Dreametech H12 Pro Review: a More Convenient Floor Cleaner

Dreametech H12 Pro Review: a More Convenient Floor Cleaner
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If you have hard floors, keeping them clean is a double drag, requiring you to haul out a vacuum and a mop. Along with fewer tools being required, the Dreametech H12 Pro will also require less work to complete the task.

A cordless wet/dry stick vacuum that can handle everything from regular dust accumulation to liquid spills sweeps and mops at the same time. In order to be prepared for the following job, it then self-cleans its roller brush.

Quick Look for Dreametech H12 Pro

Dreametech H12 Pro Review: a More Convenient Floor Cleaner


  • Vacuums dry and liquid messes
  • Self cleans and dries
  • Lightweight and easy to maneuver


  • Short runtime
  • Expensive

Our Verdict

This wet/dry vacuum for hard floors can handle household dirt and liquid spills in a single pass, making it a convenient solution for homes with kids and other mess makers.

Who Should Choose Dreametech H12 Pro

If you have hard floors, keeping them clean is a double drag, requiring you to haul out a vacuum and a mop. The task will require less work and fewer tools thanks to the Dreametech H12 Pro.

This cordless wet/dry stick vacuum sweeps and mops at the same time, taking care of everything from regular dust accumulation to liquid spills. In order to be prepared for the following job, it then self-cleans its roller brush.

How to Use Dreametech H12 Pro

When not in use, your standard vacuum and mop should be kept hidden. In order to refuel its battery and clean its own roller brush, the H12 Pro needs to be constantly plugged into an outlet. The designers of this appliance made sure it had a low profile because they anticipated it would be visible.

Despite having two water tanks—one for clean water (900ml, 30.4 ounces) and one for dirty water (700ml, 23.7 ounces)—the H12 Pro has a very slim profile that makes it simple to place in a corner or other confined area. The body’s black matte finish and gray accents blend into the background of almost any room décor.

Dreametech H12 Pro Review: a More Convenient Floor Cleaner

The handle and vacuum body are two separate parts that must be put together. Simply slide the handle into a port on top of the vacuum body until it clicks into place. The charging base is a single unit, but there are two “storage boxes” that you must attach to either side. The spare roller brush will be kept in one, and the replacement filter and cleaning tool will be kept in the other. Both easily fit into position.

It takes three hours to charge the H12 Pro’s 4,000mAh battery pack, after which you’ll get about 35 minutes of cleaning time.

When it’s time to clean your floors, take the clean-water tank out of the vacuum’s back and fill it with tap water. You can choose to add cleaning fluid that comes with the vacuum to the water to improve its quality.

Step softly on the vacuum’s base to adjust the handle’s position, then press the power button after replacing the clean-water tank. By default, the H12 Pro is set to Auto, which automatically modifies the suction strength and water level in accordance with the amount of dirt it detects. A second button on the handle allows you to switch between Ultra mode for thorough cleaning and Suction mode to remove liquid without mopping, such as when your child spills juice on the floor.

Is Dreametech H12 Pro Worth It?

For routine floor maintenance, Auto mode worked well in my tests. Cleaning up household debris, liquid spills, and gooey stains was a breeze with the H12 Pro. It uses a high-speed brushless motor for mopping, allowing it to sweep the floor 520 times per minute. In addition to removing the stubborn dirt, this had the added benefit of leaving the floor only slightly damp. The edges and corners of walls are typically difficult for smart vacuums to clean, even though they frequently perform well in open areas. The H12 Pro, however, easily hugged my baseboards because the roller brush extends the full length of the vacuum’s base.

During cleaning, the H12 Pro’s LED display provides both visual and audio feedback. You can view the current battery level, cleaning mode, water levels in both tanks, and the amount of dirt being cleaned as indicated by a colored ring around the display. When there is little to no dirt present, it glows green; when there is light to moderate dirt present, it glows amber; and when heavy to very heavy dirt is present, it glows red. The H12 Pro will also let you know when something is wrong, like when the roller brush gets stuck or when its tubes are blocked.

Once you’re done cleaning, you remove the dirty-water tank from the front of the vacuum, pour out its contents, and reinstall it. After docking the vacuum on its charging base, press the self-cleaning button on the handle’s top for three seconds. The H12 Pro will rinse its roller while rotating it forward and backward until it’s clean, then hot-air dry it to prevent bacterial growth and bad odors. The clean-water tank must be refilled if it is empty following floor mopping because the vacuum uses water from it for self-cleaning. You must again empty the dirty-water tank after the self-cleaning is finished.

Although self-cleaning will keep the H12 Pro operating in between cleanings, you will occasionally need to perform some manual maintenance. Similar to a regular vacuum, you will occasionally need to use the provided cleaning tool to remove hair knots and other debris from the roller brush. You should also regularly check the suction inlet to make sure it is clear. However, you’ll also need to routinely clean the filter, the dirt sensor, and both water tanks. None of this is arduous, and all you need is clean water and a cloth. Better yet, none of this comes with the ick factor of wringing out a dirty string or sponge mop.

Dreametech H12 Pro Review: a More Convenient Floor Cleaner

The Price of Dreametech H12 Pro

If you have a lot of hard flooring in your home, especially if you have young children, reckless teenagers, or messy pets, the $500 Dreametech H12 Pro is a wise investment. It is impossible to overstate how convenient it is to have a single, lightweight tool to handle these kinds of common household emergencies. The H12 Pro is a good option to think about even if you just want an easier way to maintain spotless floors.

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