Should You Shave Your Facial Hair? Dermatologist Answers

Should You Shave Your Facial Hair? Dermatologist Answers
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Grooming involves taking care of your body hair. One may choose to reduce unwanted hair by shaving, waxing, or using a laser. However, because of some widely-held myths, most women are quite skeptical of using razors when it comes to facial hair. One of these lies is that shaving your face causes the hair to regrow thicker. Dermatologist Dr. Gurveen Waraich used Instagram to dispel this and other widespread misconceptions about shaving facial hair.

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Should You Shave Your Facial Hair? Dermatologist Answers

Calling it a “controversial topic”, the expert pointed out that “after laser, this is one of the most efficient and convenient methods of removing facial hair.” She clarified that the reason hair regrows more quickly after shaving than after waxing or threading is not because the hair grows more quickly, but rather because shaving removes the hair from the surface without uprooting it.

She added, “Shaving doesn’t affect the thickness of hair, it just cuts hair at a sharp angle so it just feels thicker.” The expert then listed some pros and cons of face shaving:

Should You Shave Your Facial Hair? Dermatologist Answers


  • It can be simple and practical to shave facial hair.
  • This method of removing hair is not as expensive as waxing or threading as all one has to do is buy a razor.
  • This method also helps in removing dead skin cells
  • It takes care of even the finest hair


  • It has to be done very frequently as the hair are not uprooted so they come back faster.
  • It could be irritating on very dry and sensitive skin
  • One needs to be careful while shaving facial hair as there are chances of infection with minor cuts, if not done properly
Should You Shave Your Facial Hair? Dermatologist Answers

However, one should exercise caution when selecting razors. One is certain to become confused when faced with so many options. So to make things easy for you, Rajesh U Pandya, managing director, KAI India, told, in a previous interview, “Depending on the area of your body that requires shaving, your choice of razor will differ, too.”

“They come with an L-shaped head and a long handle, enabling you to manoeuvre them while shaving your face, including your eyebrows and upper lips,” he said.

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