How to Microwave Yak Chew Treats for Dogs – How to Soften It

How to Microwave Yak Chew Treats for Dogs - How to Soften It
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After your dog has finished their Yak Chew Treats, simply microwave the small end piece that is left (which is typically 3–4 cm in length) for 30–60 seconds.

Himalayan yak chews come in the form of large, extremely hard cheese pieces when purchased in bulk or individually. However, it is simple to transform it into a softer treat for smaller dogs, those who are less inclined to gnaw, and those who have dental problems.

What Are Yak Cheese Puffs Made Of?

How to Microwave Yak Chew Treats for Dogs - How to Soften It

The same basic, organic components that go into making yak cheese hard chews—yak milk, salt, and lime juice—also go into making yak cheese puffs. That’s it!

How to Make Yak Cheese Puffs

You can quickly and easily make yak milk dog puffs out of hard cheese chews. Here’s how to make your dog a tasty puff treat out of the chew’s leftover pieces.

1. Soak Yak Chew before Microwaving

First, soak the hard cheese bits in a bowl of water for the best results. Let it sit for five to ten minutes with lukewarm water. The pre-soaking procedure aids in softening the extremely tough chew.

2. Use Microwave-Safe Dish

How to Microwave Yak Chew Treats for Dogs - How to Soften It

Then, put the soaked yak cheese pieces onto a dish that can be heated in a microwave.

3. Microwave the Yak Chew

After that, zap them for 30 to 60 seconds in the microwave. Larger pieces typically require 45 to 60 seconds to cook; the cook time depends on the size of the piece. You might notice that your dog is suddenly interested in what you’re cooking while that’s in the microwave. He or she will be alerted that something delicious is approaching by the canine’s keen sense of smell. And at this point, the majority of dogs begin to anticipate by wagging their tails.

4. Let the Yak Cheese Puff Cool

Take the now-inflated snack out of the microwave after the timer has sounded and give it some time to sit. Before you can safely give it to your dog, it must cool off.

5. Serve the Yak Puff Treat

The crunchy yak cheese puff is now ready for your best friend to enjoy. While still cool enough to hold in your hand, the puff should be warm to the touch. The ideal location for crunchy, yak-cheesy puff goodness is at this point.

Why Should Dog Owners Give Yak Cheese Puffs a Try?

There really isn’t a drawback to yak cheese puffs. Both pets and their owners benefit from this. Yak cheese is a high-end option if you’re looking for a treat that is engaging for dogs and is also secure and all-natural.

How to Microwave Yak Chew Treats for Dogs - How to Soften It

No Waste

Yak cheese for dogs has the advantage of being completely consumed. Once Fido has finished chewing on the stick, any extra pieces can be used to create a brand-new treat. Nothing needs to be wasted, not even scraps or ends. The yak milk pieces are transformed into yak cheese puffs by microwaving them. It’s like a big piece of cheesy puppy popcorn, and dogs adore this warm, delicious treat.

Less Smelly

Yak cheese treats have been replacing bully sticks among dog owners who don’t like the smell of them. Even though bully sticks and other smelly treats are a great option for small dogs and senior dogs, some owners are put off by the scent. Your dogs may adore them.

Because they are so soft, yak cheese puffs are ideal for all dogs. Yak cheese puffs are also really tasty for dogs and don’t have the overpowering smell that some dog lovers find objectionable. Even after being puffed in the microwave, yak cheese dog treats still have a mild smokey cheese scent.

Safer for Consumption

Some people worry that chews could become choking hazards for dogs, especially if they aren’t being watched while they consume treats. The endpieces can be made safer while also allowing your dog to consume the entire treat without wasting any of it by being inflated. This is due to the fact that yak cheese puffs won’t be able to be swallowed whole by your dog.

Healthy & Digestible

Your dog can have yak chew treats and yak cheese puffs as a nutritious treat. Yak cheese has no fillers and is made entirely of natural ingredients, unlike bleached rawhide chews or treats that are loaded with artificial ingredients. This limited-ingredient chew may be a healthy choice for dogs who have food sensitivities to fish, grains, gluten, vegetables, or fruits.

Yak cheese also imparts the advantages of Himalayan yaks’ free-range diet. Compared to cow’s milk, it has higher concentrations of protein, calcium, iron, magnesium, and healthy fat. Being simple to digest, it is high in omega-3 fatty acids.


How Long Do You Microwave Yak Chew?

Depending on your microwave, yak chews for between 30 and 60 seconds.

Do Vets Recommend Yak Chews?

Yes, veterinarians frequently advise it.

Are Himmaleh Dog Chews Too Hard?

For dogs, there is a chew called the Himalayan Dog Chew. Dogs spend hours chewing on the end of the treat, softening it so that small pieces can be scraped off.

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