Should You Cut or Color Your Hair First – What’s the Difference

Should You Cut or Color Your Hair First - What's the Difference
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You might have questions about specific methods used at the salon.

You might also wonder why this hairdresser does something a certain way while the one you saw last month did the same thing completely differently, particularly if you visit different hairdressers.

Applying hair color prior to getting a haircut makes it much simpler to section your hair while coloring, prevents color from blending into adjacent sections, and results in a fantastic final cut and color.

Let’s discuss the reasons hairstylists might wash or color your hair before cutting it, as well as the reasons they might do the opposite and first cut your hair. And don’t be afraid to ask your hairstylist why if you have genuine curiosity. Good conversation results from it!

Is It Easier to Color First?

Should You Cut or Color Your Hair First - What's the Difference

Certain hairstyles may require different cutting and coloring techniques. For example, it’s likely that if your hairdresser is cutting your hair shorter, you will find that the hairdresser will color and then cut your hair.

This is because longer hair can be dyed more easily in sections.

There is a method to everything, so if you experiment with a new look at the salon, you’ll probably have a different experience. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, especially if you’re so curious that you’re considering going into the hairdressing industry.

What If You Had a Haircut before Coloring?

If you had a haircut before coloring, it’s likely that you are keeping your hair long enough to section with ease for the coloring process. Or perhaps you are choosing to go with a very short haircut, with the exception of a simple color request.

Even though you may not be familiar with the techniques your hairdresser employs, it’s always crucial to make sure you trust the procedure. Additionally, the person styling your hair has received the appropriate training, particularly if you’re having a salon experience.

What If You Washed Your Hair before Coloring?

Although it is common knowledge that hair dyes work best on freshly washed hair, this may not always be the case. It happens that we occasionally get caught up in life and forget to wash our hair thoroughly before coloring appointments.

In this instance, before coloring your hair, your hairstylist is likely to wash it. This is perfectly acceptable. The color will probably not turn out the way you want it to if your hair is dirty when it is applied.

This is so that we can’t achieve the color we want because our hair can collect oils, dirt, and other buildups.

Should You Cut or Color Your Hair First - What's the Difference

Do You Get a Haircut First With Some Hairstyles?

It’s possible to get a haircut before coloring, depending on your hairstyle. This is due to the likelihood that it will be simpler to divide the hair into sections for coloring if you select a hairstyle with an appropriate length.

If you are very particular about how your hair is done, it’s important to consult with your hairdresser. Any lingering queries, remarks, or worries you might have regarding your upcoming or previous appointments will be addressed by your hairdresser.

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Is It Better to Cut Hair Wet Or Dry?

Tripodi actually suggests trimming hair while it’s just a little bit damp for the majority of textures. When fine hair is wet, it doesn’t appear as thick; in fact, it might only appear to have one-fourth as much hair as when it is dry. You may end up shaving off more hair than you intended to if it’s wet.

Before having my hair colored professionally, should I wash it?

12 to 24 hours prior to coloring, wash your hair. This will guarantee that your hair is clean while allowing your scalp’s natural oil to form a barrier that will protect it from irritation and stains. Do not vigorously scratch the scalp while washing your hair. broken skin or scratches will definitely burn or tingle with color or bleach.

Should You Cut or Color Your Hair First - What's the Difference

Final Thoughts on Cut and Color, Which Comes First?

Some hairstyles may be simpler to color before cutting, primarily depending on the length of the hair. If your hair still has enough length to be divided into sections for coloring, it’s also normal to get a haircut before coloring.

Do not panic if your hair is washed before coloring. This merely indicates that the hair was not sufficiently clean to receive the coloring process in advance.

In the end, the method that will work best for you simply depends on the hairstyle and color that you desire.


Why Do Hair Stylists Dye Hair First Then Cut?

Applying the color before cutting makes it much simpler to section while coloring and prevents color from blending into the section just below it. You will know exactly what to do when you order your next box of our custom hair color or make an appointment at the salon.

Do Salons Always Wash Hair before Cutting?

Since most prefer to cut hair wet rather than dry, many stylists will decide to wash your hair before cutting. This is especially true if you want to trim an inch or more off the ends or if you have curls or coils that might benefit from stretching before cutting.

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