What is a Brushless Lawn Mower – Is It Worth It

What is a Brushless Lawn Mower
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You don’t want to make a lot of noise and disturb people who are still sleeping or enjoying their morning if you like to cut your lawn grass in a quiet neighborhood early in the morning. Perhaps your neighbors have already voiced their displeasure with the noise your mower makes. You ought to think about getting a brushless electric lawnmower in these circumstances. A brushless mower is not only more quiet than other types of lawnmowers, but also requires less upkeep. We’ll explain brushless mowers in detail, go over their advantages and disadvantages, and give you some information on the top brushless mower currently available.

A brushless lawn mower has a motor that can automatically adjust to the amount of power required for the task. Permanent magnets are utilized as the rotor in brushless motors.

Let’s dig into the article and learn “what is a brushless lawnmower”. This article will guide you through the key differences between a brushed and brushless lawn mower and eventually help you choose the better option.

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What Does “brushless” Mean in a Lawn Mower?

What is a Brushless Lawn Mower

The term “brushless” refers to the internal workings of the lawn mower’s motor. You might come across other classes of power tools, like drills or saws, that are offered in brushless models. Regardless of the specific tool they are used in, brushless motors typically have the same advantages and disadvantages.

The same fundamental principles govern how all types of motors operate. Regular permanent magnets and electromagnets are present. One set of magnets can move the other when an electric current is applied, which makes the electromagnets active. A stationary group of magnets around the motor’s outer edge interact with a rotating magnet on the shaft to produce a circular motion by pulling the magnet in that direction and then pushing it away as it travels around the circle.

In a conventional brushed motor, the electromagnet is housed within the rotating shaft. The connection to the battery is made by brushes made of thin copper wire that move around with the shaft, repeatedly making contact with two stationary electrical contacts on the motor housing. In a brushless motor, the roles are reversed: the permanent magnet spins with the motor shaft while the electromagnets are stationary along the motor’s exterior. The main advantage of this setup is the lack of any electrical connection to the motor’s moving parts.

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Pros of Using a Brushless Lawnmower

Quieter Mowing

Brushless lawnmowers can make the mowing more peaceful since they produce much less noise than brushed mowers. A brushless mower is therefore more suitable for use at any time of day. Of course, the motor is not the only noise a lawnmower makes. Additionally, some noise is made by the rotating blade and other components. You ought to take a look at those components as well to make the mower as silent as possible.

Less Overheating

In comparison to lawnmowers with brushed engines, they don’t overheat as quickly. Since they are outside of the motor, the coils can cool more quickly.

Adjust According to Requirements

The electronic motor management system on brushless mowers is much more advanced. The motor settings of the lawnmower can be altered depending on the type and brand. When it’s moving through small grass, it can slow down, and when it gets to thicker grass, it can increase its speed. It indicates that energy can be saved in this manner for a cordless lawn mower. This is more challenging and less effective to accomplish with an electric mower that has a brushed motor.

More Powerful

Brushless mowers are powerful; they can do heavier tasks quicker, with no indications of slacking. Because the coil can be made larger and is on the outside, it is also simpler to produce engines with greater power.

Require Less Maintenance

Lawn mowers without brushes require less maintenance. As with a lawnmower with brushes, there is no regular need to clean and replace the brushes.

Better Battery Optimization

You can use brushless mowers to mow larger yards if you have the right batteries. Energy is used more effectively because there is no energy loss in the transition between the rotor and the stator. The mower operates more effectively and under harsher conditions without rubbing.

Cons of a Brushless Lawnmower


A brushless mower costs more than a brushed one. A brushless mower uses a more complex smart electronic controller, which is like a small computer. This will slightly raise the price.


When the engine is working at low speeds, slight vibrations can be produced. They should disappear at faster speeds; this is normal.


Sometimes the power frequency can match or approach the natural vibration frequency of other parts, producing some resonance.

