Is It Legal to Mow Your Lawn at Night – What Time Can I Mow

Is It Legal to Mow Your Lawn at Night - What Time Can I Mow
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It can be particularly difficult to keep up good relations with your neighbors, and noise can make or break these relationships.

On weekdays, after the 7 am to 9 pm bracket and on weekends, after the 8 am to 9 pm bracket are typically the best times to mow your lawn.

Naturally, these do apply to you and your nightly lawn mowing. But hold on, you say—what if I work nights and don’t have time during the day? Can’t I just mow at night? Well, considering how not mowing your lawn is in fact, illegal this question can and has put many on the spot.

How Loud is a Lawnmower?

Is It Legal to Mow Your Lawn at Night - What Time Can I Mow

The average electric lawnmower will produce around 70 decibels of sound, whilst a petrol lawnmower hovers around the 85dB mark. The least noisy robot mowers are the cordless and manual models, which are becoming more and more popular. Their noise level is around 55dB.

The larger machines, especially the ride-on mowers, are the noisiest when it comes to how much noise a lawnmower emits.

Human conversation is approximately 60dB in volume, for comparison. Once sound starts to reach levels of 85dB and over, it can damage your hearing if you’re exposed to it for prolonged periods of time.

No matter what kind of lawnmower you have, it probably makes a lot of noise, especially to your neighbors. (Read More: How Long Do Lawn Mower Batteries Last)

Is It Illegal to Mow the Lawn at Certain Times?

Although there is no set law in the UK regarding lawnmowing times, councils can investigate and issue warning notices about noises that are above-permitted levels between 11 pm and 7 am.

If the underlying noise level is less than 24 dB, the permissible noise level is 34 dB; if it is greater than 24 dB, the permissible noise level is 10 dB above the underlying noise level.

After these hours, using a lawnmower could be considered a disturbance and could result in a fine or even legal action.

What Time Can I Cut My Grass?

Is It Legal to Mow Your Lawn at Night - What Time Can I Mow

Of course, most people wouldn’t dream of mowing the lawn between 11 pm and 7 am, besides it being the time when most are asleep, it would be too dark to see anything.

The size of your lawn, where you live, and how loud your mower is will all affect when you decide to mow your lawn. Most people have set times when they can mow their lawns, usually after work or at the weekend, and it’s made much trickier if you work night shifts.

Being considerate has benefits. If you live in a remote, rural area, you won’t have to worry as much about being overheard, but if you live in a densely populated, urban area, it’s probably best if you can mow between the hours of 9 and 6 (and later on weekends).

Alternately, you could put the lawnmower away for a few weeks and mow once a month rather than once a week. This will allow nectar-bearing flowers to thrive and hugely increase the number of bees and other pollen-collecting insects that visit your garden. You could mow a path through your garden to allow easy access to other areas if you don’t fancy a completely wild meadow.

How Late Can You Mow Your Lawn?

It’s important to note that your local laws and where you live will determine how late into the night you can mow your lawn. While this could mean you can mow as late as 10 pm into the night, an important thing to note is just because something is technically permissible in law, this doesn’t always mean you should necessarily do it.

Even though they are all legal, rudeness toward waiters, cashiers, and elderly passengers on buses is strongly discouraged by the general public.

The point we’re making is don’t forget to communicate with your neighbors. Even though it may be legal to mow as early as 7 am or as late as 10 pm, not everyone is a night owl or an early bird.

What Alternatives Should I Consider?

We totally understand that for some, mowing the lawn during daytime can be a big hassle. Even if you work regular hours, you might be working late nightshifts, and even then, it might be raining when it’s time to mow the lawn. For the benefit of your neighbors and your wallet, however, we firmly advise you to take into account alternative methods of keeping your lawn properly mowed.

One option is to simply force yourself to find some time over the weekend to finish the mowing. If time is of the essence, you might even consider asking a friend or relative to assist. But what if you happen to live alone and work five days a week instead? Well, you’re in luck. After all, the US has one of the biggest lawnmowing markets in the entire world. Accordingly, you won’t be hard-pressed to find a professional lawn mowing service to do your chores during more reasonable, daytime hours.

Is It Legal to Mow Your Lawn at Night - What Time Can I Mow

The Sum Up!

Your lawn looks nicer and cleaner after the grass has been cut. But, like other things, you must start to mow your lawn at the optimal time during the whole day.

You must look for the ideal time to cut the grass in order to benefit both you and your lawn. So, what time can I start cutting My lawn?

If the morning is sleepy for you, you can cut the grass in the late afternoon. Otherwise, the late morning is the appropriate time for cutting grasses.


Is It Illegal to Mow Your Lawn Early in the Morning?

Cutting the grass before 7 a.m. is not illegal, but it is considered antisocial.

Can I Cut Grass on Sunday?

Yes, you can cut the grass on Sunday but it pays to be considerate and avoid mowing before 10 am.

Is It Illegal to Mow Your Lawn at Night?

Even though it is not against the law to mow the lawn at night, doing so would make more noise than is allowed and could get you fined.

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