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One of the most well-known brands in the industry, Honeywell smart thermostats have probably come up in your search for new thermostats for your home. They offer a variety of options, including the Honeywell T9 and T10. But how do these two gadgets differ from one another?

Many of the features of the Honeywell T9 and T10 thermostats are identical, but the main distinction is that the T10 has a dual fuel mode. Depending on your home’s wiring and pump setup, the T10 can enable you to have two sources of heating and cooling.

You may still be unsure of what dual fuel mode is and whether you will ever need it. Fear not; this article covers all the specifics. We’ll go over some additional variations between the two models as well.

Quick Rundown of Honeywell T9


  • Modern and attractive design
  • Responsive touch screen display
  • Affordable price tag


  • Only support single fuel system

Quick Rundown of Honeywell T10


  • Large yet lightweight
  • Support dual fuel system
  • Intuitive display


  • Slightly more expensive

Honeywell T9 Vs. T10 Thermostats

Many of the features shared by the Honeywell T9 and T10 thermostats are also shared by them, but they also differ in a few key ways. Your personal preferences and the characteristics you seek in a thermostat will determine which one you should purchase.

Check out the chart below for a detailed comparison of the thermostats:

VoltageLow VoltageMillivolt, Low Voltage
FeaturesRemote Programming, ProgrammableRemote Programming, Programmable
ScreenTouchscreen, DigitalDigital
Assistant SupportAmazon Alexa, Siri, Google AssistantAmazon Alexa, Google Assistant
Wiring/InstallationC-wire, Wire-sensing, DIYMore Wires, Professional Installation
Price$150+ depending on sensors$180+ depending on sensors
ControlsTemperatureTemperature, humidity, ventilation

Design and Convenience

The T9 and T10 are related siblings in the same series, as indicated by their names. Because of this, they appear to be relatively similar at first glance. In fact, they have the standard rectangular, flat designs that are present in all thermometers.

The displays on both thermostats are sizable, full-color, and simple to read even from a distance. Even more intriguingly, using the touch screen is responsive as well.

I particularly enjoy this portion. What else could possibly be better than giving your own home a modern twist to make it even more straightforward and pleasing to the eye?

You can always add a plate if you want, and the two look nice on the walls as is.

In terms of size, the T9 is lighter but smaller. Its dimensions are 3.7 x 4.9 x 0.9 inches, and its weight is just 1.46 pounds. Comparatively, the rival measures 6.2 x 5.8 x 3.1 inches and weighs 0.6 pounds.

Of course, since you just stick the thermostats on the walls, the dimensions aren’t really a big deal.

Taking into account everything mentioned above, I prefer to declare this contest a tie because it can be difficult to tell the two models apart.

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14. Honeywell T9 vs T10-2

Features and Accessories

The ability to adjust the temperature in various rooms based on activity to save more energy is the best feature of Honeywell T9 Vs T10 thermostats. When no one is in the room, for instance, the devices will turn off. You can also direct your system to concentrate on a certain area, like telling it to raise the bedroom’s temperature at night.

I love that their functions are not limited to controlling the temp. The humidity can also be measured by these Honeywell thermostats. It is even more impressive that they can locate hot and cold spots in the space.

It is clear that both the T9 and T10 offer the same capabilities, but the T10 has a slight advantage in terms of extra features.

To be more precise, the T10 thermometer is compatible with ventilation, humidification, and dehumidification if your home has a smart ventilation system. Controlling the temperature in your home is simple when all of these products are used together.

Unfortunately, the Honeywell T9 does not offer such a feature.

Keep in mind that only one smart room sensor is included with both products. You have the option of adding more sensors or not, depending on the quantity and size of your rooms. Up to 20 sensors may be paired with each thermostat.

The T10 is, in my opinion, without a doubt the winner to declare. It’s difficult to say the T10 doesn’t perform better than its competitor when all of its capabilities meet the strict Energy Star standards.

Dual Fuel Mode

The fuel mode and additional controls on the T10, which were already mentioned, are the main differences. The T10’s dual-fuel mode enables it to control both your gas furnace and heat pump. The gas furnace will take over and regulate the thermostat if your heat pump stops operating or pauses. Possessing the T9 might be a better option and cost less money if you don’t have a gas furnace or aren’t concerned about the dual fuel mode.

If you’re unsure whether you need dual fuel more, think about hiring a specialist to examine your system and pump. When looking for the ideal thermostat, this will save you both money and time.

Controlling Humidity and Ventilation

The T9 cannot be used if you want to regulate the ventilation and humidity in your home. The T9 can gauge your relative humidity and let you know if it’s unhealthy, but it can’t alter it like the T10 can.


Another important point to think about is the installation. The T10 has a lot more wires than the T9 because of its more sophisticated control mechanisms. As a do-it-yourself project, installing the T10 is challenging. Additionally, you must have documentation of a skilled installation in order for the 5-year warranty to be valid.

It can be challenging and void your warranty to try to install the T10 on your own. Therefore, be sure to have an HVAC technician assist you with the installation.

Voice Assistant Compatibility

While the T10 cannot be controlled by Siri, the T9 can. The T9 might be a better option if Siri is the only home assistant you use.

Similarities Between the Honeywell T9 and T10 Thermostat

Both the T9 and T10 thermostats by Honeywell sense the temperature and humidity in your home. Additionally, you can use the sensors to average the temperatures of different rooms in your house.

The primary thermostat in your home shows the average temperature. Your temperature display will be more accurate the more sensors you have. The sensors and thermostat, however, are unable to regulate the temperatures independently. All they can do is describe the room’s conditions.

Some additional important similarities are:

  • Chic flat rectangular design
  • Measure temperature and humidity
  • Comes with one sensor
  • Both can be synced with up to 20 sensors
  • Large screens
  • Lightweight design
  • Both offer voice control
  • Both work with the Honeywell Home App

The ratings are also roughly the same. Both the T9 and the T10 have an average rating of 4.1 stars on Amazon. With the T10 typically costing $30 more, the price difference is also not all that great. One sensor for the T9 and T10 is included in the initial set of components. The cost will increase as you purchase more sensors.

Because both temperatures are from the T-series, they are generally quite similar. Spend less money and purchase the T9 if you want a basic thermostat without a dual fuel mode.

In Summary

The Honeywell T10 thermostat’s ability to regulate ventilation and humidity is its biggest advantage over the T9 model. Purchasing the T10 is a must if you have a smart ventilation system and want to increase your home’s efficiency. Each one’s installation procedure varies as well; the T10 requires professional installation, whereas the T9 can be completed by the homeowner.

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