More Complex

A brushless motor will require a more complex machine when powering tools. More complexity means that more parts can malfunction. But it must be acknowledged that modern brushless motors are extremely dependable.

Life-Span of a Brushless Motor

What is a Brushless Lawn Mower

We have seen that brushless motors are superior to brushed motors from various perspectives. How about life expectancy, one might wonder? Does the increased productivity of brushless engines come at the expense of their service life?

No is the right response. Engines without brushes typically have longer lifespans. A lifespan of 1,000 to 3,000 hours can be expected from brushed motors, whereas a much higher number of hours can be expected from brushless motors under the same conditions. It is common for brushless motors to provide a service life of tens of thousands of hours.

The reasons behind the longer service life of a brushless mower are less friction and wear in the motor and less overheating situations.

Brushed Vs Brushless Lawn Mowers

Eliminating that electrical connection to the spinning motor shaft has a few benefits. Friction, heat, noise, and sparks are produced by hard metal brushes rotating inside of a metal motor housing. Any moving part that is rotating thousands of times per minute or more will experience a reduction in efficiency due to friction because the latter is constantly trying to slow the motor shaft down. Over time and with repeated use, the heat generated by that friction may harm the tool’s motor or other components. The additional noise caused by the brushes’ constant rubbing against the metal housing can make a tool uncomfortable to use, especially for extended periods of time. The sparks generated by constant metal-on-metal scraping, while generally not dangerous if a motor has been designed and built properly, contribute to long-term wear on the interior of the motor.

A brushless design eliminates all of these problems. But it also creates new complications. Brushed motors have a very basic electrical design and use their own circular motion to regulate the flow of electricity through the rotating magnet. In a brushless motor, it is the stationary magnets around the edge which need to be controlled, and this has to be done through complex electronic circuits. As a result, the cost to manufacture and maintain brushless motors is higher.

Do Brushless Mowers Justify Their Cost?

Next, it’s crucial to consider whether the brushless mower’s higher price is justified.

Yes, this mower is worth the extra money, to answer your question. Let’s see why.

In comparison to brushed motors, brushless mowers have many benefits. The most important ones are better efficiency and the need for less maintenance. There is space to increase the size of the copper windings because they are located outside of the motor. This gives the motor more power, which a brushed motor is unable to achieve. In addition to this, they have highly reduced friction and no voltage drops.

A brushless motor’s advantages make up for its higher price.

What Should I Look for When Buying a Brushless Lawn Mower

Look for products that have received good feedback from both expert reviewers and regular customers when making any kind of significant investment in a new tool. Choose a product from a reputable manufacturer, ideally one that’s been producing brushless mowers for a while and shows some confidence in the technology – a company with a line of ten brushed mowers and just one brushless unit is more likely to be experimenting with something new.

Consider your needs carefully, and choose a mower that’s a good size for both your lawn and your available storage. Consider one of Toro’s offerings if you have a large lawn but limited space for storage because they are made to fold up for simple storage. Consider rated battery life as well – the difference between a 35 minute runtime and a 45 minute runtime might not sound like much, but depending on your lawn, it might make the difference between being able to complete the job on a single charge or needing to stop in the middle for a couple of hours to recharge your battery. (Read More: Lawn Mower Won’t Stay Running – Causes & How to Fix)

Cost is obviously a factor, and you’ll need to consider the cost of batteries as well. Lithium-ion batteries, which are almost universally used with brushless motors and have similar benefits to brushless motors in that they are safer, more durable, and efficient than traditional lead-acid batteries but cost more, are also widely used. The ability to use your existing batteries in a new mower could potentially save you over $100 if you already have tools from the same manufacturer with compatible batteries.

Final Remarks

Brushless mowers are superior in numerous ways, which is obvious. In addition to being more comfortable to use, they are also more effective, quieter, and require less upkeep. The benefit of portable electric lawnmowers is that they are stronger, have a longer lifespan, and require less maintenance. They also last longer on a charge. If you search for a less noisy way to cut your grass, a brushless mower will be your best solution.

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