How Long Before You Can Walk on New Tile Floors?

How Long Before You Can Walk on New Tile Floors?
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You probably have a lot of questions if you’re thinking about new tiles for your house, whether you’re building it new or remodeling it. Today, as we examine tile installation, we specifically want to respond to one of these questions.

Can You Walk On It After Tiling? typically after laying the new tiles on the floor. To give the tiles time to fully set, they shouldn’t be walked on for at least 24 hours.

The installation of new tile flooring is a delicate process, and our technicians will execute it flawlessly thanks to their training and experience. But how long must you wait before using newly laid tile floors?

How Long Does Tiling Take?

How Long Before You Can Walk on New Tile Floors?

An average room will require 3 days to tile. It can take up to a day to prepare the surface for tiling. The area size, location, and your level of experience will all affect how long it takes to tile. After tiling, the grout and adhesive need to be set, which takes about 48 hours.

To achieve the best results when tiling, the surface must be properly prepared. If necessary, seal the joints in addition to repairing the surface cracks. Because the compound filler and sealer need time to dry, this preparation takes almost 24 hours. It can take up to three days to tile any surface, because the grout and adhesive that are used to secure the new tiles must dry for 48 hours.

The different steps that take time are:

Step 1: Prepare the Surface (Up to 1 Day)

How Long Before You Can Walk on New Tile Floors?

Mark any surface holes and cracks after cleaning the area to remove any dust and debris. Fill all the holes and cracks with a compound filler after you have located them all. The compound filler must then be allowed to dry. Additionally, remove any loose paint from the wall with sandpaper to give the adhesive a rough surface on which to adhere the new tiles with strength. Depending on how the surface is, you may also need to prime and screed it. Due to the compound filler and primer’s drying time, the entire procedure could take a full day.

Step 2: Tiling (Several Hours Or More)

It is possible to begin tiling after preparing your surface. Your prior knowledge will determine how long this takes. In comparison to a DIYer, a professional tiler will work more quickly. The size of the new tiles and the location have a big impact on how long it takes. Larger tiles will cover more space than smaller tiles. Taking into account the size, shape, and quantity of pipes and other obstructions in your room is also important. An area that is more difficult and has more obstacles requires more tile cutting, which takes a lot longer. When compared to a square or rectangle-shaped surface, an unusually shaped surface requires much more time.

The orientation of your new tiles is another important consideration. When compared to tiling in a diagonal pattern, straight rows will go together faster.

How Long Before You Can Walk on New Tile Floors?

Step 3: Drying Time (2 Days)

Utilizing thin-set, install the new tiles over the prepared surface. It typically takes 24 hours for this thin-set to dry. And it would be best if you waited until it was completely dry before filling in the spaces between the new tiles with grout. It takes the grout about 24 hours as well. In total, around 48 hours

Total Time: 3 Days Or More

It can take up to three days to tile a floor, wall, or entire room, depending on the size and complexity of the surface.

What Happens If You Walk on a Fresh Tile Too Soon?

  1. Damage to Tile: Freshly installed tile is still soft and vulnerable to dents and scratches because it has not fully cured. Walking on the tile before it has fully dried out can leave stains or other flaws that are challenging, if not impossible, to get rid of.
  2. Damage To Grout: A porous substance called grout is used to seal the spaces between tiles. Before it can withstand the weight and pressure of footsteps, it needs time to fully cure. Walking on partially-cured grout can cause it to crack or turn discolored, which can change how the tile installation looks as a whole.
  3. Possible Cracking or Warping: This is especially true for large tiles or tiles that are installed over an uneven surface. The weight of walking on the new tiles can cause them to move or line up incorrectly, which can result in cracks or warping.
How Long Before You Can Walk on New Tile Floors?

When Can I Walk on a Newly Tiled Floor?

The curing time of tile and grout can be influenced by a number of factors, so the answer is not always obvious. These include:

  • The Type of Tile and Grout: The curing times for various kinds of tile and grout can vary. For instance, epoxy grout may take longer to cure than cement-based grout, while ceramic tiles may take longer to cure than porcelain tiles.
  • The Thickness Of The Tiles: The curing process for thicker tiles could be slower. This is so that the curing time and thickness of the adhesive or mortar used to install the tile can be influenced by the weight of the tile.
  • The Humidity and Temperature Of The Room: In cold or humid environments, tile and grout may take longer to cure. It might take longer for the tile and grout to fully cure in a room that is particularly humid or cold.

