How to Use Zoku Iced Coffee Maker – 2023 Instructions

How to Use Zoku Iced Coffee Maker - 2023 Instructions
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Coffee can be turned from hot to ice cold in as little as five minutes with Zoku’s Iced Coffee Maker. The inner core made of stainless steel can be frozen for at least eight hours before using the Zoku iced coffee maker. Just store the stainless steel mug in your freezer and add it to the insulating sleeve when you’re ready to go. Watch the magic happen as you pour your steaming cup of coffee into the mug. So how do you operate the Zoku Iced Coffee Maker? To enjoy a delicious cup of iced coffee, read the information below.

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How to Use Zoku Iced Coffee Maker

How to Use Zoku Iced Coffee Maker - 2023 Instructions

Cold brew has become the most common style of iced coffee in both cafes and grocery stores. It creates a sweet and rich concentrate with cold water and a lengthy brewing period that can be diluted with water, milk, or any milk substitute.

It doesn’t require any specialized equipment to make — though you can invest in a dedicated pitcher if you make it often. It is ideal to serve at your summer barbecues because it is simple to produce in large quantities. In the fridge, it can be stored for up to two weeks in an airtight container.

  1. Freeze inner cup for 8+ hours
  2. Pour in hot coffee or tea from any brewing method
  3. Place on lid and insert straw
  4. Wait 7-8 minutes and coffee or tea will be chilled

Quick tip: Iced coffee is usually too cold to properly dissolve sugar. Try preparing a simple syrup and adding it to your cold brew to sweeten it by combining equal parts of granulated sugar and hot water.

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To enjoy excellent iced coffee, you don’t need to be a skilled barista or expensive equipment. Most coffee drinkers already have all of the ingredients necessary to make cold brew and iced coffee in their kitchens. Anyone can become an expert at making iced coffee with some basic equipment and some practice.

Why Use Zoku Iced Coffee Maker

In just five minutes, you can transform piping hot coffee or tea into a deliciously refreshing beverage. Don’t let ice dilute your favorite flavor, just store your stainless steel mug in your freezer, add it to the insulating sleeve, pour your beverage and snap the lid on tight. With a sipping straw and spill-resistant construction, this travel mug is perfect for consuming liquids while on the go.

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Is Zoku Iced Coffee Maker Worth It?

How to Use Zoku Iced Coffee Maker - 2023 Instructions

This coffee maker really does the trick if you pour hot coffee in and let it sit a minute or two. I imagine if you let the coffee sit at room temperature in the pot, you’d easily get two uses out of this cup from one freezer “session”. This only holds a small amount, and I prefer a big iced coffee. I just wish it had bigger capacity. My second cup never gets iced cold, just room temperature or, more accurately, refrigerator temperature, unlike some others. Although I’ll probably buy a second one as a backup for those days when I need two cups, this would make a wonderful gift. It is fashionable and incredibly simple to clean.


How to Use Zoku Iced Coffee Maker - 2023 Instructions

To enjoy a delicious cup of iced coffee, use the new Zoku Ice Coffee Maker. Put the innovative stainless steel mug in the freezer to pre-chill it, then fill it with freshly brewed coffee before putting the special insulating sleeve on. No more watering it down with melting ice; you’re ready to go! A nice cup of iced tea, the Zoku, is an alternative to coffee. A sturdy acrylic sipping straw and a tight-fitting lid are included with the spill-proof travel mug.

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