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I’ve brought you today’s PPG Diamond paint review to talk about how well it works inside.

Since PPG diamond paint is made entirely of acrylic, it guarantees sturdiness and superior coverage on a variety of surfaces. Its features of being scrubbable, cleanable, and daub-resistant have earned it 4.5 out of 5 stars from Home Depot customers.

In order for you to make an informed choice, the review mentions both the highlighted features and any shortcomings. Without further ado, let’s look at what makes PPG Diamond paint unique.

Painting is a simple and efficient way to update your home’s interior. You should be aware of the quality of PPG paints if you have some prior experience in this field.

Today, I have brought you the PPG Diamond paint reviewto discuss its performance for interior use.

In order to help you make an informed choice, the review mentions both the highlighted features and the areas that are lacking. Let’s see what makes PPG Diamond paint unique without further ado.

Features of PPG Paint

PPG diamond paint stands out from the rest of its rivals thanks to a few distinctive characteristics. For you to have a better understanding of the paint, I have gone into great detail about each of them.

  • Paint And Primer In One Package

Primer is included with PPG diamond paint when purchased. Do you understand the function of primer?

The surface is prepared for painting by the primer. The painter achieves maximum adhesion and a smooth surface by using primer, which results in better paint retention.

You don’t require a separate primer application because the PPG diamond acts as if the primer were already a part of the paint. That not only saves money and time, but it also shields DIYers from the challenging issue of paint and primer compatibility.

With PPG diamond painting, you can get started painting right away.

  • Excellent Washability And Scrub Ability

Well-known for being washable, PPG diamond paint. What advantages do washable paint thus offer? I believe it is fairly simple to guess the response.

On a painted surface, scuffs and dirt gradually start to show up.

Every few years, we need to repaint our walls because they get dirty easily. The PPG diamond washable paint, however, allows you to simply wash and scrub the marks off the surface.

In essence, you will be able to continue using a single paint job for several years. You also avoid spending the extra money on repainting because washability and scrubbability.

  • Stain-resistant

Two explanations exist for the term “stain resistant.”

One, stain-resistant paint means that it resists all types of tarnishing.

The second theory is that dirt doesn’t absorb stains and dirt.

These two justifications hold true for PPF Diamond paint.

PPG diamond will protect your interior from any stain marks, whether they come from children’s wall drawings or atmospheric dust.

Even though PPG Diamond paint is already washable, most stains won’t be able to linger on it, so you won’t even need to start washing.

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8. PPG Diamond Paint Review2
  • Mold And Mildew Resistant

Mold and mildew contamination is a common issue that many people deal with, depending on the location of the house and the weather in your area. And who wants to deal with the unpleasant odor caused by the mold and mildew on their walls?

The PPG Diamond paint contains anti-microbial components that prevent the growth of mold and mildew. Painting this over a surface that has already been moldy, however, might not be very beneficial because the mold will still be visible underneath the paint.

Mold and mildew will also affect the paint if you don’t remove the molded part before applying it.

  • Varieties of Colors

PPG Diamond should match the interior color and style of your home as an interior paint. The flow of your interior design may be disrupted if the colors don’t match.

Therefore, PPG Diamonds is available in over a thousand colors to ensure that you get the color of your choice.

Everybody will find something they like, regardless of the interior color scheme. Additionally, you can combine two colors to produce fresh and distinctive tints.

These colors each have their own unique code. Simply provide the website or retailer with the desired number to get your preferred color.

  • Affordable And Efficient

Do you want to revamp the interior of your home at a reasonable price?

Then you might want to consider the PPG Diamond. The cost of interior paints is high. The price to performance ratio of PPG Diamond is quite unbeatable, particularly when it comes to a paint + primer package in one package.

Up to 300–400 square feet can be covered with just a gallon of PPG Diamond. ft wall. Searching for other paints besides PPG Diamond is a no-brainer given its great value and gorgeous interior.

  • Low Odor And Zero VOC

In contrast to conventional interior paint, PPG Diamond is completely free of hazardous VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) chemicals and has a relatively mild odor. PPG Diamond is an environmentally friendly paint because it is not oil-based and has a low odor.

