How to Clean a Microwave with Angry Mama – How Long to Use

How to Clean a Microwave with Angry Mama - How Long to Use
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Looking for a microwave cleaning trick that will never fail? Greasy messes are no match for the Angry Mama microwave cleaner.

For a few minutes in the microwave, you can clean your microwave by using Angry Mama. Additionally, since her arms remain cooler, you can take Angry Mama by those.

With the help of this popular household item, cleaning a microwave is now simpler than ever.

Pros & Cons of Angry Mama

How to Clean a Microwave with Angry Mama - How Long to Use


  • Magically lifts food residue
  • makes cleaning the microwave enjoyable and simple (one wipe and it is completely clean!)
  • Lemon juice and water solution leaves a pleasant aroma
  • Affordable price point


  • Vinegar and water solution leave an unpleasant smell
  • Made from plastic, which gets hot when heating up in the microwave
  • Microwave still needs a wipe down after using the Angry Mama

What is the Angry Mama Microwave Cleaner?

The Angry Mama microwave cleaner is a tiny cleaning item from Amazon that resembles, well, an angry mama. It’s an odd but practical home product. A few tablespoons of water and a dash of vinegar are intended to be stored in the hollow body. When heated in the microwave, the water and vinegar mixture works as a potent cleaner, instantly cleaning the appliance of grime and abrasive food residue.

How to Clean a Microwave with Angry Mama - How Long to Use


The Angry Mama Microwave Cleaner is so unique that it will spark conversation in addition to cleaning your microwave quickly. The design is distinctive and can also serve as a cute, angry little kitchen decoration.

It can fit inside microwaves of all sizes and has a height of 5 inches. The product also comes in various color combinations. The color combination of red and blue is among the best. Product’s dress is blue, but her hair is red, and she has red hair.

Only her plastic arms do not heat up in the microwave, and her silicone head is detachable. And here’s a fun fact: It looks just like a real mom.


The cost of Angry Mama Microwave Cleaner differs depending on where you buy it. Our research indicates that local shops charge more for it than The price is then balanced by including the shipping charge. The cost of shipping would not be an issue if you have Amazon Prime. Check out how to save money when you sign up for Prime if you are not already a member.

Although the price initially appears high, when you factor in the cost per use, spending $10 over the course of the product’s life is worthwhile.

How to Use Angry Mama Microwave Cleaner?

How to Clean a Microwave with Angry Mama - How Long to Use


Simple instructions are provided for using the Angry Mama Microwave Cleaner. The following points explain its usage:

  • Remove Angry Mama’s head
  • To improve the smell, add lemon juice or essential oil when filling the product with a vinegar and water mixture.)
  • Heat it in the microwave for about seven to ten minutes
  • Remove the Angry Mama from the microwave using her arms
  • Clean the microwave using a wet paper towel or sponge

You can see that using the Angry Mama Microwave Cleaner requires little effort. Fill her up with vinegar and water, and the rest will take care of itself.

Water and Lemon Juice

It is very easy to turn on the Angry Mama microwave cleaner. She should first flip back her fiery red hair and leave. On the base, there are two clearly visible fill lines. I filled the container with tap water up to the fill line, then added half a lemon’s worth of juice to the top. I then put her head and hair back on and microwaved it for five minutes.

How to Clean a Microwave with Angry Mama - How Long to Use

I watched as Angry Mama began to bubble, fascinated by the process. Although I couldn’t really see the steam, I did notice the water and lemon juice mixture beginning to bubble as she heated it up in the microwave. After the procedure was finished, I gave her two minutes to calm down. I then used oven mitts to remove the Angry Mama (safety first!). I was astounded at how easy my cleaning procedure was made by the tool as I used my Swedish dishcloth to clean the microwave. My dishcloth literally only needed one swipe to remove the food grime and stains. Success!

Vinegar, Water and Lemon Juice

I waited a few days for my microwave to smell bad once more before attempting the vinegar and water method as advised by the instructions. I put this technique to the test after reading that it reduces the smell when vinegar and water are combined with a little lemon juice. I filled the container halfway with distilled white vinegar, then halfway with water, and finally halfway with lemon juice.

I put her in the microwave for five minutes using the same procedure as before. My kitchen started to smell like sour vinegar after two minutes. Nobody enjoys the smell of vinegar in the first place, but heated vinegar? That is a unique form of wacky. The smell was so bad that After three minutes, I had to pause the microwave. Nevertheless, I was able to clean the microwave with a single swipe of the dishcloth. My microwave was undoubtedly cleaned with this technique, but the kitchen’s vinegar odor didn’t disappear for several hours. You can be sure that going forward, I’ll only apply the water and lemon juice method.

Final Verdict

I’m pleased with the Angry Mama microwave cleaner despite the smell the vinegar and water solution produced. Before she came along, I often found myself using a lot of elbow grease and multipurpose spray to remove food stains and grime. The situation has changed.


How Long Do I Microwave Angry Mama?

The fiery device works in just five to eight minutes in the microwave. Five minutes, in my experience, are more than sufficient to complete the task. Just keep in mind to use oven mitts for added safety and to wait until it has cooled before removing it.

How Much Water and Vinegar Do You Put in Angry Mama?

On the Angry Mama, there are two fill lines: one for water and one for vinegar. Vinegar (or lemon juice) should be added first, being careful not to overfill the device past the fill line on the bottom. Fill the container to the fill line next to the angry mama’s head with water.

Can You Reuse the Angry Mama Microwave Cleaner?

The Angry Mama Microwave Cleaner can be used again and again and lasts for more than a year.

How to Get Rid of the Strong Vinegar Smell That Stays in the Microwave?

To get rid of the vinegar smell, add some lemon juice or essential oils to the liquid mixture. Lemon juice will mask the vinegar smell and leave behind a tolerable citrus scent.

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