How to Clean a Hamilton Beach Coffee Maker with Simple Steps

How to Clean a Hamilton Beach Coffee Maker with Simple Steps
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Does your coffee simply no longer taste the same? Perhaps you’ve noticed that your machine is brewing coffee slower than usual. Coffee makers need to be deep cleaned and descaled regularly to keep the taste fresh and the machine in good working order. If your machine is not regularly cleaned, mold and bacteria will multiply, grow, and impart an off flavor to your coffee.

Additionally, your machine will develop scaling from the water’s minerals. Then, when you finally awake, you discover that your coffee is bitter. So today we’re talking about how to clean a Hamilton Beach coffee maker with vinegar so you can have delicious coffee every morning.

How Do I Clean My Hamilton Beach Brewstation With Vinegar?

1. Remove Plastic Filter Basket

The mineral deposits inside of your machine can be easily removed with vinegar, which will also eliminate any mold or bacteria that may be present.

Take out your machine’s black plastic filter basket. When cleaning your Brewstation, you don’t need it. Remove the optional water filter holder as well.

How to Clean a Hamilton Beach Coffee Maker with Simple Steps

2. Add Vinegar to the Reservoir

Pour 2 cups of vinegar into the reservoir. The vinegar will clean and descale your machine.

3. Start the Brew Cycle

Put the carafe on your machine’s hot plate so that it can catch the hot vinegar as it brews. The brewing cycle will then begin once you press the ON or BREW button on your machine.

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4. Stop the Brew Cycle & Wait 30 Minutes

Between 30 seconds and 2 minutes, give your machine some time to brew. Press the OFF or BREW buttons once more. This is to stop the brew cycle. Now, wait 30 minutes before restarting the brew cycle to give the vinegar time to work.

5. Restart the Brew Cycle

Restart the brewing cycle 30 minutes later. Prior to turning your machine off, wait until the brewing cycle is complete. Pour all of the vinegar still in the machine and carafe down the drain after the coffee has finished brewing.

6. Rinse Your Coffee Maker

Wash the carafe in warm soapy water and rinse it thoroughly. After that, make sure the carafe is on the hot plate and fill the reservoir with water. You’ll be running 2-3 brewing cycles of fresh tap water through your machine to remove the vinegar.

Remember to allow your coffee maker time to cool between each cycle. Since vinegar has a strong flavor, you must make sure that you’ve thoroughly rinsed your coffee maker and eliminated any vinegar residue.

7. Wash Removable Parts

Hand-wash the drip tray and the black plastic filter basket with a mild dish soap after removing them from the machine. Put them on the counter to dry after giving them a thorough rinse.

Now take out the coffee tank and flip it over. Prior to flushing for 30 seconds with water, depress the dispensing lever. Any remaining coffee grounds in the tank will be removed with this.

The tank should be rinsed, the exterior dried with a fresh cloth, and then set aside to dry on the counter.

8. Put Your Coffee Maker Back Together

Put your coffee maker back together again. Make sure to reinstall the optional water filter if you took it out. Once everything is put together, you can start brewing a pot of delicious coffee.

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How Do I Clean My Hamilton Beach Coffee Maker Without Vinegar?

Replace vinegar with lemon juice for the best results when cleaning a coffee maker without it.

1. Remove the Plastic Filter Basket

The black plastic filter basket should be taken out of the machine and set on the counter. If you have the optional water filter holder, remove it as well.

2. Add Lemon Juice to the Reservoir

Fill the reservoir with 2 cups of lemon juice. Either fresh lemon juice or lemon juice in a bottle can be used. Both will work.

3. Start the Brew Cycle

Place the carafe on the hot plate of your machine. It is necessary to catch the hot, lemon-infused water as it brews. For your machine to begin the brewing cycle, press the ON or BREW button.

4. Stop the Brew Cycle and Wait 30 Minutes

Do not wait for longer than two minutes, but at least 30 seconds. Press the OFF button or the BREW button again. The goal of this is to halt the brewing process. Give the machine 30 minutes to rest.

5. Restart the Brew Cycle

After 30 minutes, start the brewing cycle again. Turn off your machine after the brewing cycle is complete. After finishing, pour the lemon juice down the sink’s drain.

7. Rinse Your Hamilton Beach Brewstation

Before brewing two batches of coffee with fresh tap water, let your coffee maker cool. Lemon juice, when properly rinsed, shouldn’t change the flavor of your coffee because it doesn’t have the same potent flavor as vinegar.

8. Wash Removable Parts

Handwash the drip tray and filter basket in soapy water. Rinse them well, then set them on the counter to dry.

Turn the coffee tank upside down after removing it. To flush the tank with water for 30 seconds, depress the dispensing lever. To get the coffee grounds out of your tank is the objective.

