Can You Use Glass Bowl in Air Fryer – Is It Dangerous to Use?

Can You Use Glass Bowl in Air Fryer - Is It Dangerous to Use?
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This article is for you if you’re a food enthusiast like me and want to know whether you can use a glass bowl in an air fryer or not.

An Airfryer make it easy to access tasty food that almost seems that it has been deep-fried, but the greatest thing about deep fryers is that they don’t actually involve any oil or deep frying processes!

No longer do you have to bury your favorite foods in mounds of expensive and unhealthy oil just to get that satisfying fried crispiness!

In an air fryer, can you use a glass bowl? Find out now so you can master your air fryer and keep producing delicious food!

Can You Use a Glass Bowl in An Airfryer?

Yes is the simplest way to respond to this query. Glass bowls can be safely used in your air fryer.

Put it in when the glass bowl is warm; otherwise, thermal stress will result, shattering the Pyrex. Before using the glass bowl in an air fryer, lightly warm it up with hot water as well.

Before attempting to use one of your own glass bowls in your air fryer, there are a few things you should check to make sure of.

It is imperative that you start by making sure your glass bowl is oven-safe. If it is, this will usually be written on the bottom of the glass bowl.

It will probably be oven-safe if you have a Pyrex glass bowl. Do not attempt to use a glass bowl in your air fryer if it is not oven-safe.

A tasty meal could easily be ruined by the air fryer’s intense heat, which will cause regular glass to shatter.

You should also make sure that your oven-safe glass bowl isn’t too cold when placed into the air fryer.

Even the strongest of glass can break when exposed to thermal stress, which can be created by placing a cold glass bowl in an airfryer’s high temperatures.

Simply run the bowl under warm water until it reaches a more neutral temperature if it is cold before you intend to use it in your air fryer.

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Can You Use Glass Bowl in Air Fryer - Is It Dangerous to Use?

What is a Glass Bowl Made Of?

Pyrex bowls were originally made of borosilicate glass, which is very resistant to thermal shock. Due to its low cost, soda-lime glass is currently used to make Pyrex, presumably as a cost-saving measure.

Most of the Pyrex dishes are oven-safe & freezer-safe labelled but they are not entirely thermal shockproof.

A Pyrex bowl experiences stress when it is rapidly heated or cooled because different parts of the bowl experience varying degrees of expansion and contraction. If the stress is too extreme, the bowl’s structure will fail, with a shattering effect.

Using air fryers with Pyrex dishes is safe. Pyrex glassware is capable of withstanding high temperatures up to 425 degrees Fahrenheit so a pyrex dish will be safe in air fryers since most top out at 400 degrees F.

Think carefully about how quickly you adjust Pyrex’s temperature to avoid it. The bowls will probably break because of how quickly heat is conducted by stovetops and broilers.

Why Can Glass Bowls Be Used in Airfryer?

Not all glass bowls can be used safely in air fryers, but those that are oven safe can be placed into air fryers thanks to their specially constructed nature.

Pyrex bowls, amongst the most common glass bowls in Borosilicate is used in American kitchens.

This rather difficult and technical-sounding substance merely makes sure that Pyrex glass expands at only about a third of the rate of regular glass products.

Glass expands with the potential to shatter violently.

Pyrex can survive intense temperatures of up to 425 degrees without ever once running the risk of shattering, hence why In air-fryers, which have high internal temperatures, Pyrex and other oven-safe glass bowls can be used.

What Temperature Can Pyrex Glass Withstand?

Less than 450 degrees Fahrenheit is the maximum temperature that household pyrex glass can withstand. As long as the temperature doesn’t go above 450 degrees Fahrenheit, you can use a Pyrex glass bowl in the oven.

PYREX laboratory glassware is approximately 500°C (for brief periods of time only). PYREX glass functions well in colder temperatures as well. Glass is resistant to temperatures as low as -190°C.


What Can’t You Place into An Airfryer?

There are some materials and objects that must never be put into your air fryer, unlike oven-safe glass bowls.

These substances could burn, pose a threat, or otherwise reduce how effectively your air fryer works.

Paper Towels

Paper towels of any kind should never be used in an air fryer. First and foremost, it should go without saying that anything made of paper will burn when exposed to high temperatures.

