11 Disgusting Things Allegedly Found in Fast Food

13. 11 Disgusting Things Allegedly Found in Fast Food1
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Fast food is affordable, practical, and arguably tasty. But occasionally, consumers receive much more than they bargained for, and we’re not talking about extra curly fries. Here are 11 disgusting items that people claim to have discovered in their fast food, ranging from strange animal parts to syringes.

A Band-aid

The discovery of a used Band-Aid in a Canadian family’s McDonald’s fries apparently shocked them. A 2007 legal filing states that the members of the family “immediately became queasy, light-headed, nauseous, and grew increasingly mortified” at the thought of eating food tainted by a used Afterward, a restaurant employee allegedly came over to try and remove the evidence, including a Band-Aid and blood. McDonald’s Canada, however, stated that the family’s claims were untrue in a statement following an internal investigation.

Deep-fried Chicken Head

A story about an American mother of two ordering a burger and fries for herself while getting her kids McDonald’s Happy Meals made national headlines. She reached across the table when she noticed that her kids had left a few nuggets unfinished and found what appeared to be the deep-fried head of a chicken. The shocked family was given their meal free of charge and two additional weeks of free meals by the McDonald’s manager as payment. But the mother persisted, suing the fast food chain for $100,000 in 2007. How the head got there specifically is still a mystery.

The Extra Creepy Arby’s Incident

A man noticed that the meat in his 2005 Arby’s sandwich tasted a little strange. He was horrified to find that the suspicious sandwich contents appeared to have a fingerprint after closer inspection. That’s right, there in the sandwich is actual finger skin.

He returned to the Arby’s and saw the manager tending to a fresh finger wound; the rest of the story played out as you had feared.

Mouse In A Curry Jar

Englishwoman Cate Barrett visited a nearby Asda in Cornwall and purchased a jar of Extra Special Tikka Masala sauce. After she emptied the jar on her pasta, she noticed that the sauce was “a bit lumpy.” She noticed a dead mouse after getting closer to look.

Asda claimed this was an “isolated incident” and apologized for. There is no longer a sale on that particular item.

Chicken Head In Mcdonald’s Mcnuggets

Fast food establishments rarely make anything from scratch; instead, their meals are made in sizable factories that utilize the quickest possible processing of ingredients. Despite the fact that they use quality control techniques to ensure that the chicken nuggets are as uniform as possible, nobody is perfect. However, the error that in 2000 made it as far as a McDonald’s was a step further. Katherine Ortega purchased a sizable order of nuggets from a Newport News McDonald’s and brought them home to feed her children. However, as she was shaking the box, a deep-fried chicken head fell out onto the plate. Obviously, that isn’t white meat.

Painkillers In Burger King Sandwiches

grossest things found in fast food, painkillers in burger king sandwiches
One of the strangest stories we’ve ever heard involves a Burger King employee named Woody Duclos. When a customer felt something strange in her chicken sandwich in 2010, spit it out, and found it was a tiny blue pill, Duclos was caught. She brought it to a fire station where it was recognized as the potent analgesic hydrocodone. A second man discovered a pill in a fish sandwich, and Duclos was identified as the source of the drug-laced food. Despite receiving a five-year prison term, prosecutors were never able to determine the precise reason behind his desire to drug his clients.

A Finger

San Jose, Calif., in 2005., police were investigating the strange case of a woman who claimed to have found a finger in her bowl of Wendy’s chili. In what turned out to be remarkably like a game of Clue, detectives had different ideas about where the finger might have come from a recent aunt’s passing? a mysterious rancher’s employee? A rural Nevadan woman who was overcome by her pet leopard? None of the aforementioned is correct. The finger was found to belong to a Nevada man who had given it to the woman’s husband to smuggle into her food in an effort to defraud the restaurant chain of money, according to police.

13. 11 Disgusting Things Allegedly Found in Fast Food2

Human Skin In Arby’s Sandwich

One of those fast food chains that you don’t often hear about people eating at but that seems to be present everywhere is Arby’s. Although their roast beef is renowned, you might want to avoid their chicken. David Scheiding stopped by an Arby’s in Tipp City, Ohio, in 2005 and ordered a chicken sandwich. He took a few bites before noticing something felt off, reaching inside, and pulling out a piece of bloody human skin with a fingerprint on it. When the manager was confronted, the latter admitted that while shredding lettuce he had cut himself and had failed to notice that a portion of his right thumb was mixed in with the salad greens. Unsurprisingly, Scheiding hired a lawyer and filed a lawsuit.


Raquel House allegedly felt something strange in her mouth in March while she was eating her McNuggets. “And that’s when I saw that there was a white hair on my tongue,” she told her local ABC station, “and When I looked at my food, I noticed that the nugget was losing its feathers.” Inquiries into the situation were promised by McDonald’s.

Nail In A Mcdonald’s Burger

You can find well-known menu items at McDonald’s restaurants all over the world because fast food franchising is a global industry. And that brings with it the same problems with food safety, as Swedish man Yushuf Bercil discovered in 2010. When Bercil bit into his Golden Arches hamburger in Gothenburg, he immediately experienced a severe pain in the roof of his mouth. He took another bite without realizing what was happening, and this time, the pain was worse. Bercil reached into his mouth and extracted a ¾-inch nail that had become stuck between a tooth and his gum. He vomited, informed the manager, and made the decision to never again eat fast food.

A Whopper Of A Surprise

In 2007, a Vermont man received a Burger King Whopper with an unfavorable extra chewy treat on top. The fact that he discovered a condom in the burger has left us practicing an impressive amount of restraint as a million bad “special sauce” jokes dance through our heads.

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