How to Choose Soil Level on a Washer – Light, Normal, or Heavy

What Does Soil Level Mean on a Washer
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Many washing machines feature a soil level setting that indicates the amount of dirt or soil on clothes. A washing machine’s soil level allows you to modify the washing cycle based on how dirty your clothes are.

Depending on the washer, choosing a soil level can help you choose settings like the amount of detergent to use per load and the wash cycle time.

Soil levels on washing machines like these top-load and front-load models by Maytag brand will help give you greater control on laundry day by identifying recommended settings for each load.

What is the soil level then? To get the most out of each wash cycle, understand the purpose of your washer’s soil level options and how to use them correctly.

What Does Soil Level Mean?

What Does Soil Level Mean on a Washer

Your clothing is how dirty? How long has your kid been rolling in the mud outside? Are you constantly noticing dust around your home? These issues are resolved with a soil level washer function. Soil levels allow you to tell your washing machine how much work will be required to produce clean, fresh-smelling clothes for you. Your washing machine reads the buttons you select and modifies the cycle as necessary. If you want to wash your clothes quickly, save some time, and still get the most out of your soil level, we recommend this Frigidaire washing machine. Get the most out of each wash by selecting from five soil levels for your laundry.

What Soil Level Should I Use?

Depending on the type of fabric you’re washing and how dirty your clothes are, choose a low, medium, or high soil level setting. Use a low soil level setting when washing delicates that haven’t been worn much. For heavier fabrics like jeans, jackets or bedding, use a medium to high soil level setting. Dog beds or dog blankets with pet stains and odors should be washed using a high soil level setting if they are extremely dirty and have visible grass or dirt stains.

It’s critical to understand how much washing power your clothes can withstand in order to keep them clean and comfortable in between washes.

What Are the Most Common Washer Soil Levels?

While some models may offer more cycle options, the majority of washing machines are built with three distinct soil level settings: Light, Normal, and Heavy.

Light Soil Setting

For lightly worn fabrics without visible dirt or stains, choose a Light soil setting. This setting can also help protect fragile items like undergarments or frayed sweaters from the washer. The lightest soil setting will help fight wrinkles and light stains while also shortening the overall wash time because delicate fabrics don’t need a lot of water or soap to keep clean.

Normal Soil Setting

Are you prepared to deal with that mountain of soiled jeans? The Normal soil setting on your washer is perfect for everyday clothing items that don’t attract a lot of dirt or grime between washes. To remove the musty smell from your socks, sweatpants, and T-shirts, use the soil setting.

Heavy Soil Setting

Choose a Heavy soil setting for those hard-to-clean items. This setting works best on more durable fabrics like bedding, towels and washable furniture covers. Use this setting when washing items that are particularly dirty, such as sports uniforms and outerwear.

What Does Soil Level Mean on a Washer

Benefits of Soil Level Settings

What benefits do picking a soil level offer? And what does a washer’s soil level mean? Let’s get down to the details; pull up a chair. Selecting the appropriate soil level for your laundry can have numerous advantages. Nevertheless, we’ve narrowed it down to a few fundamental advantages.


  • Washes your clothing thoroughly
  • Selecting the right soil level ensures a more exact time for washing
  • Save water and energy based on the soil level of clothing

All of your requirements for a quick cycle and suitable soil level options are satisfied by this LG front-load washer. Additionally, it operates quietly in case children are taking naps while the laundry is being done.

Does Soil Level Affect Water Level?

Your washer will determine what happens. A top load model may use more water on a higher soil level setting but a front load may not. Depending on your model, choosing a different soil level may alter wash performance by altering wash time, detergent dosage (only for models with bulk dispensers), wash motion, water temperature, and/or water level.

What Does Soil Level Mean on a Washer


You can estimate the amount of wash time required to thoroughly clean your clothes by using the soil level setting on your washing machine. Typical units include a “Light,” “Normal” and “Heavy” option that provides a preset wash time that increases or decreases between selections.

If soil or dirt is actually discovered in the washing machine tub, it was probably brought in on clothes or other items being washed and did not completely rinse away after the cycle was finished. Pour 4 oz. into the tub to clean it. of citric acid crystals directly into the washing machine tub after filling it with hot water. Run a regular cycle, then a second regular cycle with laundry detergent to rinse any citric acid residue from the fabric.


How Do I Determine the Soil Level of My Laundry?

The soil level of your laundry can be easily determined by the visibility of stains. Lightly worn clothing can be thoroughly washed using the Light soil setting; however, clothing with obvious food stains and strong odors may need to be washed using a higher soil level setting.

How Do I Choose the Right Soil Level Based on Fabric Type?

Wash cycles such as “Delicates,” “Normal” and “Heavy Duty” are selected based on fabric type. Once a cycle has been selected, the soil level can be calculated based on the stains or how dirty the item is. The more soiled an item is, the higher the soil level setting will need to be.

How Can I Reduce My Laundry’s Soil Level?

Shaking out dust, lint rolling and pretreating your garments before laundering can help to break down soils and stains to help your washing machine clean your clothes more effectively. To pretreat an item, simply apply a stain treatment to any areas that require extra care.

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