Wall vs. Floor Tile: Can You Use Wall Tile on the Floor

Wall vs. Floor Tile: Can You Use Wall Tile on the Floor
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Can you put floor tiles on a wall? After all, it is a wall tile and not a floor tile. They don’t seem to be the same thing, do they?

Wall tiles shouldn’t be used on floors because they are thinner than floor tiles and could crack from foot traffic.

We’ll cover all the details of using wall tiles for your floor in this post. We’ll also demonstrate how to resolve this crucial tiling puzzle.

What’s the Difference Between Floor and Wall Tiles?

Wall vs. Floor Tile: Can You Use Wall Tile on the Floor

Some people believe that large tiles are for floors and small tiles are for walls. Your preference, though, is everything. Never believe those who claim that you can never use them interchangeably. In actuality, depending on the tile in question, wall tiles may or may not work on your floor.

The thickness and strength of floor tiles must be greater than those of the walls. This is a result of the heavier load they carry. Because some wall tiles are thin, stepping on them may cause the tile to break. Check out these three tile ratings to see if your tiles will fit the fitment on your floor.

What is the COF Rating for Tiles?

Wall vs. Floor Tile: Can You Use Wall Tile on the Floor

Another important aspect to consider when choosing wall tiles is the Coefficient Of Friction or COF rating. The tile’s resistance to sliding is indicated by this rating. There is a slip-and-fall risk all around the house when porcelain tiles are used for the flooring.

Can you put wall tiles on the floor? Only if it has a high enough COF rating.

The grip that the tile offers increases with the COF rating. Indoor flooring should have a COF of at least 0. For outdoor patios and decks, a COF of at least 0.6 is required. This is so that these tiles won’t be damaged by the weather.

Can Wall Tiles Be Used on the Floor?

Wall vs. Floor Tile: Can You Use Wall Tile on the Floor

Low COF, WA, and PEI ratings are common for wall tiles. As a result, they cannot be installed on the floor. Check with the manufacturer to see if the premium tiles you ordered for your living room project meet the requirements for use as flooring, though.

The weight of floor tiles cannot be supported by ceramic or glass tiles. If you employ them, disaster will be on your hands. You’ll spend a fortune having the floor torn up and the work was redone. There are many porcelain tile designs that are suitable for use on floors, in contrast to ceramic wall tiles, which shouldn’t be used on floors.

Typically, ceramic, porcelain or natural stone are used in the design and construction of floor tiles. When choosing the ideal set of tiles, it takes some time and patience to find the right ones. Get some assistance if you are unsure of what you are looking for.

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Wall vs. Floor Tile: Can You Use Wall Tile on the Floor

Where to Buy Quality Wall & Floor Tiles

The best store in Sydney to purchase the newest and best wall and floor tiles is TFO. TFO is Sydney’s largest single tile outlet, selling about 35,000 square meters of tiles each and every week. We save money because there aren’t as many intermediaries involved, and we directly transfer those savings to you. Our knowledgeable yet approachable staff can not only explain the distinctions between wall and floor tiles but can also encourage your creativity so you can design a space you love. You can get expert advice from TFO’s staff members who have experience as interior designers and color consultants. Make sure to get their advice and choose wisely.


Wall vs. Floor Tile: Can You Use Wall Tile on the Floor

There are many choices available when it comes to selecting tile. Shopping will be much easier if you are aware of the various materials’ characteristics. but keep in mind one thing. Wall tiles can be used on the wall, but they should never be used as flooring.


What Happens If You Use Wall Tile on Floor?

Floor tiles are too heavy for ceramic and glass tiles to support. If you use them, you’re going to have a disaster on your hands. You’ll spend a fortune tearing up the floor and starting over.

Is There a Difference Between Floor and Wall Tile?

To withstand foot traffic, appliances, furniture, etc., floor tiles are made thicker and more durable. And to lessen the chance of slips, most have added texture. In general, wall tile is more delicate, smoother, and thinner. Wall tile shouldn’t be used as flooring because it becomes much slicker when wet.

Can Floor Tiles Be Installed on Walls Or Wall Tiles on Floors?

If the weight of the floor tiles combined with grout and adhesive exceeds the maximum weight per square feet, we do not recommend using it for walls. Can floor tiles be used as wall decor? Yes, but take into account its weight. For comparison, the majority of commercial tiles cost between five and seven pounds per square foot.

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