Does Arctic Fox Damage Hair – Why Is Arctic Fox Bad

Does Arctic Fox Damage Hair
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Do Arctic Fox products harm hair? In my article below, I’ve addressed this query. Additionally, I discussed whether Arctic Fox works well on dark hair and how long it lasts on hair. Check it out.

Arctic Fox is a semi-permanent dye that doesn’t harm your hair in the slightest. The best dye for damaged or weak hair is Arctic Fox.

Let’s examine Arctic Fox in more detail to see if it harms hair or if regular use is safe.

What is Arctic Fox Hair Dye?

Does Arctic Fox Damage Hair

Temporary hair dye with color-depositing qualities like Arctic Fox is one such product. It is also called a “direct deposit” dye as it simply coats your hair strands with pigments instead of penetrating it into your hair strands like other box hair dyes do.

Because of this, Arctic Fox is regarded as being simpler to use and less harmful to hair. It also makes the dye very easy to wash out and will not make it stay on your hair for long.

If you want a transient hair color that you can take off or switch up frequently, this is good. But if you’re looking for gray coverage or something more durable, it’s not that great.

How Does Hair Bleaching Work?

Through the oxidation process, bleach removes the pigment from your hair shaft. Without a bleaching (or oxidizing) agent, it is impossible to lighten your hair.

The two most widely used bleaching agents are hydrogen peroxide and ammonia. They are frequently combined because, when used separately, they are unstable and lighten hair very slowly. Do not be duped by manufacturers who label their products as “peroxide-free” in an attempt to market them as “hair-friendly”; while these mixtures do not contain peroxide, they may still contain another oxidizing agent that can be just as harmful to your strands.

Does Arctic Fox Damage Hair

Simply put, Arctic Fox does not harm your hair in the slightest. This is because it is a color-depositing dye or a direct deposit.

You see, in order to deposit dye pigments deeply within the hair cortex, the majority of hair dyes need your hair cuticles to be open. These hair dyes occasionally include substances (such as hydrogen peroxide) that aid in removing the pre-existing pigment from the cortex of your hair before depositing the new color there.

This can lead to damaged hair as the open cuticles make hair vulnerable to moisture loss, breakage, tangles and frizz.

Nevertheless, Arctic Fox is a type of dye that merely covers your hair strands in the pigment found in its formulation. The pigments stick to the outermost layer of your strands and do not saturate deeper layers.

This means that Arctic Fox won’t damage your hair by opening your hair cuticles. The base color of your hair strands is also irrelevant because the color only covers the top of your hair. Therefore, without bleaching, you can use a color depositing dye like Arctic Fox on black or dark hair and it will show up.

Does Arctic Fox Last More If You Leave in It Longer

Does Arctic Fox Damage Hair

No, not really; according to the instructions on the back of the packaging, 1-2 hours in Arctic Fox should be sufficient. And to be completely honest, this has served me well.

I’ve also tried applying Arctic Fox to my hair overnight while covering it with a plastic bonnet, but the pigment hasn’t really changed much.

Arctic Fox can be made to last longer, though, in some situations.

To begin, you could always wash your hair in hot water and dry it with a towel before applying Arctic Fox. This will allow your hair cuticles to slightly open, allowing the dye’s pigment to penetrate your hair rather than remain on the surface.

In this way, the color will last longer. However, if you do it frequently, you may end up with frizzy or damaged hair.

Utilizing shampoo or conditioner with color-depositing properties is an additional option. With the exception of the additional pigment that gives them dye-like properties, these are identical to regular shampoos and conditioners.

So everytime you use such a shampoo or conditioner, you can make your hair dye last longer.

Is Arctic Fox Good for Dark Hair

Most hair dyes do not show up on dark hair as it requires a “clean”, light-colored base to show all the hues in the hair color properly.

Shades like blonde, ginger, light pink, etc. will get lost and not show up clearly if used on dark hair that is unbleached.

