Worst Quartz Brands To Avoid In 2023

Worst Quartz Brands To Avoid In 2023
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Nowadays, many homeowners choose quartz countertops for their kitchen and bathroom. Quartz countertops are made and sold by numerous manufacturers as a result, some of which produce very high-quality products.

The worst quartz brands are Vicostone, Radianz Quartz, QuartzStone, Quarella, Pental, Santa Margherita Quartz, and any Chinese quartz brands.

I’ll list some of the worst quartz brands here that you should never touch. Let’s start now.

What Are the Differences Between Quartz Countertop Brands?

Worst Quartz Brands To Avoid In 2023
  • Color palette
  • Styles
  • Slab Quality
  • Manufacturer Warranty
  • Availability

Worst Quartz Brands I Would Avoid

Here is a list of them:

  • Any Chines Quartz Brands
  • Santa Margherita Quartz
  • Vicostone
  • Radianz Quartz
  • QuartzStone
  • Quarella
  • Pental
  • MSI Q Quartz
  • Marble.com
  • LG Hausys

Let’s discuss them in greater detail and attempt to comprehend why you should avoid them, just like I do.

  • Any Chines Quartz Brands

We in the US have a wide selection of Chinese quartz brands. But you shouldn’t approach any Chinese quartz brands. The first justification is that Chinese quartz countertops are constructed with inferior materials when compared to those from other nations. As a result, they are susceptible to cracking and chipping over time.

Chinese quartz countertops are frequently handcrafted. Therefore, consistency is a significant problem with these products.

Since the majority of Chinese quartz countertops are made from hazardous chemicals, you should once again be concerned about the safety of your health and the environment.

As a result, they often fail to qualify for the safety standards of the US government. These quartz products don’t even come with warranties.

As a result, they cannot access any post-purchase services. These products also contain lower-quality pigments.

Therefore, the colors and patterns will soon disappear. Additionally, they are more fragile than their competitors from other nations because they are thinner.

Additionally, they are expensive due to the tax system.

  • Santa Margherita Quartz

Italian-made quartz for countertops is called Santa Margherita Quartz.

This brand is the subject of numerous complaints.

Firstly, they start showing small chips all over the countertops shortly after installation.

Quartz does not contain any solid pigments. So, after chipping, they turn white.

The brand’s after-sales service is also very lacking. In spite of having a warranty, many users claim that they have not shown up for weeks or even months after reporting damages. This product also contains low-quality epoxy.

Most importantly, they are insanely expensive compared to their quality. Therefore, I advise against using Santa Margherita Quartz.

  • Vicostone

When looking for quartz countertops, you should cross off Vicostone as well.

The main reason for that is the difficulty of cutting and installing this quartz.

Vicostone quartz is very difficult to cut while installing.

Therefore, you will need to hire professionals for that; even then, it might seem difficult.

Additionally, their heat resistance falls short of expectations. There’s always a chance of damage because of the heat-retention issues.

Additionally, the cost of Vicostone quartz does not correspond to its level of quality. Considering their quality, they are quite pricey.

Worst Quartz Brands To Avoid In 2023
  • Radianz Quartz

Lotte Chemical, a South Korea-based manufacturer, now manufactures Radianz Quartz. However, this brand’s products’ quality could be improved.

Natural stone and quartz from other brands are softer than Radianz quartz. Consequently, cutting them will be challenging.

They are different from their natural stone-made counterparts because they are entirely made of man-made stones. They do not even look as unique as natural stone quartz countertops.

They are also tricky to install. On top of that, Radianz Quartz is one of the most expensive quartz options available in the market.

  • QuartzStone

There are many drawbacks to quartz stone.

This quartz brand’s products’ inability to withstand heat is one of its biggest issues.

You must constantly use cutting boards on top of these quartz countertops due to its poor heat retention performance.

QuartzStone quartz is also easily harmed by acidic foods and cleaning products. Consequently, you will find it challenging to cook food and clean your countertop.

Additionally, compared to other quartz, marble, and granite, QuartzStone quartz for countertops is typically more expensive. This makes it a less appealing choice.

  • Quarella

Another brand you should avoid when looking for quartz countertops is Quarella. You shouldn’t really think about using this brand of quartz in your house. Possibly in part due to the products’ high cost. The quartz’s poor heat resistance, however, is what is most disappointing.

