the Ninja Hot & Cold

  • Brew Sizes: 6 brew sizes from 4.8-50 oz
  • Water Reservoir: 50 oz
  • Coffee Type: Ground coffee only no pods/capsules
  • Milk Frother: Integrated frothing arm (doesn’t heat coffee up)
  • Carafe: Either glass or thermal, depending on model
  • External Material: Plastic
  • Dimensions: 10.0″W x 11.8″D x 15.0″H
  • Weight: 11.7 lbs
  • Watts: 1500W
  • Other Features: Auto-IQ, 10-minute Cold Brew mode

Ninja Hot & Cold Overview

Ninja has 4 series of coffee makers, ranked below from simplest to most feature-rich

  • Ninja Coffee Brewer: For small and large pots, your typical coffee maker
  • Ninja Specialty Coffee Maker: Ninja Coffee Brewer + concentrated Over Ice and Specialty modes
  • Ninja Coffee Bar: Ninja Specialty Coffee Maker + Cafe Forte mode (extra rich cup) and frother (most models)
  • Ninja Hot & Cold: Ninja Coffee Bar + Cold Brew mode, tea basket accessory, and upgraded design

This review is for the Ninja Hot & Cold with the following model numbers depending on whether they have a thermal carafe, glass carafe, or no carafe:

  • Thermal Carafe: CP307, CP307C
  • Glass Carafe: CP301, CP301C

The Ninja Hot & Cold is the upgraded version of the now-discontinued Ninja Coffee Bar, adding the following features to the standout, revolutionary coffee system:

  • Cold Brew mode for smoother coffee steeped at lower temps in just 10 minutes
  • Dedicated tea cartridge (no more mixing of coffee and tea flavors)
  • Larger 50 oz water reservoir (vs 43 oz)
  • Much sleeker updated design

Like the Ninja Coffee Bar, the Ninja Hot & Cold has 5 different brew modes:

  • Classic: Your standard cup of coffee
  • Rich: A richer cup of coffee
  • Iced: Even richer and intended to be brewed over ice, which melts and dilutes it
  • Specialty: More potent still and designed for cappuccinos, etc.
  • Cold Brew: A less bitter cup of coffee brewed at lower temps in just 10 minutes

As far as the thermal vs glass carafe models mentioned:

  • Thermal Carafe System: includes a 50 oz. double-walled, vacuum-sealed, stainless steel thermal carafe that keeps coffee hot for up to two hours.
  • Glass Carafe System: a 50 oz. glass carafe is included. The Glass Carafe System includes a warming plate as well, unlike the Thermal Carafe System.

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How to Use Ninja Hot and Cold Brewed System

Given its numerous features, this Ninja coffee maker is easy to use. Yes, it’s a little trickier to use than a standard automatic coffee maker. However, the touchscreen controls are simple to use and have some really cool, practical features.

The Smart Basket Recognition System is a customer favorite at Home Grounds. Depending on whether you’ve inserted a tea or coffee brew basket, the Ninja Hot and Cold Brewed System can determine which controls should be displayed on the screen. Never stress about accidentally brewing your coffee grounds as green tea.

There is also a programmable brew timer, which is a feature that is present in the majority of coffee makers for a good reason. When you prepare it in the evening, a perfect cup or carafe of hot coffee will be waiting for you when you wake up.

Even though it might seem less convenient, we believe that the Ninja Hot and Cold Brewed System is better off without coffee pods. Pods are not only expensive and contain small amounts of stale coffee, but they are also bad for the environment, especially the non-recyclable K-Cups. Even the inventor of Keurig, John Sylvan, avoids using them at home and instead uses a thermal carafe and a timer, like the Ninja system, to brew coffee.

In addition to having a much wider selection of coffee options, using more freshly ground coffee when brewing will always result in a cup that is more flavorful than one made from a pod. With regard to brewing tea, the filter is compatible with both loose tea leaves and tea bags.

How to Use Ninja Hot And Cold Brewed System

How to Make Great Tea With the Ninja

Granted, not all coffee drinkers like tea, and vice versa. Ninja has realized that there is sufficient overlap for him to think about a way to incorporate them into a single machine.

You can certainly try that with your standard coffee maker, but don’t be surprised if the results are an unappealing mixture.

One of the main issues is that you will almost certainly have coffee flavor in your tea and maybe even tea flavor in your coffee (although that’s usually not as overpowering). Ninja offer a straightforward and efficient solution to this issue.

Instead of using the orange filter basket and filter for coffee, you use the green one to make tea.

Additionally, they are not merely two variations of the same thing. Each filter is created specifically for the beverage being brewed. And because of the way they fit into the machine, it knows whether you are making coffee or tea and adjusts accordingly.

You might not need an entire machine for tea because it isn’t a particularly difficult beverage to brew in the first place. However, it sometimes proves to be incredibly useful.

For starters, since it uses the same materials as the coffee maker, it doesn’t require any additional counter space. (I will admit that having the extra filter is a bit of a storage hassle.)

Additionally, the appliance doesn’t just brew a single cup or a full pitcher of tea. You can select from a wide variety of sizes, from single cups to carafe, just like with the coffee settings.

Thus, using the same machine, you can make a single cup of tea for visitors and a cup of coffee for yourself. You also have the same brewing styles as with coffee.

You can use tea bags or loose leaf tea with the tea filter. And you can select from a variety of tea types, including white, oolong, black, and green teas.

To do this, you’ll first need to press the tea leaf button, then rotate the knob that usually controls the brew method.

I will say that the clean up isn’t quite as easy when using loose leaf teas. The filter holder’s metal mesh holder is simple to remove, but tea frequently clings to its sides. Tea bags are about the easiest thing you can use, so it wasn’t a huge hassle.

Final Words

The Ninja Hot and Cold Brewed System is for you if you frequently need to use multiple appliances to prepare your family’s favorite coffee and tea drinks. This all-in-one brewer makes it simple to prepare a variety of drinks, each tailored to your preferences, thanks to an intuitive touchscreen. It’s more affordable than having a variety of different appliances, and it barely takes up any more space on your countertop than a conventional coffee maker.

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