Can You Compost Hair – What You Should Know

Can You Compost Hair - What You Should Know
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Composting is a process that involves breaking down organic matter into a nutrient-rich soil amendment. Many people are interested in composting as a way to reduce their waste and improve their soil, but they may be unsure about what can and cannot be composted. One common question is whether or not a hair can be composted.

 Can You Compost Hair?

Can You Compost Hair - What You Should Know

The short answer is yes, hair can be composted. Hair is a rich source of nitrogen, which is one of the essential nutrients that plants need to grow. When hair is added to a compost pile, it can help to speed up the decomposition process and improve the quality of the finished compost.

However, there are some things to keep in mind when composting hair. First, it’s important to note that hair takes a long time to break down. It can take anywhere from 6 months to 2 years for hair to fully decompose in a compost pile. This means that if you want to use hair as a compost ingredient, you’ll need to be patient and plan ahead.

Another thing to consider is the type of hair that you’re composting. Human hair, pet hair, and animal fur can all be composted, but they may break down at different rates. Human hair is generally the slowest to decompose, while pet hair and animal fur may break down more quickly.

It’s also worth noting that hair should be added to a compost pile in moderation. While hair is a great source of nitrogen, too much of it can create an imbalanced compost pile. Ideally, hair should make up no more than 10% of the total compost pile by volume.

How Do You Compost Hair?

Can You Compost Hair - What You Should Know

So, how do you actually compost hair? The process is relatively simple. First, collect the hair that you want to compost. This could include hair from hairbrushes, pet grooming sessions, or animal fur from shedding. Make sure that the hair is clean and free of any products like hairspray or conditioner.

Next, add the hair to your compost pile. It’s best to chop the hair up into smaller pieces first, as this will help it to break down more quickly. You can do this by running the hair through a blender or food processor, or simply by cutting it into small pieces with scissors.

Once the hair is added to the compost pile, it’s important to make sure that it stays moist. Hair is a dry material, so it may absorb moisture from the compost pile and make it harder for other materials to break down. To prevent this, make sure to water the compost pile regularly and keep it covered to retain moisture.

Over time, the hair will begin to break down and become incorporated into the finished compost. When the compost is ready to use, it will be dark, crumbly, and rich in nutrients. You can use it to fertilize your garden, potted plants, or houseplants.

In addition to its use as a compost ingredient, hair can also be used in other ways in the garden. For example, some gardeners use hair to deter pests like rabbits and deer. Hair can be placed around the perimeter of a garden to create a barrier that animals are less likely to cross.


Can You Compost Hair - What You Should Know

In conclusion, hair can be composted and is a valuable addition to a compost pile. While it takes a long time to break down, it is a rich source of nitrogen and can help to speed up the decomposition process. By following a few simple tips, you can add hair to your compost pile and create a nutrient-rich soil amendment that will benefit your garden.


Is Human Hair Good for Soil?

Yes, despite how strange it may sound, hair’s high magnesium content makes it an excellent natural fertilizer. You can use dog, cat, or horse hair or even a few strands from your hairbrush.

What is the Best Way to Decompose Hair?

Before adding hair to the soil, it can be composted, or it can be added right away without first composting. It takes about a month for compost to break down. But just because you put the hair directly in the ground doesn’t mean it will decompose that quickly. If used as fertilizer, it may take up to two years to completely decompose.

Can I Put Dog Hair in Compost?

Fur can also be included in your compost pile. Add it to your compost pile along with other green ingredients like vegetable scraps, and turn it several times per week to keep it aerated. The hair will have degraded sufficiently to be added to your soil in about a month.

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