Does Purple Shampoo Damage Hair – Side Effects of Purple Shampoo

Does Purple Shampoo Damage Hair - Side Effects of Purple Shampoo
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When blonde hair is prone to brassy tones, purple shampoo initially appeared to be the perfect solution. Its capacity to remove yellow and orange tinges from hair has won over a lot of people. But many people are unaware of this product’s significant disadvantages when used excessively or improperly. Will purple shampoo damage hair?

It depends on the type of purple shampoo you use, but it won’t hurt your scalp. The hair may appear overtoned and dull if these products contain a lot of purple.

We’ll talk about how purple shampoo can harm your hair in this blog post and why you should use it sparingly.

What Does Purple Shampoo Do?

Does Purple Shampoo Damage Hair - Side Effects of Purple Shampoo

Unwanted yellow or brassy tones from the hair can be reduced at home with the use of purple shampoo. Its dark purple hue is the color needed to correct those unwanted tones.

Did you know that your hair will benefit from the yellow tones? Even though the majority of people dislike those tones, it’s a sign that your hair hasn’t been over-processed.

The ability to control those undesirable tones with a DIY product is a wonderful bonus!

Does Purple Shampoo Damage Hair?

The violet pigment in the purple shampoo will not damage your hair; however, if you leave it on your mane for too long, those purple pigments will handle their job a little more effectively and could turn your hair into a purple-violet color.

How Often Should I Use Purple Shampoo?

There are variations among purple shampoos. To be honest, most should be used as a treatment and not alone to wash or remove dirt from the hair. If you have this kind, use your regular shampoo first, then the purple shampoo, and condition as usual to prevent drying out of your hair. Unless you have serious brass, it’s a good idea to only do it once a week.

You should visit your stylist for another blonding service if you use it more frequently than twice per week. You may need another session to lift you past that brassy stage.

How to Do a Purple Shampoo Patch Test?

You must read the directions for the purple shampoo just as you would when dying your hair at home.

So, it is good to perform a patch test to assure the product won’t cause skin reactions.

Look at the shampoo’s packaging to find out how long you should wait after applying it to the forearm.

In the following 48 hours, wash the area. If you have no reactions following this time, you can continue using the product as normal.

How to Use Purple Hair So It Won’t Damage My Hair?

How Often Should I Use Purple Shampoo?

Reduced usage is the most effective way to use purple hair without harming it.

You can try using it once every week or every 15 days, depending on the color of your hair.

Alternately, you can decide to use the purple shampoo only when you notice that your hair color is beginning to fade or when you visit a pool.

Use a neutral shampoo between applications, or even better, go with a color-safe shampoo.

How to Apply Purple Shampoo

Does Purple Shampoo Damage Hair - Side Effects of Purple Shampoo

Applying the purple shampoo is simple. Simply add some water to the shampoo before applying it to wet hair.

Before rinsing the thinger tips from the hair, it is nice to massage the scalp with them.

The purple shampoo has a tendency to dry out hair, so as a final step, use a deep conditioner and a suitable hair masque for hydration.

How Long Should You Leave Purple Shampoo on Your Hair?

Generally, a purple shampoo only needs to be left on the hair 1-3 minutes. Longer than that can leave hair slightly tinged purple. A more clarifying shampoo can be used to remove this and wash it out. Purple shampoo should not be used every time you shampoo your hair and is not intended to replace your regular shampoo. Instead of brightening the hair, doing so frequently makes it appear slightly darker.

What Kind of Purple Shampoo Should I Be Using?

Purple shampoos vary considerably. Depending on the degree of your hair’s color, it will correct the high concentration of pigmentation.

There are purple shampoos that are more or less intense. Check the shampoo bottle to see what intensity is best for your hair color.

When Should You Not Use Purple Shampoo?

The purple shampoo will balance out the yellow in your hair because purple is the color that yellow is most opposed to.

Orange and closely related colors work best with it. Purple shampoos won’t have an impact on greenish hair colors, though.

You’ve probably heard of the blue shampoo, and you may be unaware of the confusion that exists between purple and blue hair.

The primary distinction is that the purple shampoo is best for taming yellow undertones in your hair, whereas the blue shampoo is best for taming orange undertones.

If your hair is getting tones of orange or copper instead of yellow, then it is best to use a blue shampoo.

Are Purple Shampoo and Toner the Same Thing?

When hair is lightened or bleached at a salon the “lifting” of the hair brings out the raw undertones of the hair. Colorists correct this by using a toner because the undertones that are revealed lean more toward yellow, orange, and even red. A toner will give your hair a higher-quality lifted or lightened color. The toner can deteriorate with time and give way to the raw undertones. Purple shampoos are designed to prolong the intervals between professional tonings. It is a toner extender, not necessarily a toner, that works to mask the skin’s natural warmer undertones.

Does Purple Shampoo Damage Hair - Side Effects of Purple Shampoo


If you use purple shampoo no more than two or three times per week, it won’t damage your hair.

By doing so, you’ll prevent the hair fiber from becoming weaker and drier as well as the development of purple tones in your hair.

Always go for a purple shampoo that contains moisturizing ingredients to keep your hair from getting brittle and dry.


Is It OK to Use Purple Shampoo Everyday?

Purple shampoo should only be used once a week or when your hair is starting to look brassy, not every day. In general, you should substitute it for your regular shampoo for color-treated hair one to three times per week as part of your hair care regimen.

Does Purple Shampoo Make Your Hair Darker?

Anyone looking to maintain their vibrant, just left the salon, lightened hair for weeks should use purple shampoo. But purple shampoo on its own isn’t a hair dye or lightener. Because of this, it cannot lighten or darken your hair.

Will Purple Shampoo Lighten Brown Hair?

It’s crucial to remember that the purple shampoo’s pigment isn’t a hair dye or lightener but a gradual toner. Therefore, it is unable to lighten or darken your hair. It won’t make your hair any brighter if it is too dark, for this reason.

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