Water thus readily degrades the paint. The VOC factor is the next. The chemicals pose a serious threat to the environment.

The VVOC paints’ gas can have an impact even on the painter. The good news is that PPG Diamond is completely free of VOCs. You benefit from improved performance, a longer repainting cycle, and quicker application as a result.

  • Quick-drying

The PPG Diamond can be a great hole if you want to paint your project more quickly. This paint dries significantly more quickly than its rivals for a number of reasons. First off, OPPG Diamond is acrylic paint. Therefore, by nature, it dries faster.

Additionally, it is a water-based paint. As a result, PPG Diamond dries incredibly quickly in contrast to its oil-based competitors. The touch-up requires four hours to dry, according to the PPG Paint website, and the recoating process takes an hour.

Why is PPG Diamond Paint Good?

For low-loaded areas like neat living rooms and dining rooms, PPG diamond paint is ideal. Also a great option for older rooms is this water-based acrylic paint and primer combination.

PPG Diamond Interior Paint

For applications inside, this paint comes highly recommended. With a smoothness to brushing, it gives your wall a flawless finishing. It provides a clear, bright covering that makes it simple to cover up prior stains and blemishes. It is also very easy to use. The paint is a fantastic illustration of value for money.

Effective and Efficient

The paint requires one hour to dry (to the touch) and four hours to recoat at 77°F and 50% relative humidity. 300–400 square feet are covered by it. ft. per on flat, firm surfaces, US Gallon.

Dealable with Rough Use

PPG diamond paint is resilient and able to withstand everyday use as well as shocks. The paint is simple to rub and wash. Without any hassle, you can apply the paint yourself. You will have a polished finish thanks to the paint.

Premium Performance

The high-quality item also has enticing aromas. The customer will receive an amazing-looking room at a great price thanks to this paint’s performance. The paint’s composition is excellent quality as well.

PPG Diamond Paint Colors

More than 1100 colors are available for PPG diamond paint. To create the desired color, you can also combine different colors. The likelihood of not finding the ideal shade for your space is, however, extremely low.

Each color has a unique code. To buy the precise shade, you can use codes. Some of the top colors are green (3433), blue (2750), Yellow or Gold (2303) Purple or Lavender (2220), Beige or Cream (1706), Red or Pink (1676), Orange or Peach (1566), Gray(1284) and so on.

What Could’ve Been Better With PPG Diamond Paint?

PPG Diamond isn’t perfect either, just like any other paint. There are some minor issues here, but they shouldn’t make or break the project. But moving forward, you should be aware of these to make a wise choice.

  • Leaves Sheen On Flat Finishes

This paint’s tendency to leave a sheen on flat surfaces is another drawback. This might not bother many people, but if you don’t like sheen, you should really look for alternatives.

Since customers could have purchased paint with a specific sheen if they so desired, there were few complaints about this sheen issue.

  • Needs Multiple Coating

Nearly all paints on the market make the one-coat coverage claim, and the PPG Diamond is no different. The paint itself does not, however, support that assertion.

To completely paint the walls, you must use several coats of paint. Otherwise, you won’t be able to achieve the stain resistance or washability that PPG Diamond paint offers.

Final Thought

We’re done for today. I sincerely hope that my evaluation of PPG Diamond paint was useful in helping you fully comprehend its capabilities and features. As you can see, this paint meets all the criteria for an excellent paint with a few minor flows.

There isn’t much competition left in the market for interior paint if you can get past those. If you want to paint your house but don’t have the money, look no further. To your rescue is PPG Diamond.


Does a Recoat Make the Paint Darker?

The color changing during recoating is not a concern. The color and quality of the finished product will not be affected by casting layers of the same color. However, a color tends to appear darker with gloss and semi-gloss finishes.

Is Ppg Diamond Paint Water Based

Yes, the paint is water-based. The upgraded DIAMOND Interior 100% Acrylic Paint + Primer offers exceptional durability, hide, and outstanding stain resistance that safeguards and enhances any room in your house.

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