How To Decorate A Two Tiered Stand With Simple Ways

10. How To Decorate A Two Tiered Stand1
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Do you want to use 3 tier trays to give your home decor a little more flair and style? If so, why not try including a few of these trays? They are ideal for displaying a wide range of objects, including candles, picture frames, and even plants. Here is a tutorial on how to decorate three-tier trays to add that special touch to your room.

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Go For A Farmhouse Feel

On a two-tiered stand, the farmhouse decor style looks particularly cozy, timeless, and neutral. According to The Spruce, this design fad focuses on the sensation you have in a room. “Farmhouse style means designing a space that is comfortable, functional, clean, and inviting,” interior designer Amy Leferink reveals to the journal. Therefore, it’s crucial to keep this definition in mind when you’re embellishing a tray.

Is there a simple method to accomplish this? Start with a few basic items you already have around the house, advises Bargain Bluebird Home & DIY. All kinds of containers work well, including wooden beads, tiny jars, glass jars, and even a set of measuring cups with a rustic theme. As designer Kristen Krason explains to The Spruce, “This design trend is not too serious about itself… Decorating with antique items like cutting boards and intriguing art can also add character.” The key is to keep it feeling a little cozy and use pieces you already love, as well as a few practical items.

Add Greenery

Greenery is the ideal filler for all of the nooks and crannies in your tiers if you’re looking for ways to fill them in. I occasionally include one or two miniature faux plants in my trays. But Anne really fills in all the tiny spaces between her decorative accents in her tiered trays, and the end result is just so lovely.

It is less expensive to divide a larger floral stem into smaller pieces that can be placed in tiny terracotta pots. And to give this styled tray all the springtime vibes, tiny greenery and floral stems were tucked into each tier.

Choose A Seasonal Theme

A tiered tray looks great during the holidays. Christmas, Easter, and Halloween are simple holidays to decorate your home for. But how many of us decorate for the “smaller” holidays like The Fourth of July or Memorial Day? The summer holiday spirit is brought on by a patriotic tiered tray! A tiered tray could be creatively decorated for a birthday or mother’s day.

Another way to select a theme for styling a tiered tray is by considering the seasons. My house always appears a little empty after Christmas and after the holiday decorations have been stored. Why not decorate a tiered tray with winter decorations to give your house a little more coziness?

Keep It Neutral

There are numerous ways to create a neutral, pristine, and minimalist look for your tiered stand. While it may be tempting to simply add a few white and wooden ornaments, there are a few additional factors to take into account when choosing this look. To avoid creating a one-note display, you should make sure to include various textural elements and even a few prints, advises Curated Interior. This could entail selecting a small planter with distinctive ridges or a work of art with a pattern to break up the monotony.

Without using vivid hues, you can still vary the colors you use. There are many neutral colors you can mix and match to add more interest to your display, ranging from deep browns that will make you think of your favorite chocolate bar to bright whites (source: Homes & Gardens). You can create a neutral two-tiered stand that blends in beautifully with your home, regardless of whether it has an eclectic, bohemian, Mediterranean, or modern style.

10. How To Decorate A Two Tiered Stand2

Go Monochrome

Want to make a two-tiered, daring display without going overboard? Make an effort to keep your display in one color. Due to the streamlined appearance that this type of decor offers, choosing a monochromatic theme can enable you to experiment with a color that may be more intense or maximalist than you’re accustomed to. It’s critical to keep in mind the textural components in your display, just as it is with sticking to neutrals. The consideration of texture, according to Architectural Digest, will help prevent the color from appearing overly monotonous.

If you’re avoiding bright colors, this advice is especially crucial. “When you remove all color from a space, texture, tone, and lines become so much more important,” designer Alyssa Kaptio informs the media. Here, it’s the little things that count, like discrete lighting accents or the materials your decorations are made of. Additionally, keep in mind that different tones of the same color can be used to create monochromatic looks. So, whether you choose something vibrant or subdued, there are many different ways to use that one color.

Toss On Some Sweet Treats

Just add some pastries, desserts, or other sweet treats if you’re looking for a practical yet attractive tiered stand display option. They might not remain on the tray for very long, but it’s a quick and easy way to decorate for a one-time event without having to spend money on new items. To add even more individuality to the decor, Style Me Pretty advises picking a color scheme. Maintain a focal point of a couple of colors, then add a complementary third hue. If you want to use minimalist shades, consider using a bolder color as the accent.

Add A Bunch Of Plants

Plants, whether real or artificial, are one of the simplest ways to spruce up a two-tiered stand. Depending on how green-thumbed you are, using a tiered tray as a home decor item is a great way to bring the outside in. The best part is that because tiered stands are frequently small, it allows those without any previous plant care experience to start small. If you want to experiment with real plants rather than artificial ones, try a few low-maintenance succulents or cacti.

The amount of light your tray will receive should also be carefully considered, according to Forbes. According to Forbes, you should choose a cast iron plant or a ZZ plant if your display doesn’t receive much sunlight. On your stand, however, you might want to try growing a monstera or a fiddle leaf fig if you have a little more experience with plants. There are obviously many good reasons to play it safe and select a few fake plants that look just as stylish as the real thing. Fake may be the best option for those who are aware they will forget to water this natural décor.

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