But what about Arctic Fox? Surely, it is a good enough dye for dark hair? The answer is, in fact, both yes and no.

As I’ve mentioned above, Arctic Fox only temporarily coats your hair to give the impression that you have a different hair color rather than sending the pigment to replace the one in your hair cuticles.

In theory, dark hair should be compatible.

Only the vibrant Arctic Fox hair dyes, though, appear to show up on dark hair in my experience.

Only an undertone of any additional hair colors will be visible.

If you use a bold color like Phantom Green, Wrath, or Purple AF from Arctic Fox, for instance, it might show up on black hair but will undoubtedly show up on dark to medium brown hair.

However, if you were to use a color like Frose, Periwinkle, or Iris Green, it might simply appear as pink, blue, or green undertones on black hair, respectively. And it will look more subdued on people with light to medium brown hair.

Basically, there are certain Arctic Fox colors that work on dark hair and some that do not.

Can Arctic Fox Be Used Without Bleaching Hair

Absolutely, and in fact, I believe this is one of the main factors contributing to Arctic Fox’s enduring appeal. You don’t need to bleach your hair to get the color to show up on a light base because the dye coats the tops of your hair strands.

But I will be honest, if you’re choosing a very light shade of color like blonde, platinum, ginger, baby pink, etc. you will need light hair to begin with as the pigment in these dyes are not strong enough to be seen through black/dark brown hair.

neon pink, electric blue, dark red, magenta, etc. (basically those that have stronger pigments) will show up just fine.

So if you have dark hair, my advice is to use one of these hues.

Additionally, you might as well bleach your hair and use a semi-permanent hair dye in place of Arctic Fox if you really want a lighter shade of hair color.

Will Arctic Fox Bleed and Stain My Skin

Yes, if you’re too sweaty, Arctic Fox may occasionally bleed onto your neck and sideburns. After using Arctic Fox on your hair, thoroughly rinse it out with cold water to lock in the color and remove any excess that might run. This will help you avoid this problem.

Depending on the shade of Arctic Fox you’re using, staining your hands and scalp may occur. Ritual (dark purple) and Poison (bright green) seem to leave a lot of skin stains in my experience.

How Long Will Arctic Fox Hair Dye Last on Your Hair

Between two weeks and two months, on average, is the lifespan of Arctic Fox hair dye on your hair. This isn’t really a straightforward answer because a variety of factors, such as the shampoo you use, the water temperature in your shower, the type of hair dye you use, and whether or not you have bleached hair, affect how long hair dyes last on your hair.

If you have dark, unbleached hair and use a typical, sulfate-based drugstore shampoo, the Arctic Fox hair color may wash out completely in just a few washes.

However, if you use a color-safe shampoo or go one step further and buy a color-depositing shampoo and avoid using hot water or washing your hair too frequently, you can extend the life of the color by up to two to three weeks.

Additionally, if you have used a very potent Arctic Fox color on light, bleached hair (or naturally platinum hair), the color may last up to two months.

Does Arctic Fox Damage Hair


Your hair feels wonderful after using Arctic Fox dye, which is also long-lasting and fades to a color that is equally lovely. Your hair won’t be harmed by Arctic Fox, and on average, the color lasts 2–6 weeks on unbleached hair and 4–8 weeks on bleached hair.


Does Arctic Fox Damage Curly Hair?

The pigment in these colors is locked into the hair strand using chemical processing, so the dye may alter your curl pattern and dry out your hair. Because of this, even though it’s frequently gentler than bleaching, there is still a chance of damage that can increase with repeated applications.

Does Arctic Fox Have Harmful Chemicals?

Arctic Fox is a vibrant, vegan, cruelty-free semi-permanent hair dye that conditions your hair while you color it, lasts longer, and is free of harsh chemicals.

Is Arctic Fox Healthy for Hair?

Leaving Arctic Fox hair color on longer won’t harm your hair in any way because it has conditioner added.

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