Rinse the tank, dry the exterior with a fresh, dry cloth, and set the tank on the counter to dry.

9. Put Your Coffee Maker Back Together

The last step is to reassemble your coffee maker, keeping in mind to replace the optional water filter holder if you took it out. Make a delicious pot of new coffee for yourself right away.

How to Clean a Hamilton Beach Coffee Maker with Simple Steps

How to Clean My Coffee Maker’s Hot Plate

As the liquid is spilled on the hot plate of a coffee maker, it gets dirty. Fortunately, cleaning is simple.

1. Allow Hot Plat to Cool

Prior to starting to clean the hot plate, make sure it is cool. This will protect you from getting hurt or burned while cleaning the hot plate.

2. Moisten Paper Towel

Get a paper towel wet. Now spread the towel over the hot plate.

3. Leave the Towel on the Hot Plate

Wait for the stains to soften before removing the paper towel from the hot plate. This may take as long as 30 minutes.

4. Remove Paper Towel and Wipe Clean

With the paper towel removed, use a soft cloth to clean the hot plate. It should be simple to wipe the stains away.

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How to Clean My Coffee Maker’s Stainless Steel Exterior

1. Wipe the Outside of Your Coffee Maker

Wipe the exterior of your coffee maker in the direction of the metal grain using one damp microfiber cloth. You can scrub your machine with a drop or two of dish soap added to a microfiber cloth if you’re having trouble cleaning it.

When you’re finished, use a clean moist cloth to remove the soapy residue.

2. Dry Your Coffee Maker

Dry the outside of your coffee maker using a dry microfiber cloth while rubbing in the direction of the metal grain.

3. Buff Your Coffee Maker

Buff your coffee maker until it shines with a dry, soft cloth.

Tips to Maintain a Hamilton Beach Coffee Maker

How to Clean a Hamilton Beach Coffee Maker with Simple Steps

Maintaining your coffee maker will allow it to last for years, and you’ll also enjoy a robust cup of coffee every morning.

Clean Once a Month

Once a month, give your Hamilton Beach coffee maker a thorough cleaning and descale to get rid of any mineral buildup, coffee oils, and any mold or bacteria that may be developing inside the appliance.

Clean Removable Parts Once a Week

Once a week, remove the removable components and wash them. Before rinsing the parts, you must soak them in soapy water for an hour. On a counter, leave them to dry.

This will remove any coffee oil residue that may be building up in your machine.

Clean Carafe With Ice, Salt, and Lemon Juice

Use ice, salt, and lemon juice to clean a dirty or burnt-coffee-filled carafe if you can’t get it clean by washing it in soapy water.

Add ice to the carafe until it is halfway full. 3 tablespoons of salt should be added to the ice. Following that, squeeze a lemon slice over the ice and place it in the carafe as well.

The next morning, give the carafe a thorough hot water rinse after letting it sit all night. The coffee maker ought to be spotlessly clean at this point.

Replace Cracked Carafe Immediately

In the event that the carafe cracks, replace it right away.

What Does Clean Mean for My Coffee Maker?

The “clean” message on your coffee maker tells you it is time to run a cleaning cycle. This indicates that in order for your machine to operate efficiently and produce delicious coffee, it needs to be decalcified or de-scaled.

Running a cleaning cycle has the goal of getting rid of any mineral buildup that has developed inside the machine over time, such as calcium, magnesium, and iron.

These minerals will eventually build up in the system and stop the machine from working properly if they aren’t regularly removed.

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Why Should I Clean My Coffee Maker?

To keep your coffee maker operating at its best, regular cleaning is essential. This will not only guarantee that your coffee maker keeps brewing delicious cups of coffee.

But by avoiding mineral buildup that could harm internal parts, it will also aid in extending its lifespan. Regular cleaning can help prevent bacteria growth inside the machine, which could cause health problems if not stopped in time.


We are confident that using this guide will enable you to consistently produce the ideal brew. Keeping your coffee maker in tip-top shape is no small feat, but with a few simple steps, it’s totally doable. Maintaining a clean coffee maker is essential for a smooth morning routine.

The first step in cleaning is unplugging everything. You can clean a Hamilton Beach coffee maker by adding ½ cup of plain white vinegar and ½ cup of cold water to the water reservoir. If something gets stuck, don’t force it; you might need an upgrade. Thankfully, trustworthy kitchen appliances are easy to find these days. In order to choose the best cup of coffee in town during this time, make sure it will last.


Does Descaler Work Better Than Vineger

Descaler is made specifically to descale coffee makers and keep them working for years. However, to get rid of mineral scale from a coffee maker, you can use either descaler or vinegar.

How Often Should You Clean Your Coffee Maker?

To prevent bacteria and mineral buildup from spreading throughout your coffee maker, you should clean it once a month. Weekly cleaning of removable parts is recommended.

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