So, when using hot pots and pans on these countertops, you must exercise extreme caution. Even you might have to use cutting boards on top of it, which is inconvenient, as you can imagine. Because of this, I would never advise you to choose this brand.

  • Pental

Although Pental is a popular quartz brand in the USA, it has a lot of flaws. The biggest one is that they lack scratch resistance.

You read that correctly. Pental quartz is not scratch-proof. You will always have to live in constant fear of getting scratched if you install this product.

I don’t think you’ll ever consider purchasing Pental quartz after learning this. However, this is not where the problem with this brand ends. This brand’s products also have issues with chipping. Soon after installation, they begin to chip.

Additionally, this brand will cost you more than $60 per square foot, which is quite dear.

Worst Quartz Brands To Avoid In 2023
  • MSI Q Quartz

Multiple colors and designs are available for MSI Q Quartz.

But the main problem with this brand is that you have to deal with the hassle of having to seal the countertops every year or two.

MSI Q Quartz is very vulnerable to damage if it isn’t sealed.

The brand’s price is yet another drawback. Here in the United States, it is among the priciest quartz brands.

You will have to put forth effort to seal your countertop repeatedly, so it will not be a good option for you in terms of price and quality. It will get scratched if that happens.

  • Marble.com

While Marble.com’s quartz is fairly good, the company’s services are where the issues lie. It does not offer any installation services.

In order to complete the task, you will therefore need to hire a specialist or contractor, which will increase the cost.

Additionally, this brand doesn’t have a showroom. Only online sales are made. Therefore, there is no chance for a trial.

Before making a choice, you will need to purchase samples from its website. The majority of people don’t seem to find it convenient. Because of this, if you have a list, I advise you to cross this name off of it.

  • LG Hausys

LG Hausys is the last name on our list. It is a recent entry into the quartz market. Therefore, it has a lot to learn right away.

This brand does have a few unique problems, though. This particular brand’s quartz is very prone to stains. If something spills on these countertops, there’s a chance of getting permanent stains.

If something is accidentally spilled on your countertop, LG Hausys requires that you clean it up right away. In light of this, it is not recommended for use in a household.

Even though they are new to the market, they are also expensive. You should avoid this brand for all these reasons.

What’s Not Covered under a Quartz Countertop Manufacturer’s Warranty?

Well, everything but a manufacturing flaw.

A manufacturer warranty will not cover:

  • Scratches
  • Chips
  • Heat burns
  • Fading from sunlight
  • any user-induced damage of any kind.
  • Fabricator error
  • Sink separation
  • Seam breakage.

It is extremely important when purchasing new countertops to speak with your countertop fabricator about what their warranty covers in addition to the manufacturer warranty. A quality fabricator will warranty their workmanship for at least one year. The two most typical problems that will arise within a few months of receiving your new countertops are sink separation and seam breakage, so you should look for these in a fabrication warranty.

Worst Quartz Brands To Avoid In 2023


The majority of the brands on this list, as you can see, share a few common issues. They are prohibitively expensive in relation to their cost, incapable of withstanding heat or scratches and challenging to install.

You would want these quartz brands to avoid. Therefore, this article will be helpful in helping you choose quartz brands because you now know which ones to avoid. I have no doubts about that.

All the best with your countertops.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What Brand of Quartz is Best?

Granite and marble can be replaced as countertop materials with quartz. This high-quality, long-lasting engineered natural stone is produced and sold by numerous brands. Some top names are Caesarstone, Cambria Quartz, Silestone, Polarstone, Cambria Quartz, Compac, etc.

Is There Poor-quality Quartz?

Yes, a lot of subpar quartz brands sell subpar goods. The majority of Chinese quartz brands produce and market inferior quartz using subpar components.

Apart from the Chinese brands, many other brands are also not satisfactory. The heat retention of these quartz countertops is reduced, and they stain and scratch fairly easily.

Does Brand Matter With Quartz?

Brand name hugely matters, even for quartz. That’s because the quartz quality of all the brands is quite different. It depends on the kind of materials used, the pigments used, the thickness, the style, the colors, and a variety of other things. For this reason, you ought to choose a reputable brand.

What is the Best Grade of Quartz?

There are various quartz grades. The “premium grade” is the best of them all.’ This grade of quartz has a very smooth finish, a marble-like appearance, and vibrant color with heavy pigmentation. They are also heat- and scratch-resistant, and have few veins.

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