Not only is this a potential fire hazard in general, but if the paper towel were to catch fire in such a tightly closed space, the smoke would be trapped and would start to circulate indefinitely.

Because your air fryer was not made to filter out intense smoke, the trapped smoke will not only ruin the flavor of your food but also permanently harm it.

Paper towels also run the risk of being blown around the cooking chamber of an air fryer due to the fan, which could mean that it prevents the hot air from entering the chamber, which, once again, can cause lasting damage to the operation of the air fryer.

Large Foods Or Implements

The use of large objects in your air fryer is definitely not recommended. Air fryers operate by circulating hot air around to evenly cook everything within the cooking chamber.

Food would be undercooked and there would be a chance that the air fryer fan and heating element would be damaged if the cooking chamber were overcrowded.

This includes items like whole chickens and other sizable cuts of meat.


Unfortunately, you cannot cook delicious popcorn in your air fryer.

The average air fryer simply cannot reach the temperatures required for popcorn to pop fully and in a satisfying way, which are above 400 degrees.

You would probably just end up with a pile of burnt kernels if you tried to make popcorn in your air fryer!

How to Keep Glass from Breaking in the Air Fryer?

If you really want to keep your glass bowl from breaking in an air fryer, there are some precautions that you can take.

Don’t Change Temperature Suddenly

The main factor that causes glass to break is a sudden temperature change. As an illustration, you placed a glass bowl filled with frozen leftovers in the air fryer. It may harm you and cause glass to shatter.

You can wait for the glass to come to room temperature and then at the lowest possible temperature you’ve put it in the air fryer.

Look for Structural Weakness in the Glass

Even oven-safe glass can break if a bowl made of it is too fragile. Look for small cracks, unevenness in the glass surface, and color change while holding the glass bowl up to the light. They are all signs of brittle glass.

Get yourself a fresh glass bowl that is oven-safe that you can use in your air fryer so that you can enjoy your food.

Can You Use Glass Bowl in Air Fryer - Is It Dangerous to Use?

Use Tempered Or Oven-Safe Glass

Never use drinking glasses or serving glass bowls in your oven or air fryer unless they are specifically labeled as oven safe because they are typically not made to withstand oven temperatures.

Use an oven-safe or tempered glass bowl, which can withstand a much higher temperature than regular glass bowls, for safety reasons.

Avoid High Temperatures

Glass bowls that are oven-safe operate between 350 and 450 degrees Fahrenheit; always read the label carefully to understand the bowl’s operating range. Glass starts to lose its shape or begin to crack and possibly explode at high temperatures.

So try to stay well below the temperature limit to be on the safe side.

Can You Put Corningware in An Air Fryer?

Corningware is glass-ceramic (Pyroceram) cookware that resists thermal shock. Withstanding temperatures of up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit, pyroceram can be cooked in an air fryer. Corning Glass Works, the same company that made Pyrex, first introduced Corningware in 1958.


The good news is that a wide variety of foods and cooking tools can be used with air fryers.

Your Pyrex bowl or other cookware should be safe to use in your air fryer as long as it is oven-safe. The majority of glass dishes cannot be safely cooked in an air fryer because glass expands and is brittle.

The likelihood is that your air fryer will be able to accommodate your preferred cooking vessel, whether it be an oven-safe glass bowl, a silicone dish, or a metal baking tray.

The only thing you must do is make sure your air fryer is being used properly.

Avoid attempting to cook a whole roast chicken in your air fryer because it will take up too much room and reduce the appliance’s performance.

An ordinary oven would yield much better results; air fryers are not a substitute for it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is An Air Frying Healthier Than Oven?

When it comes to the types of food they can cook, air fryers are not necessarily healthier than ovens. With either appliance, you can prepare healthy meals.

However, because they can mimic the flavors and textures of deep-fried food without requiring a deep fryer, air fryers are generally regarded as a fantastic option for people looking to start eating healthier.

Do An Airfryer Destroy Nutrients?

Nutrients are destroyed during any method of cooking. Unavoidably, this is the case.

However, air fryers actually cause nutrients to be destroyed at a far slower rate, so the food you take out of your air fryer will still have plenty of goodness left over!

Can Dirty Airfryer Make You Sick?

Yes, a dirty air fryer could potentially make you sick and result in food that tastes bad and is undercooked, but it would take a lot of use for it to gather enough dirt to do so.

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