How to Reset Samsung Microwave – Easy Steps to Fix

How to Reset Samsung Microwave - Easy Steps to Fix
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How can I reset Samsung Microwave? Unplug the Samsung microwave or let the circuit breaker cycle for 60 seconds to reset it. Simply unplug your Samsung microwave from the outlet to complete the task.

How to Reset Your Samsung Microwave?

How to Reset Samsung Microwave - Easy Steps to Fix

It is possible to hard reset any microwave, including a Samsung model. In actuality, resetting a Samsung microwave requires performing a hard reset.

When you unplug it from the power source and then plug it back in, you perform a hard reset. This will clear all errors and reset the control board.

A hard reset can be performed by unplugging the appliance from the outlet or by flipping the circuit breaker for the microwave switch to the off position. In the electrical box is where you’ll find the circuit breaker. The garage, your laundry room, a storage room, or a mechanical room are the options for where to put that.

How to Reset Samsung Microwave - Easy Steps to Fix

Wait at least three minutes before plugging your appliance back in after you’ve turned the circuit breaker off or unplugged it. Check to see if your microwave functions after this.

Using the OK Button

Once you’ve pressed OK, you can adjust the hour by using the left and right arrows. Re-press OK, then use the arrows to enter the right number of minutes. His OK to confirm.

Using the Options Button

After pressing the options button, hit the keypad’s 9 key. Embedding the current time into the keypad requires pressing the OK button. To finish, press OK one more time.

Using the Hidden Clock Feature

Only the power level button can be used to reset the clock on certain Samsung models. This is the clock feature that is hidden. Its purpose is to stop the clock from accidentally being reset or being reset by someone else.

After three seconds of holding down the power level button, set the time using the number pad. To program it for the morning or the evening, press the power level button once and twice, respectively.

How to Reset Samsung Microwave - Easy Steps to Fix

Using the Settings Button

When you want to enter nine on the keypad, hold down the settings button. After pressing OK once more, key in the time using the number pad.

A clock button on some Samsung microwaves makes it simple to manually set the clock to the present time following a hard reset. To find out what time it is, simply press the clock button and then use the number pad.

To choose AM or PM, press the clock button one more time. To affirm, key in enter or start.

Also Check the video to reset your Samsung Microwave:

Does the Microwave Filter on a Samsung Need to Be Reset?

The microwave filter must be reset after being removed, cleaned, and put back in the microwave. All you have to do to reset the microwave filter is open your microwave door and then press and hold the “0” button on the access panel for three seconds.

What Do I Do If My Keypad Still Won’t Work After I Reset My Microwave?

Making sure the child lock is activated is the first thing to do. A safety child lock feature on Samsung microwaves occasionally gets activated by accident. Your microwave won’t function at all as a result.

How to Reset Samsung Microwave - Easy Steps to Fix

You will know the lock feature is on because it will show “LOC” or something similar in the display, especially if you try to press any of the keypads.

Holding down the start button for three seconds will disable the child lock feature. The lock feature is also enabled by doing this. When the icon vanishes, you will know the lock is disabled.

You may also need a new control panel if your microwave is experiencing other issues. Over time, the control panel’s membrane deteriorates and becomes more fragile, losing its ability to make contact as it once did.

If some of the buttons function but not others, you will know this is the issue.

Should I Unplug My Microwave During a Storm?

Even though unplugging your microwave before a storm is forecast is not strictly necessary, it wouldn’t hurt. Storms may result in power outages, and when the power is restored, there may be a surge that harms appliances.

Additionally, a lightning strike could harm appliances, but if your microwave is unplugged, it won’t be harmed.


Although you may adore the extra features and user-friendly digital keypad of your new Samsung microwave, the absence of a reset button may leave you perplexed and perplexed when attempting to reset your microwave.

Thankfully, the answer is absurdly easy!

Your microwave will reset itself if you unplug it for two minutes.

Frequently Asked Questions About How to Reset a Samsung Microwave

Why is My Samsung Microwave Not Working?

You should check your microwave for overheating or a problem with the power supply if it won’t turn on or shuts off by itself. Now, if the new Samsung microwave in your kitchen isn’t heating up at all, it might still be in demo mode. If so, the problem can be fixed by turning off demo mode.

How Long Do Samsung Microwaves Last?

Even if your microwave is in good working order, you might want to think about upgrading even though they are made to last for ten years. Newer models benefit from the most recent technological advancements and are increasingly energy-efficient, which improves user experience and lowers utility costs.

How Do You Work With a New Model Samsung Microwave?

The same principles that apply to all other microwaves, including the one you used twenty years ago, apply to Samsung microwaves. They merely provide the most recent features and a digital keypad. Place your food inside your new Samsung microwave, set the timer using the number keypad, and then press start to operate it.

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