In general, it’s a good idea to wait at least 24 hours after installation before walking on the tile and grout. However, it’s best to adhere to the instructions provided by the manufacturer for the particular tile and grout you’re using. In accordance with the particular product, they will offer precise curing times.

If you need to walk on the new tiles right away after installation—possibly in an emergency—place a fresh piece of plywood across the top of the floor. While not entirely safe, this precaution can lessen the harm done to the tiles.

Until you are certain that the new floor is completely dry, refrain from wearing shoes when walking on it. By rubbing your shoe against a tile in another way, you run the risk of ruining the finish.

Tips for Determining When the Tile is Ready to Be Walked On

How Long Before You Can Walk on New Tile Floors?

If you’re not sure when it’s safe to walk on your new tile, here are a few tips to help you determine when it’s ready:

The thinset at the sides dries much more quickly than the cement underneath your new tiles, which isn’t exposed to air. Therefore, never rely solely on checking the sides to determine whether your tile is dry. Read more to learn how to remove thinset from plywood.

To determine how well your mortar is set, use the knock test. Never, however, perform this test before waiting at least 24 hours.

To get started;

  • Put your knuckles on the tile, then tap it.
  • If the knock sounds hollow, the mortar is not dry.
  • A solid knock indicates that the mortar is dry.
  • Even though the mortar may appear dry at the joints and edges, it might actually still be wet underneath the tiles.

Here are other methods to determine when your tiles are ready to be walked on

  1. Test the Grout: Following a tile installation, grout usually fully cures first. Try pressing your finger against the grout to feel how it feels. It is probably fully cured if it feels firm and resists indentation.
  2. Check the Adhesive: You can check the adhesive’s cure time by pressing on the tile with your finger or a coin if you’re using it to install the tile. It is most likely fully cured if the adhesive feels firm and does not give when squeezed.
  3. Wait for the Recommended Curing Time: Always adhere to the curing time recommendations provided by the manufacturer. Be sure to abide by these instructions to guarantee that your tile is properly cured because they will specify times based on the specific product you are using.

Caring for Your New Tile Installation

How Long Before You Can Walk on New Tile Floors?

It’s crucial to take the right care of your tile after it has fully dried to ensure its durability. Here are a few tips for maintaining the appearance and longevity of your new tile installation:

  • Clean Regularly: On the tile’s surface, dirt and debris can gather, which can cause scratching and discoloration. Make sure to regularly clean the tile with mild detergent and warm water to avoid this. When cleaning tiles, stay away from using corrosive cleaners or abrasive tools.
  • Protect the Grout: Grout is prone to stains and discoloration, particularly in areas with a lot of traffic or moisture. Consider using a grout sealer to protect the grout. This will lessen the likelihood of stains and facilitate cleaning.
  • Use Rugs or Mats: In high-traffic areas in particular, rugs and mats can help shield the tile from dents and wear and tear. Put them in front of sinks, doors, and other fixtures where the tile might be more prone to damage.


24 hours is the minimum amount of time you should wait before grouting tilework. The thinset mortar can fully cure and fuse to the tiles and the floor in this amount of time. In cool and/or humid conditions, it is advised to wait longer than 24 hours. Just keep in mind that while grouting your tile a few days after installation is safe, doing so too soon is not. When grout is applied too soon, the mortar’s curing process is slowed, which can cause tiles to come loose from the wall or floor.

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Can You Walk on Tile After 12 Hours?

The grout fills in the regular spaces left by the mortar once it has dried and set. However, that doesn’t happen until the mortar has dried and is firmly holding the tile in place. Therefore, after placing the first tile, you should wait a day for the mortar to set before walking on your unfinished tile floor.

What Happens If I Walk on Tile Too Soon?

Senior Care 2 Share warns against stepping on the floors too quickly because it could cause the grout to shift and the tiles to crack. Waiting at least 24 hours before walking on a freshly installed ceramic tile floor is advised by the majority of product suppliers.

How Long Can You Walk on Tile After Grouting?

To avoid disturbing the grout and moving the tiles, it is crucial to wait until the grout has completely dried and set up before walking on it. Wait as long as you can, and at least 24 hours, before walking on the floor if the manufacturer of your grout does not list a drying time on the side of its packaging.

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