Does Color Oops Damage Hair – Side Effects of Color Oops

Does Color Oops Damage Hair - Side Effects of Color Oops
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Do you abhor your new hair color? If you find yourself unable to continue to tolerate your new hair color, the obvious next step is to remove the color and try again.

Despite not containing bleach or ammonia, Color Oops uses potent chemicals to remove color from hair, so it doesn’t harm your hair.

What is Color Oops?

A product called Color Oops targets and quickly eliminates oxidative hair dyes. For use, oxidative hair dyes need developer and hair color; they remove the pigment from your natural hair and replace it with a new color.

Does Color Oops Damage Hair - Side Effects of Color Oops

Note: Direct dyes, which don’t need a developer and don’t penetrate the hair shaft, aren’t removed by Color Oops.

The Ingredients in Color Oops

According to the Color Oops packaging, the product contains the following active ingredients:

  • Hydrosulfite: This is the main active ingredient in Color Oops. In order to remove the dye from your hair, a self-heating substance shrinks the dye molecule.
  • Citric Acid: This typical chemical can irritate the skin, the eyes, and the respiratory system. It can be found in trace amounts in lemon juice as well.

Does Color Oops Damage Hair?

Contrary to what has been widely spread online, Color Oops can harm your hair. The product contains ingredients targeted at penetrating your hair cuticles and shrinking dye molecules so you can wash them away.

Although the product is free of ammonia and bleach, a chemical in it lifts open your hair cuticles, making your strands weak and vulnerable. Additionally, it contains citric acid, which dries out hair and makes it fragile and prone to breakage.

How to Use Color Oops Without Damage

It’s not the worst thing in the world for your hair, but Color Oops could cause some dryness and unmanageability after use.

If you don’t use it correctly, that is. Please read the following advice carefully if you want to enjoy Color Oops’ benefits without causing hair damage.

Check the Condition of Your Hair First

We advise you to take it a little easier if you recently dyed your hair and are considering using Color Oops. The first thing you should do before putting Color Oops on your hair is check the condition of your hair.

Since hair color removers can zap your hair of all its moisture, applying it to already parched hair is a big “No-No”. The same applies if your hair is breaking or otherwise weak. Compromised hair is vulnerable to additional damage, and you really shouldn’t push it.

Read and Follow the Instructions

You must carefully read the instructions on the packaging in order to get the best results from your Color Oops session. In addition to guaranteeing that you get the most color removal possible, it also makes sure that you won’t require numerous, potentially drying sessions to get rid of all of the unwanted color.

According to the manufacturer, you should:

  1. Shake the bottle vigorously to combine after adding solutions 1 and 2 to it. Then cut the tip off of the applicator bottle.
  2. Using gloved hands, evenly distribute the mixture through your dry hair. So that it can start working before the mixture loses its effectiveness, apply the mixture to your hair as soon as you can.
  3. Make sure every hair is covered by working the product through the hair with your hands.
  4. Put on the included processing cap and then allow the mixture to process for up to 20 minutes. To ensure that you don’t unintentionally leave it on longer than necessary, set a timer.
  5. Remove the cap and thoroughly shampoo your hair. The goal is to completely eradicate all signs of the Color Oops mixture. After shampooing, rinse your hair for a full 20 minutes with warm water. Set your timer again to ensure that you rinse it for long enough.
  6. Wash your hair one more time after rinsing. You’re finished after giving it a 5-minute rinse.

The best outcomes from a single Color Oops session are achievable if you strictly adhere to the directions provided.

Does Color Oops Damage Hair - Side Effects of Color Oops

Deep Condition Your Hair Afterwards

Your hair will be practically pleading for additional care after suffering through two shampoos, two sets of dreadfully open cuticles, and almost 30 minutes of rinsing. We kindly request that you do so.

Color Oops recommends that you condition your hair afterward, which is great. But if you have curly hair (which is known to be predisposed to dryness), you need more than a simple conditioning session.

You need a moisturizing deep conditioner that’ll impart deeper moisture to your strands.

Here’s what you need to do to replenish your hair’s moisture levels and elasticity after Color Oops:

  1. To begin, style clean, damp hair. Following use of Color Oops, you can immediately apply your deep conditioner.
  2. Apply the deep conditioner liberally, working it through your hair from roots to tips, and then comb it through with your fingers or a wide-toothed comb.
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  4. Wait for the deep conditioner to finish working for about 10 minutes.
  5. After rinsing the deep conditioner out, style your hair as usual.

After using a deep conditioner, add another layer of moisture to your hair by using a leave-in conditioner or moisturizer.

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Should You Use Color Oops?

Whether or not to use Color Oops is a question that a lot of people have. The safest option is to let your hair dye fade gradually, but if you must have your color gone quickly and your hair is in good condition, you can try Color Oops.

Just make sure you follow the directions on the packaging and give your hair the care it requires afterwards. Clarifying shampoo is an additional product that performs admirably. While it can also make your hair dry, it tends to be less damaging than using Color Oops.


We bet you are beginning to think about hair color removers now that you have read everything there is to know about them.

So, is hair damage caused by color remover?

The answer is yes and no.

Hair color removers, unlike other hair-stripping products, are made without bleach and ammonia, two of the harshest chemicals you can ever put in your hair. This means that it won’t be as damaging and drying.

But each situation must be considered individually.

How damaged your hair gets depends on your hair condition prior to color removal and how you used the remover. We advise against using color removers if your hair is already too weak and damaged, and instead advise that you seek professional assistance.

Does Color Oops Damage Hair - Side Effects of Color Oops

Frequently Asked Questions

The crucial details you require to know about Color Oops and whether it harms hair have been covered. Before giving it a try for yourself, you might have additional inquiries. These are the top five queries about Color Oops.

How Does Color Oops Work?

By removing it from the hair shaft, Color Oops removes unwanted color. Strong chemicals like hydrosulfite and citric acid are used to force the dye molecules out of the hair cuticle by shrinking the dye molecules inside. The long rinse is key to the product working.

Is Color Remover Damaging to My Hair?

There is a chance of damage from all color removers, but not always. By strictly adhering to the instructions on the package, you can reduce your risk of hair damage. A color remover shouldn’t be used until your hair is healthy if it is already dry and frizzy from previous coloring.

Is Oops Hair Color Remover Safe?

Although technically safe, you should use Color Oops hair color remover with caution. It is still a powerful chemical even though it doesn’t contain conventional bleach or ammonia. Skin and eye irritation could result from improper use of Color Oops.

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